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Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake Reviews

Rated 4.81 out of 5 based on 180 customer ratings
4.81 stars based on 180 Customer Reviews

Find out why people love Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake! Below are real customer reviews of ProPlant Complete Shake. Click on this link to read all Gundry MD reviews.

ProPlant Complete Shake Customer Reviews

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4.81 out of 5 stars

180 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Nancy Ray

    5 out of 5 Enlightened

    Nancy Ray

    Dr Gundry products open the door to health…via “ you are what you eat” !

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  2. Kris Elrod

    4 out of 5 Daily Balance

    Kris Elrod

    Very tasty chocolaty shake, and am mixing with cold coffee….. also including Prebiothrive to accomplish a 2 in 1 task.

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  3. Marcia Simpson

    4 out of 5 Great morning fuel that lasts!

    Marcia Simpson

    Really like the product because to me it tastes good and so easy on my digestive system. I can tell my body likes it! A great help with regularity…which is a problem with me which is a great bonus. I ordered the chocolate and mix it with almond milk and frozen fruit preferably dark berries and put it in my nutri-blender which turns it into a really tasty chocolate shake! Helps with the common complaint I’ve been reading of the shake turning a little on the the thick side. Thank you for a great product !

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  4. Jennifer O.

    5 out of 5 Quick and Easy Breakfast

    Jennifer O.

    I have been enjoying my Proplant Complete Shake (vanilla) in the mornings with coconut milk, a handful of blueberries, and a half of a banana. I also have been mixing in a scoop of the Prebiothrive because I find Prebiothrive more palatable that way. I tried the chocolate flavor first last month, and I now have vanilla flavor. The combo with blueberries, banana, and the vanilla kind of make it taste like blueberry cake. I do feel better since I started taking the shake and I don’t have the digestive issues I had previously. However, I did stop drinking coffee the same week I started taking Proplant Complete Shake. Being only a month and a half into taking ProPlant Complete Shake and a couple of weeks into taking Prebiothrive; I’m excited to see additional benefits of taking it long term.

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  5. ivana

    5 out of 5 A perfect breakfast!


    I make this into a shake every morning – blended either with macadamia nut milk or with coconut milk. I also blend fruit in, usually banana or blueberries. Easy, quick, and healthy! I am so glad this product is available! 🙂

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  6. Diana Rivero

    5 out of 5

    Diana Rivero

    I love ProPlant complete shake I start taking it 5 days a week in the morning it filled me up and the days that I don’t take it, I feel more hungry and I eat more inapropiate food so I decide to drink it every day and I feel great inside and outside (lose a little weigth, so great).

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  7. Minh Lam

    5 out of 5 Amazing ProPlant Shakes

    Minh Lam

    The ProPlant shakes are amazing. I enjoy drinking it everyday. It tastes delicious and it keeps me full without cravings for any unhealthy snacks throughout the day. I have noticed my energy has increased and feeling healthier. I have lost a couple of pounds in drinking ProPlant within a month. My teenager daughter loves your Mug Cake ingredients!

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  8. Benjamin Ripley

    4 out of 5 Great tasting and satisfying

    Benjamin Ripley

    I enjoyed its taste and it really filled me up and cut down on my cravings at night; In the beginning, I was taking it once a day at supper, but my stomach found it really heavy; I have decided to take the shake occasionally as an excellent alternative for animal protein

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  9. Sandra

    4 out of 5 Energy booster


    I always have a busy fall with harvesting apples and doing cider. Usually I am dead by the end of a pressing. I seem to have more sustained energy when I drink the shake.

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  10. Nick

    5 out of 5 Great tasting and feeling GOOD


    I’m finding the shake to be very healthy choice for me. It tastes great so its easy to keep drinking. Also feel good using the product. Noticed a benefit within a week of consuming

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  11. Gloria

    5 out of 5


    I enjoy the shake especially when I make it my morning mocha shake. I also like the shake cake. I feel like I am snacking all day but with these snacks I feel so much healthier. The added bonus is I am losing weight.

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  12. Gail

    5 out of 5 Satisified


    The ProPlant shakes are the best! Plus, they are lectin free and low in carbs. I enjoy having one in the morning and one in the evening with an avocado mixed in. They are smooth and delicious!

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  13. Jerry

    5 out of 5


    Right now I’m using ProPlant in a smoothy with greens for my first meal of the day at lunch during my 5-day, reduced calorie fast. My wife and I also use it regularly during the rest of the month because it just tastes good.

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  14. Jack

    4 out of 5 Seems to Work as Advertised


    I have gone through a container of ProPlant over the past 4 weeks, having a shake for breakfast each morning. I usually use 1.5 cups of unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk, and I add 1/2 a banana or 4 strawberries. The taste is fine as long as I blend it well. My wife recently started having a shake as well, so I reordered another container. Because of the cost, I searched for a less expensive protein shake, but I could not find one that offered all the ingredients. Even protein shakes with “almost” the same ingredients were just as expensive through GNC or online. My wife and I are using Weight Watchers and also following Gundry’s YES list of things to each (On WW, avocados and walnuts are high in points costs, but Gundry has them a very beneficial, so we still eat them). We have both lost more weight than expected, so I think the ProPlant Shake has helped. We have also started taking the Total Restore capsules to aid in “gut health”. We have not yet determined how well those have worked.

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  15. Rebecca

    5 out of 5 proplant


    I really like it. I can tell the difference after I started taking this product. I felt better had more energy.

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  16. Calvin

    5 out of 5


    It is now a part of my daily routine. I use it for one of my meals. It tastes very good, and I have had no digestive issues and no heartburn. I use it to replace a sandwich. meal. I am active feel very good . I am 90 years old.

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  17. Herb J

    5 out of 5 A great shake.

    Herb J

    A great way to start the day. The texture is like drinking foam all the way to the bottom.

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  18. Bella

    4 out of 5


    I really liked the fact that this protein powder mixes so well…. also, I have a very high stress profession and noticed when I started taking this protein drink,
    that I somehow was calm and relaxed in situations that would normally cause me a lot of anxiety… not to mention the everyday stressors we ALL have to deal with these days… I’m trying to figure out if its the Hemp or the Spirulina that is helping in that area. I have taken spirulina before and it did have a very calming effect on me but have never taken hemp… I take flaxseed on a regular basis which also helps…. I would HIGHLY recommend this protein drink! I am not one that needs to lose weight necessarily but have lost a lot of muscle mass as I have gotten older which I’m hoping to regain…. I seem to have gained a balance of some sort or so I feel in the short time I have used it… I just ran out so I have to buy some more to see if what I feel is happening, actually is happening…. Thank you Dr Gundry!

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  19. Dale wiersma

    5 out of 5 My morning quick srart

    Dale wiersma

    I look forward to it every morning. Some people have coffee and I have my ProPlant Complete Shake. I’m suprised how long the it helps to reduces my daily cravings. The more active I am, the longer it seems to last. I’m loosing weight I feel fantastic and It will continue to be a mainstay in my daily regiment,

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  20. Sidney

    5 out of 5 Pro plant complete shake


    Love 💓 it! Best shake ever it’s my new go to breakfast! Makes my tummy feel good. And keeps me satisfied so I don’t over eat.

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  21. Kristine Brunstetter

    4 out of 5

    Kristine Brunstetter

    My husband really liked this product. It has a very strong chocolate flavor which he likes. I am not a big chocolate fan but for those are chocaholics it is great.

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  22. Eva

    5 out of 5 Satisfying meal replacement


    It‘s delicious, 1 scoop replaces 1 meal a day for me. It satisfies my hunger.

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  23. Steve B

    5 out of 5 A good lunch substitute

    Steve B

    I’m using pro plant as a lunch substitute combined with an apple for about a week now and it gets me through to dinner time no problem. Already dropped a couple pounds., and looking forward to more.

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  24. Scott E Deru

    5 out of 5 Perfect Meal Replacement

    Scott E Deru

    Taste great and takes the edge off of the hunger. I prefer to consume mixed with coconut milk, yet it is very good with cold water.

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  25. James

    5 out of 5 Great protein shake in both Chocolate and Vanilla


    ProPlant shake definitely curbs my appetite and tastes good, especially with chilled almond milk. Add a little crushed ice and whip it up with your implement of choice. Great tasting shake after a workout or between meals. I have been taking it now for a little over a month. While I have been trying to keep my weight constant, I have felt more energetic and it may help the muscles after a workout too. At 78 I need a boost and this helps me keep moving and stay trim.

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  26. Linda

    5 out of 5 Pro plant


    This us a great meal replacement. I can go a long time without feeling tired or hungry. I like to mix mine with pellegrino for a chocolate shake. Only 100 cal.

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  27. Lisa Smith

    5 out of 5 Meal Replacement

    Lisa Smith

    Love this product! Bought chocolate for a meal replacement and I’m so glad I did. My go to lunch smoothie with fruits & veges. Or just alone, I enjoy either way. I have a lot of food allergies so this has been wonderful! Thank you Dr. Gundry & team!

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  28. Linda Masse

    5 out of 5

    Linda Masse

    Delicious and filling

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  29. Veronica Carl

    4 out of 5 ProPlant Complete shake

    Veronica Carl

    Before I started drinking ProPlant Complete Shake, I was bloated all the time, always fought stomach problems my energy level was low. now I feel great and normal again.

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  30. Linda

    5 out of 5 Best tasting healthy shake


    We are very impressed with Gundry MD ProPlant chocolate shake. Not only does it taste incredible it also curbs our appetites and provides energy. Both my husband and I have used this as a meal replacement and have lost weight and feel terrific! The shakes are easy to make and we have found by adding a frozen banana the texture is rich and creamy. We also enjoy making the mug cakes that are included in the recipe booklet. By adding a few blueberries to the mixture before placing in the microwave, it makes the mug cake taste absolutely delicious! We have tried several other kinds of shakes and this is the only one that has worked. I have recommended it to several friends. Our only concern is that it is rather expensive but the health benefits are worth the cost.

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  31. Mauricio Pincetic

    5 out of 5 Best Protein Shake I've tried

    Mauricio Pincetic

    I’ve tried several different protein in the past and I can firmly say this is the best one I’ve ever tried. It has a rich chocolate flavor that is really good. I take my shake in the morning for breakfast and it holds me over until lunch, which for me is great for watching my weight. Delicious.

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  32. Jose B Mena

    5 out of 5 "THE BEST PROTEIN EVER"

    Jose B Mena

    I’m 63 year young. I have been taking this protein ProPlant base supplement for the last three months, and I’m feeling the best that I ever felt in my entire life. It really does what it supposed to do entirely through your whole body. Thank you Dr. GUNDRY for such a great supplement product.

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  33. Linda Wehrli

    5 out of 5 Best Protein Shake Ever

    Linda Wehrli

    I’ve tried just about every type of protein shake with meh results. This one my body actually craves and misses if I don’t take it. No bloating. No weight gain. At age 60, I’m relieved to finally find a protein shake that works with my body.

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  34. Sue Beagle

    5 out of 5 Proplant Shake

    Sue Beagle

    I really enjoy this shake every morning. I mix it with Coconut Milk, Coconut yogurt, frozen kale and the Vital Reds. It is very filling and carries me right through till lunchtime. I have both the vanilla and chocolate – but the chocolate one is my favorite. Usually protein shakes taste quite chalky but this one is excellent.
    Would highly recommend.


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  35. Marietta McKenzie-Spence

    5 out of 5

    Marietta McKenzie-Spence

    I have been enjoying this product for approximately one month and I really do enjoy it. It is tasty and has no after taste. Sometimes I add half of a ripe banana and oh I enjoy it. I actually look forward to my mornings now! I am so happy that I originally ordered 9 containers.

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  36. Mary Ackerman

    5 out of 5 delicious

    Mary Ackerman

    I love the taste and it really seems to fill me up so I do not feel like snacking. It has helped with my digestive tract and I feel better.

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  37. Rob Beauchamp

    5 out of 5 Perfect Protien Option

    Rob Beauchamp

    I love having a perfect protein option that is simply All Good! The fact that it is vegan as well avoiding lectins, and each ingredient having such important health benefits is outstanding! I hope it is always available!

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  38. S.E.

    5 out of 5 FEELS GREAT - Gut health!!


    It is so awesome!! tastes delicious and filling!! I do great until lunchtime. then with my Vital reds, and total restore every morning, my husband and I really feel the difference. We have more energy and have become more focused. With cleaner gut health we really see the difference and are thankful for these amazing products. Thank goodness someone actually sells something that works. Thank you Dr. Gundry….. I have been trying them all and will continue to enjoy all the benefits of all your products!!

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  39. WE

    5 out of 5 Pro Plant Complete Shake


    Love the taste and thickness of the shake. It fills you up without bloating you up. Will buy more when I run out.

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  40. Neda Vines

    5 out of 5 Great Tasting Chocolate Shake

    Neda Vines

    I love to have my shake mid afternoon, so filling, keeps me full till dinner. Tastes fantastic! If you love chocolate you’ll love this. It’s very versatile, make it thinner, mix in your coffee, or better yet make “Fudgesicles”.
    Highly recommend! I will also try the Vanilla flavor soon.

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  41. Kathie Harnden

    5 out of 5 Renewed Energy

    Kathie Harnden

    I have been using this for 2 weeks with the vital reds in my morning shake and I love this product. I have recently struggled with low energy and feeling not motivated to get even the everyday tasks done. Now I am up in the mornings ready to start the day. I feel more alert and ready to do what ever the day holds for me.
    Thank you Dr. Gundry for coming to my rescue.

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  42. Deborah Kaiser-Reed

    5 out of 5 Protein Shake

    Deborah Kaiser-Reed

    Love the flavor and consistency! It’s great knowing I’m having a nourishing meal in a jiffy

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  43. Jill Davies

    5 out of 5 I have used 3 bottles of this product!

    Jill Davies

    I have used 3 bottles of the Pro Plant shake. I don’t drink alone and usually add spinach, berries and avocado. It is very filling. It helps with bloating and a gassy stomach. I like that it has fiber and that it is plant based. I had been using products that were not plant based and I was concerned about if they were organic and how they were sourced. I feel this product is a better option as apposed to animal based proteins. I will continue to use this product.

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  44. Elizabeth Pagé

    5 out of 5

    Elizabeth Pagé

    I have my shake with coconut milk and it is so tasty, filling and has cut my cravings. Also it has helped me eliminate no problem every day.

    (0) (0)

  45. V Cucul

    5 out of 5 Delicious & Really Filling!

    V Cucul

    I bought this for my husband & I to try. We usually buy different brands / sources of protein than the other. I hate his and he won’t usually try mine. When the container was running low he asked me to order more. I was shocked. The best part of this is that it kept me fuller longer than any other protein or even meal replacement shake I have used and it is lower in calorie too. I have purchased 6 more already and will continuer to order.

    (0) (0)

  46. Anna

    5 out of 5


    I have been enjoying the Pro Plant Shake for te last 8 weeks. Now, my husband loved shakes too every morning.
    Easy to mix, tastes great!!!
    Helps me feel satisfied and full of energy.
    This is a product for life …
    I Love it…

    (0) (0)

  47. Rodriguez ;Vicky

    5 out of 5 Pro plant shake

    Rodriguez ;Vicky

    I have been using the shake as I have had stomach problems for many years and I am getting products that can help a better function of my body. I feel so good drinking the shake as I know it is healthy and it can improve my digestion.

    (0) (0)

  48. SK

    5 out of 5 Tasty & healthy


    The first protein shake that’s good for the gut. I don’t feel bloated, easy to digest, full of nutrition & delicious at the same time.

    (0) (0)

  49. Gail Brazel

    4 out of 5 Proplant

    Gail Brazel

    I enjoy my shake mostly in the morning.
    Sometimes as a mid afternoon drink.
    I love the product . It is also very convenient to take some with you. Just in case you need a boost.

    (0) (0)

  50. Mary Jane

    5 out of 5 Best vegan protein powder I have ever tried!

    Mary Jane

    Chocolate ProPlant is so creamy and delicious! I mix mine in the VitaMix with water, 2 T EVOO, and 2 cups romaine but it just as good with nothing but water in a blender bottle. I bought it for an occasional breakfast when I’m running late for work but I am drinking it almost every morning now because it tastes so good and I feel great when I do. Looking forward to trying the vanilla.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days. For refunds, contact our customer support team at (800) 852-0477 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions, no hassle.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days. For refunds, contact our customer support team at (800) 852-0477 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions, no hassle.