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Gundry MD Bio Complete 3
Customer Reviews

Find out why people love Gundry MD Bio Complete 3!

Bio Complete 3 Reviews

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Bio Complete 3? (Gundry)†

Taking care of your gut is absolutely key to your overall health. Nearly all of your internal systems are tied to gut health – from digestive health to the heart, brain, skin, immune system, and more. If you can achieve balance in the gut, you may achieve more optimal health in your other systems, too.1,2

With Bio Complete 3 on your side, you can look forward to results such as:

  • An easier time achieving your weight loss goals*
  • An abundance of youthful energy*
  • Support for digestive issues*
  • Easier, more regular bathroom visits* 
  • Cravings for unhealthy foods feeling like a distant memory*

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

How Does Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 Work?

Your gut is host to trillions of bacteria – some good and some bad. Balance between good and harmful bacteria is indispensable to optimal gut health and overall human health, too.3†

Bio Complete 3 helps your gut achieve and maintain microbiome balance with a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics.

Probiotics provide you with an abundance of good gut bacteria.4 Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria and give them the fuel they need to thrive.5 Postbiotics promote your butyrate levels to help support a strong, healthy gut lining.6 This may help with issues low energy and cravings for unhealthy foods.*

By boosting your probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic levels, you may enjoy better digestion support and weight management, increased energy levels, and less unhealthy cravings.7†* 

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

What Are The Main Ingredients In Gundry MD Bio Complete 3?

There are three main ingredients in Bio Complete 3:

  • Sunfiber®
  • Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)
  • CoreBiome™ (standardized to 30% Tributyrin)

The ingredient Sunfiber® is a gentle soluble dietary fiber that works as a prebiotic.8 Bacillus Coagulans is a resilient, spore-forming probiotic.9 CoreBiome™ is a postbiotic that can boost butyrate and help support the intestinal lining.10,11†

How Do I Take Bio Complete 3?

Your path to better gut health support couldn’t be simpler. Just take two capsules twice per day, ideally before a meal.

Bio Complete 3 is formulated to absorb quickly and get right to work in your gut — to help  you feel a boost in energy and well-being.*

It’s important to take your Bio Complete 3 every day on a consistent basis. Taking it with breakfast and then again with dinner may help you develop a healthy habit that soon becomes routine.

*Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.

Where Can I Buy Bio Complete 3?