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Gundry MD MCT Wellness
Customer Reviews

Find out why people love Gundry MD MCT Wellness!

Rated 4.77 out of 5 based on 245 customer ratings
4.77 stars based on 245 Customer Reviews

MCT Wellness Reviews

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4.77 out of 5 stars

245 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Kelly

    5 out of 5 It replaceses my sweet tea!


    I never thought I could give up sweet tea. I’m from the south and was raised on it! I love the taste and the energy it gives me. I feel fuller thoughout the day. […]

  2. Eric

    5 out of 5 MTC Wellness Experience


    MTC Wellness really helps boost my energy and mental sharpness + it really tastes great. It has worked much better than I expected.

  3. Thomas F Kenney

    4 out of 5 mct wellness

    Thomas F Kenney

    I no longer look for sweets, and use it in combination with energy renew

  4. Erik

    5 out of 5 Experience with MCT Wellness


    Previously I would have good energy levels in the morning, but much less energy in the afternoon. After taking MCT Wellness, my afternoon energy is significantly improved.

  5. Deana

    5 out of 5


    MCT Wellness has increased my energy and decreased cravings for sweets.

  6. Thomas Shelby

    5 out of 5 Feeling Great.

    Thomas Shelby

    I normally do not do reviews on products that I purchase. However, MCT Wellness has really lived up to its benefits. I am 83 years old and now have the energy like I did at 60. I am able to complete a strenuous workout which includes squats, crunches, pushups, and more. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!! BTW, also lost belly fat along the way.

  7. Jennie Travers

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    Jennie Travers

    I drink this in the morning and its given me so much energy that I’ve been able to reduce the amount of coffee every morning. And the energy is all day. And I’m sleeping better.

  8. Janine

    5 out of 5 More energy, less cravings


    I have definitely noticed having more energy as well as a LOT less cravings and I have lost four pounds!


    5 out of 5



  10. Lynda D Fazio

    5 out of 5 Mct wellness

    Lynda D Fazio

    This is the best tasting product I have ever used. I can’t wait till my fast is over this is the first think I drink, I also feel awesome after I take it. Energy!!!

  11. NettieV

    5 out of 5 Refreshing Morning Break


    I love the flavor and how easy it is to mix up. Each morning I prepare a scoop with filtered water and take it to work. I love having a healthy beverage to break up the coffee habit, and I don’t have a ton of cans to deal with. I just rinse out my container so it’s ready for the next day.

  12. Jesse W Woods

    3 out of 5 I feel better!

    Jesse W Woods

    I just finished my first can I feel a little better. I keep trying!

  13. Richard Beach

    5 out of 5

    Richard Beach

    I am not hungry all day until dinner when I drink MCT.

  14. Stephanie Ruark

    5 out of 5 Morning Staple

    Stephanie Ruark

    I take it daily in combo with Vital Reds and a greens mix as a way to break my fast and take my supplements. I’ve been doing this a month and already feel more alert and energized. My water intake has also increased because it tastes so good! I’m sold!

  15. Frederick Werner

    5 out of 5 Excellent

    Frederick Werner

    The Taste & Feeling refreshed

  16. Kathleen Minahan

    3 out of 5 Still waiting

    Kathleen Minahan

    I’ve just started my second container of MCT wellness and I don’t really notice more energy and I’m still waiting to lose weight. 🙃

  17. Lisa Bennett

    4 out of 5 Flavor is good

    Lisa Bennett

    I enjoy the flavor of this product, it’s a bit sweet so I use 4 ounces more water. I’ve the same level of energy as usual and no change in weight.

  18. Gail Peters

    4 out of 5 Good so far

    Gail Peters

    So far I have felt really good after using MCT Wellness. I recently turned 50 and have had troubles with weight gain and low energy. This is the 3rd product I have ordered so far from Dr. Gundry. I feel less foggy and I’ve had a small weight loss. I’m not sure if it is specifically from the MCT Wellness but I think with an improved overall diet and the use of this product along with the other Gundry products, I will be able to reach my health goals overall. I just needed that extra little bit of help. I will continue using this product along with the others to see if I can reach my health and weight loss goals.

  19. Tom

    5 out of 5 It works!


    Works as advertised. More energy and lost a few pounds!

  20. Fefrederick Zajicek

    4 out of 5 More energy and less hunger

    Fefrederick Zajicek

    First couple of days I experienced a large boost of energy which has continued since. I have less of a appetite throughout the day my mental clarity has improved I have more ambition to do things didn’t feel like before. Small change in weight loss hope for more in the future. Thanks.

  21. Janet Neely

    4 out of 5 J.N.

    Janet Neely

    4 weeks in, no weight loss yet, but definitely more alert and energetic.

  22. Bob J.

    5 out of 5 It Works as advertised!

    Bob J.

    I bought the 3pack deal of MCT in May 2022 and my girlfriend and I started using it daily on 5/13/22. As I type this it is now 6/10/22 and we both have lost weight and inches, our energy is up, our cravings are down, brain fog is gone and we both feel a lot healthier!! Can’t wait to see where we’re at, at the 60 day mark!! I Highly recommend MCT Wellness because it Really does work as advertised!! To note: we do eat a semi keto diet and try to avoid carbs and sugars so this on top of that may be why we saw the weight loss quicker than others.

  23. Undine Larson

    5 out of 5

    Undine Larson

    More energy to start the day.

  24. Nancy Moore

    5 out of 5 Cautiously optimistic

    Nancy Moore

    I have not been taking this long but I am already noticing good things. My memory is better and I feel changes in my body. I haven’t lost too much weight which I would like. Hard to put my finger on the changes but I definitely want to explore further.

  25. Nancy

    4 out of 5 Good so far!


    I have more energy and am not always hungry. I have lost a few pounds without really trying. Over all I feel it is beneficial and I plan to continue using it to see what happens!

  26. Shelia Brennan

    4 out of 5 More energy

    Shelia Brennan

    I feel like this product gives me more energy, and I have lost some weight, which was my goal.

  27. Robert Fixott

    5 out of 5 Very good product

    Robert Fixott

    I’ve been using this product for about a month and have noticed that I have more energy and mental clarity.
    I usually mix it in a bottle of water and put it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. It’s quite refreshing when ice cold.

  28. Linda Hess

    5 out of 5 Increased Energy

    Linda Hess

    I certainly notice a difference in my energy level when I used MCT Wellness. I used to be exhausted in the afternoon but when I take the MCT Wellness I can keep going all day.

  29. Pat Clemente

    5 out of 5 Pleasantly Surprised

    Pat Clemente

    I have to use a phrase used in many of these reviews… an overall sense of well being. Having always struggled with my weight I see it finally going in the right direction. I hope to continue taking this product!

  30. Phillip

    5 out of 5 Great product


    Great product and excellent taste. I have more energy and less cravings! I will definitely try using Mct more and see where this takes me

  31. Mary Helen

    5 out of 5 Ct wellness

    Mary Helen

    It has given me a lot of energy an notice I don’t eat as much,I have so much energy especially at my work I don’t feel as tired like I use to.I really needed this.Thank you Dr Gundry.

  32. Sharlyn S Kelly

    4 out of 5 Good mental clarity and energy

    Sharlyn S Kelly

    I have only taken one month’s worth so far. I do have more stamina and I am clearer in my thinking. I don’t forget to do things that I usually do. No weight loss but better digestion.

  33. Kathleen Rodriguez

    4 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    Kathleen Rodriguez

    I like the taste, it disolves well but I have completed my first month without any weight loss. I have noticed a decrease in my appetite and cravings which is a big plus. I am hoping the ketosis will kick in soon for some weight loss. I told myself I would give it a full 3 months so fingers crossed.

  34. Susan Fernandez

    5 out of 5 Helps with keeping in keto

    Susan Fernandez

    Great product! Love the energy, and helps with keto diet. Even have been able to push through a weight plateau. Happy with the decision to purchase.

  35. LorP

    4 out of 5 Good for energy and well being


    I do like the product and it tastes fine. I like the energy in the morning when I take it, but i must say so far (1st jar in) I have not seen weight loss results which is one of the main reasons i ordered the product. I’m hoping this will kick in soon. Will keep you posted. I’m not super hungry during day like i was – but still waiting for the weight loss.

  36. Susan Vaughn

    5 out of 5 Overall Welbeing

    Susan Vaughn

    MCT wellness has helped me on my journey back to better health. I am over 60 and had started to feel my age. I believe that I am thinking clearer at my job, and my clothes are fitting better…..a few pounds down, but more to go.

  37. David Lee

    5 out of 5 Weight management and clearer thoughts.

    David Lee

    I have been using this product for one month. I have lost about 5 pounds and I am not hungry throughout the day. The best part is clearer thoughts and increased mental clarity. Thank you, Dr. Gundry

  38. Theresa

    5 out of 5 Excellent product


    I sip it throughout the day. I’ve been using it daily for 3 weeks and have lost 5 lbs without any change in my diet or activity.

  39. Diane Owen

    5 out of 5

    Diane Owen

    I have not lost weight yet, just finished 1 container, but energy is better, not so fatigued.

  40. Pam

    5 out of 5 Better energy throughout the day


    I have not lost any weight (yet), but I do feel more alert and have more energy throughout the day without any cravings for snacks.

  41. Rhonda Siwak

    5 out of 5 Biggest surprise was clearer thinking

    Rhonda Siwak

    Ive lost a couple pounds without any dieting but the big difference for my husband and myself has been clearer thinking. It was noticeable right away. Stressful situations are easier to handle too ! We do find the flavor a bit too strong and so we dilute it more than directed, but we make sure to get at least a scoop everyday. Ill be sending a jar to my mom too !

  42. Alishia

    5 out of 5 Maintaining


    I have been taking this product for a little over a month. It has really helped me maintain my weight, I’ve not gained anything despite my eating habits being really poor this month. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😋

  43. Carlene

    5 out of 5 Slimmer stomach


    Have been using this product for 3 or 4 weeks-1 jar lasts a long time. Good value for your money. I noticed my mind was clearer pretty quickly, felt more energy, don’t need naps now but the real kicker was the weight loss-9 lbs without dieting, flatter abdomen, which was a nice surprise. Also don’t crave snacks or sweets with this product-I craved them but I did not eat them but still no weight loss until this product. Highly recommend! Tastes good too. I drink it after using a blender with water. Glad I took a chance and tried it.

  44. Susie

    5 out of 5 Mrs


    I love it, I have lost a vow pounds using it. I will be ordering more.

  45. Laura

    5 out of 5 Good results


    I enjoy using this product. I noticed improvement in digestion and am continuing to monitor for more improvement.

  46. Nicholas F Anguiano

    5 out of 5 Energy to the moon

    Nicholas F Anguiano

    I take this right when I get up in the morning and have non stop energy throughout the day. I am a Father of six boys and have been able to shed 15 pounds with the help of this product.

  47. Tom Oneal

    5 out of 5 Healthy Combo

    Tom Oneal

    I could feel the difference almost instantaneously! My energy levels are off the charts! However, when you mix MCT wellness with vital reds, you have a powerful combo. I have CLL and my oncologist cannot believe my blood draws. My regular physician asked me, “what are you doing? “ after I tell him that I’m taking vital reds along with active heart, he said keep doing it! Dr. Gundry, you keep hitting home runs in the nutrition field and with MCT wellness, you have hit another home run. I look forward to see the new products that you come out with due to the fact they are well researched and they work.
    Thank you Dr. Gunfdry for making my life a lot better!


  48. Hugh Bartlett, M.D.

    5 out of 5 Ketones and polyphenols

    Hugh Bartlett, M.D.

    I enjoy the chilled, flavor-filled glass followed by my Bulletproof coffee each morning, knowing I am off to the best start to the gym.

  49. Susan

    5 out of 5 MY MCT WELLNESS


    I am so pleased- It made me feel like I got a second wind. I am normally so tired by the afternoon, all I can think about at work is getting a NAP- 3 weeks in – No NAPS for this gal – THANK YOU- Dr. Gundry

  50. Diane Nugent

    5 out of 5

    Diane Nugent

    Great in am . My husband started drinking it too and now he walks the dog every day , which he didn’t do for years

  51. Janet

    5 out of 5 MCT wellness and Vital reds


    I am 58 and very young for my age. I will not use the word old at all. I’ve always been active but was set back with what I thought was back pain but was my hip for the last appx two years. I had a hip replacement two months ago.

    I love the products. I feel I have experienced more energy, improved mental clarity at work better digestion and almost no migraines. I’m walking
    almost every day and have been climbing three flights of stairs a couple times every day at work…

    I’m sold.

  52. Teresa

    4 out of 5


    The taste is great! I haven’t noticed much of a change since adding this to my morning routine, but I take a lot of Dr Gundry’s products and I always feel great!

  53. Gwenna Hendrix

    5 out of 5 I wish we had met when I was younger!

    Gwenna Hendrix

    I feel like myself again, thanks to MCT Wellness! Without realizing it, I bought into the myth that we lose our health & energy as we age…it’s just a price we pay, right? Wrong! Thanks to MCT Wellness, I don’t feel old, elderly or any of the other terms used once a person passes age 65. I have wonderful energy again, sleep soundly & look forward to the challenges of each new day.

  54. Tom Seale

    5 out of 5

    Tom Seale

    I have been using the product one month and really can’t say I have noticed anything unusual yet. I do like the flavor and if it is too sweet I just add a bit more water and I tend to put it in the fridge to get it cold. I prefer it that way. Am still on board to see what positive effects it might develop for me. Have my daughter just beginning to try it also. I am 86 and she is in her 50’s. I want to give it a good test.

  55. Wendy Walter

    4 out of 5 Something is happening

    Wendy Walter

    I love the flavor. Within 3 days I felt a major shift in my energy which has shifted since then. I imagine results take time. I feel slightly different now. I have been using the product for about 6 weeks.

  56. Christina Clark

    4 out of 5 Thankful

    Christina Clark

    I have had more energy and less digestive issues.

  57. Rita Kinzer

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    Rita Kinzer

    I’m finding results with MCT Wellness in just one container. Lost seven pounds, my desire to have snacks and overeating seem to diminish. It was not hard to lose the seven pounds.

  58. Vicky

    5 out of 5


    This is my first try, but it seems to give me mental clarity each day.

  59. Jennifer

    4 out of 5 MTC wellness


    Saw energy improvement but not weight loss I was hoping for. Still hoping in a few more months to see that also.

  60. Rhonda Holden

    4 out of 5 Easy to Use

    Rhonda Holden

    I love this as a warm beverage in the morning and am replacing my creamed coffee with MCT wellness. It dissolves beautifully in warm water. Overall I think I have less bloating, but not actual weight loss after 1 month of use. I do not find it too sweet, but it has a pleasant fruity flavor. I agree with other comments that I would like a product card shipped with each Gundry product showing the ingredients in a larger font, how and when to to take it, especially if using multiple Gundry products.

  61. Eric Smith

    5 out of 5 More Energy and Great Taste

    Eric Smith

    Glad I decided to experiment by trying MCT Wellness. I have a very busy schedule, so getting more energy without any caffeine is hard to do. Why not try it for yourself. I drink it when I first wake up as I get ready for the day. Great taste, takes only a minute to do and pays dividends throughout my busy day.

  62. Bethany

    5 out of 5 Love the taste!!


    I have been using every morning religiously for a month now. I love the flavor and how I feel afterwards. Lots of energy and the tummy feels good. And I have lost some weight!!

  63. Linda

    5 out of 5 Restaurant General manager


    It’s Awesome! So much more energy!😁 Also losing weight!

  64. Chris Miller

    5 out of 5

    Chris Miller

    Must get product to boost energy levels!!

  65. Nadene

    4 out of 5 Pleased


    Nice flavor… Some increased energy and focus.

  66. AJT

    4 out of 5 Early results are promising


    Down 10 pounds in the first month, with more energy and less bloating. Hoping the results keep piling up.

  67. Ray Vaughn

    5 out of 5 Great tasting

    Ray Vaughn

    Seeing some improvement on the last few pounds I’ve been trying to lose.

  68. Cari Hickman

    5 out of 5 Improving

    Cari Hickman

    I am seeing improvements! I haven’t lost a bunch of weight, but I feel long and lean. I don’t want to go a day without it.

  69. Deb

    4 out of 5


    I have been struggling with… low energy. I started taking the the MCT Wellness as soon as it arrived, but didn’t notice a difference until the tooth issue was resolved and suddenly realized everything was better. I have more energy than I’ve had in over a year and my brain fog is is nearly gone! Wow! …and I LOVE the taste!

  70. Kay

    5 out of 5


    I’ve noticed improvement in my digestion

  71. Dale Wesson

    4 out of 5 Noticed increased energy and improving mental clarity by the end of month #1.

    Dale Wesson

    Tastes good, easy and quick to mix up; energy level and mental sharpness showing good improvement at the end of the first 30 days.

  72. E Rapp

    4 out of 5 Nice way to stay hydrated

    E Rapp

    Been drinking MTC for about a month. I enjoy it as a start to the day or pick me up in afternoon. Have not noticed any weight loss and am still working on the best prep method… but it tastes good.

  73. Rodney Lindsay

    4 out of 5 SEEMS BETTER

    Rodney Lindsay

    Love the taste and MCT seems to be helping, but only one month in and waiting to see more weight loss.

  74. Rita Davenport

    5 out of 5 Very good

    Rita Davenport

    It’s refreshing and it seems to boost my energy a little. I have it in the afternoon and it is filling.

  75. Nancy s Bertmeyer

    5 out of 5 Great

    Nancy s Bertmeyer

    Enjoying the product. Seeing results in the fat on my stomach.

  76. Karie B

    5 out of 5

    Karie B

    Just got it and started deinking it today. I can already tell a difference and the flavor is delicious! I’m so glad I bought three but should’ve bought more. Wish I would have found it sooner!

  77. Leah Buchholz

    4 out of 5 Good

    Leah Buchholz

    I have only been taking this product about 3 weeks, I am seeing some weight loss. My husband is taking it also and no changes for him.

  78. Lourdes Tan

    5 out of 5 MCT wellness

    Lourdes Tan

    I believe on Dr Gundry because his the one that my husband followed to loose weight of not eating carbs. From that experience we both lose weight but we did not follow all the way. And one night I was listening to this new product but hesitant to buy because of taste that might not tolerate. Ordered one first and I like the taste but there’s stevia taste that it’s okay. The few days I noticed that my energy is back and I can sleep good at night and was so happy that it helps me to sleep straight through the night. I then ordered 3 can now. I am just waiting if I really lost weight. There’s one negative for me which is I passed gas a lot. But this is a good gas. I even convinced my friend to try it because she has the same problem I have. She told me that it works on her too. We both easily get tired and we kept telling ourselves that we are getting old which is sad. But the mct wellness helps us. Thank you dr gundry.

  79. Jim Cherry

    5 out of 5 I feel better.

    Jim Cherry

    I have never tried a supplement before. It seems I lose energy quickly as I age, but during this first month of using MCT Wellness, I am pleased with new energy levels during the day, and will continue to use this product. I also lost a few pounds without trying.

  80. Rosie A

    5 out of 5

    Rosie A

    Been using the MCT for about a month now, I love the way it tastes its very refreshing. And I have noticed some weight loss without even trying or changing my regular routine. For people that say its too sweet.. I suggest adding a bit more water.

  81. Juli

    4 out of 5 Seeing improvement


    My recall of information and focus have. Improved after only 2 weeks!

  82. Doris

    5 out of 5 Great, refreshing drink


    Even my granddaughter loves it. It’s refreshing and tastes great.

  83. Tesa Moore

    5 out of 5

    Tesa Moore

    I am loving this drink. It gives me an energy boost mid-afternoon. I have also noticed some changes with my weight. Nothing drastic but every little bit counts.

  84. R R

    2 out of 5 Way too sweet!

    R R

    Still in the first few weeks of trying this out, and hoping for some results, but I wanted to send in this review because I can hardly tolerate the taste, which makes it hard to drink daily. It is way too sweet and the watermelon flavor is just over the top. I wish you made a version of this with less flavor and sweetness added. I can kinda tolerate it if I put it in an entire quart of water to dilute it, but I still wish it was less intense.

  85. Linda

    4 out of 5


    It seems I have more energy. I have several products from Gundry MD and would like a summary card telling what area of health each product benefits – i.e. what it does and what time of day is best to intake.

  86. Kurt Sexton

    4 out of 5 Weight

    Kurt Sexton

    I feel great but haven’t seen any weight lose yet. Just starting my second month

  87. Beverly

    5 out of 5 Excellent product


    The product is excellent. It gives me energy and it has helped me with the cravings for sweet. I started with one jar and I have already ordered 3 more. Love the product. Highly recommend.

  88. Cheryl Reel Bogart

    5 out of 5 The new me

    Cheryl Reel Bogart

    The drink is delicious. I am moving at a steady pace all day. It is a great feeling not to feel a lag while you are completing tasks. It is great at the end of the day to know you have accomplished all that you set out to do. And you are still up for a fun evening with the family.

  89. Ivan Canjar

    5 out of 5 It become my morning routine

    Ivan Canjar

    Since i got this product I use it to break fasting. Gives me more energy during a day, makes fasting and loosing pounds much easier.

  90. Patricia Rossignol

    5 out of 5

    Patricia Rossignol

    MCT wellness is working fine and dissolves in water as directed. It tastes okay and not too sweet.

  91. Sarah

    4 out of 5 Tastes good!


    I’ve recently had a friend tell me that my skin looks great (no makeup on at the time). I agree that my skin looks better than it has in years!

  92. Frank M Ruta

    5 out of 5

    Frank M Ruta

    Great product, taste is refreshing. I also have been losing some weight.

  93. Patti

    4 out of 5 MCT Wellness


    Great taste, mental clarity has improved, have not seen any changes in the weight category.

  94. Denise Ingertila

    5 out of 5 Refreshing Drink to have during the day

    Denise Ingertila

    Great taste, refreshing and satisfies my sweet tooth without having any sugary drinks.

  95. Brad Herndon

    5 out of 5 High Quality Product!

    Brad Herndon

    I have really been enjoying MCT Wellness. Great taste and overall feeling more energized and noticing some positive changes in weight and overall health.

  96. Amsal

    5 out of 5


    I love the refreshing taste of the MCT. I have notice some changes on my weight and hope it will continue.

  97. Donna White-Elliott

    5 out of 5 MC Wellness

    Donna White-Elliott

    Great taste. Refreshing and healthy too

  98. Stephan D

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    Stephan D

    Tasty drink and feel energized and more aware! Re-ordering!!

  99. Scott Woods

    5 out of 5 Good stuff

    Scott Woods

    Been using MCT Wellness for a few weeks, no bloating and have more energy during the day. Also have lost some weight!

  100. Elvia

    5 out of 5 Positive all around


    I have been taking MCT for aprox 3 weeks, now. I have also restarted working on my diet and exercise. I feel that MCT has helped me with this by giving me more energy and being able to stay focused. I’m a mom and currently finishing an RN program online. Trying to stay in shape, fit, and maintain that energy and focus is difficukt, but MCT has been a great factor in this!

  101. Kristy Wood

    4 out of 5

    Kristy Wood

    I’ve used MCT for about three weeks. The mental clarity has been the most notable change. The flavor is definitely not my favorite compared to the other products. Hoping for my weight to change soon.

  102. Peg Ruiz

    4 out of 5 Exceeds expectations

    Peg Ruiz

    MCT Wellness has helped me curb my sweet tooth cravings! Refreshing drink w/ ice in afternoon. AND I seem to be losing weight!

  103. Melanie Polak

    5 out of 5

    Melanie Polak

    I am feeling more sustained energy and not hungry at mid-morning like I used to be.

  104. Donna Patchin

    5 out of 5 Feel great

    Donna Patchin

    Since taking MCT wellness I have noticed more energy.I don’t have the afternoon stomach bloating has gone and going to bathroom better.Thanks

  105. Melissa

    5 out of 5 GAME CHANGER!!


    I recv’d my 6mos supply on 4/19/22 & began using it on 4/20/22. At first I didn’t want to attribute my energy to the product because I thought I was just trying to convince myself prematurely..You know, believing something is happening when it’s not. But this afternoon I couldn’t deny it! I’ve been busy all day but had the overwhelming determination to get 45min workout in at the gym! Amazing!!! So very glad I got the 6mos supply but my hubby joined me so I have to share!!!! Guess I’ll need to alter my re-supply date 🥰 Thank you Dr Gundry—My goal is to lose weight and feel better. This product makes the journey doable. Thank you!!!!

  106. Howard Stein

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    Howard Stein

    I have been using the product now for 3 weeks and feel more alert and keeping my weight off.

  107. Melissa

    4 out of 5 I can feel a positive change


    I could feel a positive change in the first week of drinking MCT wellness ….less bloating, sleeping better, and not feeling hungry.

  108. Wayne

    5 out of 5 Working!


    Losing weight, feeling better and believe that with my diet, MCT is helping

  109. Deananne Surratt

    5 out of 5 New user

    Deananne Surratt

    I have not been using MCTwellness for even 30 days but already feel much more alert and have more energy.

  110. Healthy New

    5 out of 5

    Healthy New

    MCT help me loose wait I like it because I don’t have to always concern about what I am eating
    Still keep me healthy.

  111. Sheri Miller

    5 out of 5 Enjoying it very much so far!

    Sheri Miller

    I haven’t been on MCT wellness very long but I’m loving it so far and am excited to see results as I continue taking it.

  112. Jennifer Thompson

    4 out of 5 Really Great MCT Product!

    Jennifer Thompson

    I just finished my first jar of MCT Wellness and I have definitely experienced greater mental acuity and a smoother digestion! Most MCT supplements in the past have not been a positive experience. I’m delighted to attest this supplement WORKS!!

  113. Allison Murphy

    5 out of 5 Love the taste

    Allison Murphy

    The taste is so good my skeptical husband is addicted.

  114. Robert Drake Jr

    5 out of 5 Energized Positive Health Change

    Robert Drake Jr

    I’ve noticed a great increase in my mental clarity and energy every day!

  115. Karen Ann Anderson

    5 out of 5 Feeling ten years younger

    Karen Ann Anderson

    I was so tired until I found this product…I can’t believe how much energy and mental clarity I have…I’m turning my whole family onto it!!!

  116. Becky Green

    5 out of 5 Feeling GOOD

    Becky Green

    I want to share with you the results of using this over the last 3 weeks. Increased energy and stamina, clearer thinking and less overall bloated feeling. I look forward to drinking my snack every day. It dissolves easily and tastes good as well! I feel like I have done something positive for myself and notice a boost in my overall health. Thanks Dr Gundry!!

  117. Lewis Fulkerson

    5 out of 5 Works very well

    Lewis Fulkerson

    The product works very well, and does all it is supposed to do. My wife and I take it at least once a week and we have both benefited. We keep it on the kitchen island just to make sure we remember to use it. We measure the water, the pour it into a glass with the powder, then warm it up a little for better mixing, and drink it. We both feel much better every time.

  118. Cheryl

    4 out of 5 Amazing flavor!


    I have better energy with fewer crashes.

  119. Laney

    5 out of 5 Bloating Gone


    That is the best part of MCT!!!

  120. Brett Bothe

    5 out of 5 Sustainable energy

    Brett Bothe

    Really like the flavor and the smooth energy boost in the afternoons when normally I want to rest. I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels. I have also noticed that I sleep better at night. I look forward to sustainable wellness.

  121. Renee Shortlidge

    4 out of 5 Great start!!

    Renee Shortlidge

    I’m at the tail end of my first jar. My energy level has been much improved and my clothes are looser. Not much of a scale watcher, but something good is going on!!

  122. Theresa Sabens

    5 out of 5 More energy

    Theresa Sabens

    I definetly have more energy after taking this product. Which is very helpful.

  123. justin larson

    5 out of 5 Little energy boost smoother digestion and overall healthier feeling.

    justin larson

    Just finishing up my first jar now.Seems to aid in digestion, A small boost and energy and an overall very natural healthy feeling. Food cravings seem subdued and an overall boost and a calm vitality.

  124. Tracy Thiers

    5 out of 5 Energetic

    Tracy Thiers

    Prior to using this I was tired often. Someone just said to me what have you done to your face, your skin looks so great and natural.

  125. Rita HASSOUNEH

    5 out of 5 Feeling great


    An awesome product. I now only have one coffee in the morning and drink my MCT wellness drink in the afternoon!!!

  126. Terrence Abrams

    4 out of 5 Energy is up, weight has begun to drop. This appears to be working, but more time is needed to review in a fully qualified manner.

    Terrence Abrams

    Been taking this now for 1 full month, and my drowsiness has reduced a bit, and I can tell my waistline is tightening up some. The taste is not bad, can be a refresher while taking it, and the mix dissolves in water better than most. I’ve added this to my daily regimen of high-potency vitamins and a daily super-food drink as well. I’m about to take another Gundry product and see how that goes. Personally, I think the Gundry line could be reduced to just 5 products, as there’s too much overlap in what they’re all advertised to do, but MCET seems to fill a nice spot. I will post again after initial my 3-month supply runs out. I have to see if this is consistent and does not fall off in effectiveness over time.

  127. Tonia Jennings

    5 out of 5 Gives me more energy during the day.

    Tonia Jennings

    It has a nice taste to it. Easy to add to a bottle of water on the go.

  128. Julie B.

    5 out of 5

    Julie B.

    I’ve been using MCT Wellness for about a month now and have noticed that beside extra energy, my skin is clearer and glowing and my hair seems fuller and thicker! I also see a better clarity and a decrease in sugar cravings!

  129. Dr. Kimberly Samaha

    5 out of 5 Lots of Energy

    Dr. Kimberly Samaha

    Really finding that I have a lot of energy especially in the afternoons when I usually go for a chocolate and coffee- now I have my MCT and power through with focus and no sugar crash and craving or caffeine jitters.

  130. Kathy Gardner

    5 out of 5

    Kathy Gardner

    I take in the morning. I found the increase in energy and mood.
    Easy to take.

  131. Ken Wilson

    4 out of 5

    Ken Wilson

    Easy to drink, great flavor

  132. Rich Reutti

    5 out of 5 MCT Review

    Rich Reutti

    Frankly, it is the best tasting of any of the supplements I take. I feel a clam energy and mental focus. Been a fan of MCT oil but its high fat. This solves that challenge. I highly recommend.

  133. Daniel Jackson

    4 out of 5

    Daniel Jackson

    Tastes pretty good even though it’s not a flavor I normally like. I found I have to add way more water than it calls for to dissolve. I mix a scoop into a quart mason jar, but it sure helps me get my water intake!

  134. Steve Winawer

    5 out of 5 A medicinal hit with great flavor.

    Steve Winawer

    Flavor galore along with feeling satiated from hunger and sweet cravings. It energizes me first thing in the morning and gives me a sense of fullness. I’m looking forward to trying it in lieu of a midafternoon snack when I’m on the go.
    To your health and wellness.
    Steve Winawer

  135. Jason Ralph

    5 out of 5

    Jason Ralph

    Just as good as a cup of coffee for energy and even better for metal clarity without the jitters

  136. Shawn C Snyder

    5 out of 5 This product is easy to take and helps with Keto.

    Shawn C Snyder

    MCT Wellness is very simple to use. 10oz of water and one scoop in a shaker cup, and drink. Seems to work very well to keep me satiated in the morning as well as keep the mental acuity that much stronger. It’s better than a cup of coffee and WAY faster!

  137. Sharon Stivers

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness watermelon flavor

    Sharon Stivers

    I like that it has few calories and is so much better than pop when I want a sweet treat.

  138. Melinda Carr

    5 out of 5

    Melinda Carr

    A very delicious drink. I like to blend in the blender with kale and blueberries.

  139. Brosnan Rogers

    5 out of 5 More energy, less cravings and less hunger pains

    Brosnan Rogers

    I really enjoy this product. I drink it first thing in the morning before breakfast and I experience a ball of energy and don’t even think about breakfast until lunch time.

  140. Maria

    5 out of 5 Alertness


    This is the first review I have ever given. It would be a disservice to others to not acknowledge how well this products works. I take it first thing im the morning, before I start making my breakfast. It makes me feel very alert, focused and energized all morning. I truly wish I had discovered it sooner, as it had been a long time since I felt this way.

  141. Karen Sherwood

    5 out of 5 I look forward to this every day

    Karen Sherwood

    I feel it is helping me with my cravings and tendency to overeat. I look forward to its wonderful taste and feel more balanced hormonally and energetic.

  142. Nathan Bice

    5 out of 5 Absolutely Refreshing

    Nathan Bice

    We immediately had more energy, and in the first two weeks my wife lost 1 inch around her waist and arms and legs. It has definitely curve the cravings are almost completely gone after it five weeks.

  143. Graham Cutler

    5 out of 5

    Graham Cutler

    I regard as good. As I take a variety of supplements , I find difficulty in selecting any one supplement as specially good

  144. Diane

    5 out of 5 Worth it!


    I wondered if this was wishful thinking when I ordered but now know it really does make me feel better. I look forward to my MCT Wellness drink each day.

  145. Kimberlee Yanak

    5 out of 5

    Kimberlee Yanak

    I really like the taste , It keeps me full until noon, I have it first thing in the morning then I have my coffee with cream and collegan

  146. Deborah Michelle Brooks

    5 out of 5 joint pain gone

    Deborah Michelle Brooks

    works great and dissolves quickly.

  147. Beverly Moore

    5 out of 5 Meets Expectations

    Beverly Moore

    I have been drinking this every day for a few weeks now and already feel a difference (sleep better, more energy, etc.). Love the taste! Thank you for making this product available!

  148. Jonnie

    5 out of 5 MCT


    Besides helping me to easily lose some weight, it’s good to know that this product put ketones in me.

  149. Jennifer Belanger

    5 out of 5 MCT WELLNESS

    Jennifer Belanger

    This product is amazing! It tastes great, gives me more energy, and I am sleeping better too! It makes me feel full longer, and definitely keeps me regular!

  150. Mary

    4 out of 5 MCT Wellness


    I see the effects are what I want to see with more energy and does not increase my appetite.

  151. Kim Harmon

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness Tastes Great!

    Kim Harmon

    I relax in the evening with a full glass of MCT Wellness and I feel great! It tastes like a raspberry lemonade and seems to calm me to get ready for sleep and, at the same time, boosts my sense of well being. I am not sure how I am supposed to feel after using about half a jar so far, but I like the fact that I am doing something positive for myself. Thank you!

  152. Nicole Baker

    5 out of 5 Mct powder

    Nicole Baker

    Tastes great

  153. Noelle Osellame

    5 out of 5

    Noelle Osellame

    I’ve been taking MCT Wellness for several months now. I sleep better knowing I am taking care of myself on the inside.

  154. Dee

    5 out of 5 Need this Product


    I have been using this product for about a month now. I have tons more energy and more mental clarity than before. I highly recommend it and I will continue to use this product. It’s great.

  155. Judy Bryson

    5 out of 5 Refreshing delicious drink

    Judy Bryson

    I was doubtful about this product but I truly enjoy it. Surprisingly I have energy that I have not had before. I reordered yesterday!

  156. Dena Griffin

    5 out of 5 Great Taste

    Dena Griffin

    I’ve been taking this for about a month now and I enjoy the taste and look forward to taking it every day. I also have been sleeping better!

  157. Gary Koellmel

    5 out of 5 Amazed!

    Gary Koellmel

    I’ve been taking the product for three weeks now. My energy level is through the roof! I’m sleeping better, I’m more regular and I breeze through my workout like I was ten years younger! I will definitely recommend this product to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Gundry!

  158. Jim Abrahamson

    5 out of 5 Tasty

    Jim Abrahamson

    I like it for the energy & focus


    4 out of 5 The WOW FACTOR!!!!😊👍


    I’ve been feeling more energy and eating a little less .

  160. Barbara C Condrey

    5 out of 5 Renewed youth!

    Barbara C Condrey

    I’ve been taking MCT Wellness for about 6 weeks and after the first two weeks, I really started feeling the difference. I have a surprising amount of energy throughout the day and into the evening. I also have noticed less tummy issues, less cravings making it easier to follow thru with intermittent fasting, better regularity, […]. I also take Total Restore and Bio Complete 3. I love all of the products and I’m about to order a couple more.

  161. Steven Paul Acevedo

    5 out of 5 I'm Sold

    Steven Paul Acevedo

    My energy level is much improved.

  162. Jane M.

    5 out of 5 Energy

    Jane M.

    I have taken this product for a month now and my energy level has boosted so much! I can exercise and I feel great! It truly works!
    Thank you Dr. Gundry! 😊

  163. Jerry Boatman

    5 out of 5 Amazing

    Jerry Boatman

    My wife and I have been using MCT Wellness for about 4 weeks and we feel great. We are losing weight, have more energy and are thinking more clearly! I definitely recommend this product!!!

  164. Iris Harris

    5 out of 5

    Iris Harris

    I love this product. I call myself a sugar-holic because I crave sugar no matter what I eat. I can drink a glass of MCT Wellness and not only does it refresh me, give me more energy and I seem to be losing a little wright and it helps to reduce my sugar cravings. Thank you.

  165. Audrey Fonseca

    5 out of 5 A True Winner 🏆

    Audrey Fonseca

    Delivers results in energy, weight control and mind clarity. I love the taste!

  166. Mary B

    5 out of 5 WOW!

    Mary B

    Noticed energy boost right away. Tastes great. Just had an overall feeling of well being. Would recommend to others.

  167. Sandra De Leon

    5 out of 5 Love it

    Sandra De Leon

    Since the second day, I started to notice More energy and more focus , I put it on my avocado smoothie (water, one avocado and MCT wellness) every day at lunch and do not eat anything else until dinner, support me enough without having cravings. I have been taken it for one month now, and my clothes are more loose. Definitely I will be buying more.

  168. Daniel Burkhardt

    5 out of 5 Dan B.

    Daniel Burkhardt

    Felt the energy right away. I’m amazed!

  169. Kimberly Reed

    4 out of 5 MCT

    Kimberly Reed

    Great taste–I add club soda to mine. I take it every other day or as needed. Good to know I am getting quality healthcare with Dr Gundrys products.

  170. Carolyn Elaine Armstrong

    5 out of 5 Awesome product

    Carolyn Elaine Armstrong

    Right away I experienced great effects from MCT Wellness! The first night I had great sleep, I never sleep all night due to a back injury… not true anymore… I slept like a baby!!! I was so surprised when I woke up that it was morning and my alarm was set to go off in 10 minutes! Truly a blessing!
    Now I’m excited to experience all the other benefits of taking MCT Wellness can bring!!!
    Thank you, Dr. Gundry!!!

  171. Ellen Huppman

    4 out of 5

    Ellen Huppman

    Both my husband and I are using this every day. We have noticed a difference in our energy levels and consistency in bowels but have not been losing any weight. We are carbohydrate free and sugar free as much as possible,

  172. George Cook

    5 out of 5 Improved weight control and reduced fat

    George Cook

    When I first started using this product, I could not even see my own toes while standing up. Now I can see the start of the arches and the “love handles” have mostly disappeared. It was making such an impact that others in my family have decided to try using it.

  173. Kim Halverson

    5 out of 5 ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS

    Kim Halverson

    I have a breakfast SUPER SMOOTHIE in am with Chocolate Proplant, Prebiothrive, Power Blues, and MCT Wellness. I add to this 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup water blend. Then I add large handful of organic power greens( spinach, kale, Swiss chard) and sprig of mint. Blend. Then add ice, blend!! Super delicious!! Keeps me going and super charged until dinner.

  174. Clarene Miller

    5 out of 5 I AM TRULY AMAZED!!!

    Clarene Miller

    I realize this may be hard to believe. After just one dose – one mind you – in about a little over and hour I noticed a surge of energy I haven’t had in years. I literally felt energized and physically strong in my body and for lack of a better way to say it balanced in my mind as in my thought process seemed to just flow. I certainly recommend this product and will be ordering some more for myself and my son.

  175. Karen

    5 out of 5 Delivers flavor and results


    This was one of the first Gundry products that I tried and I really liked it. Love the flavor and it’s a good value.

  176. Mark

    5 out of 5 Mark


    Helps maintain focus, weight, and energy throughout the day.

  177. Cindy

    5 out of 5


    Love this product! Definitely improves my focus!

  178. Ed Cox

    5 out of 5

    Ed Cox

    I use it to sweeten my tea in the morning and it taste great.

  179. Dirk H

    5 out of 5 Great product

    Dirk H

    Helps improve my alertness, energy and focus. Can always feel the difference when I use it

  180. mark t.

    4 out of 5 good product

    mark t.

    so far so good. The product provides nutrients that otherwise would be hard to source otherwise. Not adverse reaction, unlike other similar products that I have tried.

  181. Tay E

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness review

    Tay E

    I Enjoy this product i feel good all day although i am taking several other products with it throughout the day eg. Vital Reds & MitoX in the morning and Primal Plants & MCT in the afternoon and energy and concentration levels are revving.

  182. Alice H

    5 out of 5 It provides what it claims

    Alice H

    Within the first couple days I saw a dramatic increase in my energy level during the day at work. For me that has been extremely helpful as my workload increased. I intend to start adding it to my evening routine to keep from being/feeling so wore out after work. I have also noticed that I am sleeping better at night […]

  183. Trisha M

    5 out of 5

    Trisha M

    MCT Wellness is great! It curbs my appetite and gives me a great energy boost. I like to take in the afternoon when I tend to get a bit sleepy since I am up at 3 AM every morning! It is also great as I like to fast starting at 1 PM but sometimes I think I am still hungry but when i drink this it help that go away and it is loaded great with Macro nutrients without all the calories!

  184. Debbie H

    5 out of 5 Everyday Feel Brighter and Smarter

    Debbie H

    Aging is a hard reality to accept. Feeling mentally “dull” is even worse. Wellness helps me feel better because I have a bit more spring in my step and clarity of thought with out the edgy shaky feeling one gets from caffeine or drinks with high levels of vitamin B’s. It is a good part of my morning routine and waking up to the world.

  185. Joe T

    5 out of 5

    Joe T

    I recently added MCT to my daily routine of supplements which also includes Vital Reds, the latter of which I’ve been consistently using for just over a month. I take both MCT and Vital Reds in the morning before and during my breakfast lest I forget later in the day, hence I’m not using MCT as a snack or pick-me-up. But I have found once I added MCT to my morning routine that I had even more energy throughout the day — mind you, I already felt more energized following Dr. Gundry’s recommendations for a lectin-free diet for the last 8 weeks and taking his Vital Reds and Bio-Complete. But the MCT seem to take that good feeling to a whole new level. […]

  186. Ron Shepherd DC

    5 out of 5 MCT

    Ron Shepherd DC

    Quality is top notch and it does what it says it will do. I got results in about 10 days

  187. lmrich1220

    5 out of 5 A refreshing afternoon drink


    MCT Wellness is a delicious afternoon energy booster. It is filling and reduces cravings for sugar snacks.

  188. Sebastian

    5 out of 5 Great Product


    Wonderful product. Tastes great, and really works well.

  189. garett.taffey

    5 out of 5 Great product


    MCT is my favorite drink. Noticed an energy increase in just the first week.

  190. Ana Seyffert

    5 out of 5 Excellent Product

    Ana Seyffert

    I have noticed an increase of concentration, and stamina after a few weeks of taking the MCT daily

  191. Amber

    4 out of 5 Tastes good


    Works! boosts energy without the jitteriness or crash!

  192. Jeff

    5 out of 5 Great Taste, Great Product


    I have been using MCT Wellness for about a month now. I drink one serving in the afternoon to boost my energy. I noticed a difference in my energy level in a short period of time. This product tastes great and does not have any after taste. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking to increase their energy .

  193. Robert Difiore

    5 out of 5 Life changing

    Robert Difiore

    I have been using this, as well as several of your other wonderful products for about 4 weeks now. It has been nothing short of miraculous how the craving for junk foods and sweets have vanished, allowing me to start losing the weight I previously thought could not be managed. My experience has been truly sensational. Thank you for your life changing products.

  194. Marie Bruegger

    5 out of 5 Love it!

    Marie Bruegger

    I love the taste of MCT Wellness. It’s a very refreshing drink. I drink it alone with water. I do not get drowsy in the afternoon as I did in the past. I drink this instead of grabbing a snack that may not be good for me. I plan to drink a glass everyday as long as you keep making it! Thank you for your incredible products!

  195. Dr B J Freeman

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    Dr B J Freeman

    I take quite a few vitamins/supplements, and it is sometimes difficult to determine the effects (positive or negative) with any significance. This is not the case with MCT Wellness. I noticed any increase in energy and started losing (what felt like) a small amount of internal body fat within the first couple after starting this supplement. The positive benefits have been steady with continued use of MCT and I have made it part of my daily supplement regimen. Highly recommended.

  196. Mary Ann Stephenson

    4 out of 5 Taste Good

    Mary Ann Stephenson

    I recently added it to my morning shake of warm almond milk, Primal Plants, chocolate protein mix. It takes like a berry chocolate shake. To me it is yummy. The reason for the 4 stars is the amount of time I have taken MCT Wellness. I do feel a change, but not enough to give it 5 stars. After 2 or 3 months I may give it 5 stars.

  197. Laura

    5 out of 5 Great taste, great results


    I love that this product has zero sugar! My husband and I both enjoy MCT Wellness in our water daily. It gives us sustained energy, mental clarity and overall feeling of wellness. Just placed another order, as I don’t want to be without it!

  198. David Delisi

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness

    David Delisi

    I love this product. I add it to drinks and other liquids in the morning. It gives me a lot of energy.

  199. Casey Clarke

    5 out of 5 Tastes good, especially in sparkling water

    Casey Clarke

    My kids and I really enjoy the taste. In sparkling water, it tastes a bit like cream soda […]

  200. toni

    5 out of 5 MCT Wellness


    Very nice taste and provides energy.

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