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So, you’re living lectin-free, or trying to be – how’s it going? You’re probably feeling better, getting used to the regimen, and finding ways to be creative in your own kitchen. But, if you’re human — and we all are — going out for a meal or a drink can be the toughest part of a lectin-free diet.

Well, Dr. Gundry’s got your back. He knows firsthand how tough it can be to socialize while limiting lectins. So, he’s carved out a few tips for you to make it easier when you have a night out on the town.

How to Hold Onto Your Progress at Someone Else’s Table

You’re the boss of your gut. That is to say, you decide what you put in your belly. But so often, you have to grab food on the go, or get your fill at a work lunch. And then there are the times when you simply want to share a nice restaurant meal with your family or friends. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion… it can be really tough to say “no” to certain foods. Sometimes, it seems like all bets or off.

But you don’t have to give up on your progress just because you find yourself eating out. Here are some helpful tips to assist you on your lectin-free journey when you find yourself at your favorite restaurants. I would urge you to keep the fast food experiment in mind when choosing a restaurant.

Lectin-Free Eating Out | GundryMDHave a Go-To Basic

Whether it’s wild-caught salmon and spinach, a delicious, low-lectin salad, or a range-free chicken stir-fry… there are low-lectin items on nearly any menu. If you find a menu basic you like, you can adjust it at any restaurant to suit your needs. Every chef has their own take, so double check your go-tos just in case you need to tweak them a little.

Study the Menu Online

Before you even walk into the joint, see what you can learn about what’ll be served. What are the low-lectin options? If you can single out two or three before you even get in your car, you can trick your body into craving a specific meal on the menu. Then, you’re likely to not even notice the dangerous items that used to be your go-to’s.

Choose the Restaurant Yourself

When you find that restaurant you love that makes your favorite lectin-light meal just the way you want it, take the reins when planning a dinner with friends. Suggest your go-to spot. Or, present two or three dining experiences that suit your needs, and ask your friends/co-workers to choose from the list. Most people are eager to show up and connect, but they appreciate it when someone takes the lead in planning. So, get the ball rolling with your favorite spots, and a friend is less likely to derail you with non-compliant temptation.

At the Table

Lectin-Free Eating Out | GundryMDAsk as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable! Again, you’re the boss of your gut. If you’re not 100 percent sure how a dish is prepared based on the what the menu says, ask. Often times a chef will come to meet you and ask about your dietary needs — they might even create a special dish for you on the spot.

Also, allow yourself to be creative when ordering. There’s no rule stating you must order a full-size entrée. If there are small plates that suit your needs better, or even a side or two, pair together what works to create your own entrée.

Once You Leave the Restaurant

Record what you ate. This way, you’ll be able to keep a running list of ideas when you do end up in a restaurant you haven’t chosen. You can glance at your list of past successes before entering and find the item on the menu that’s closest to what you’ve had before.

And after you’ve gone out, make sure your next meal is a Gundry-approved shoe-in. The next morning, get right back on the right path with Dr. Gundry’s Lectin-Free Plantain Pancake Recipe (for banana lovers!) or Dr. Gundry’s Lectin-Free Muffins.

Lectin-Free Plantain Pancakes | GundryMD

In The End…

Sticking to a lectin-free lifestyle should never mean giving up something you love — like going out with friends. Everyone loves the experience of dining out and trying new things. And if you keep the tips above in mind, you should have no problem living your life and eating on the fly.