So many people pour their time, energy, and hard-earned cash into shake mixes, supplements, and specialty products. And they think this time and money is well spent because they’re making the “healthy” choice. But what if they’re wrong? What if those healthy choices aren’t ACTUALLY healthy at all? That’s why I created The Plant Paradox eating program.

As it turns out, even “health” foods like fruit and vegetables can actually do your body harm.

plant paradox shopping listWhy? Plants don’t want to be eaten. They simply want to survive. One of the ways they defend themselves against hungry animals like us is by producing toxic chemical compounds – proteins known as lectins.

Maybe you’ve heard of gluten – it’s one of the best-known lectins around. But it’s not the only one. In fact, lots of the “healthy” foods we’ve been trained to eat for centuries contain dangerous lectins, including:

  • Vegetables (especially nightshades)
  • Seeds
  • Beans and legumes
  • Traditional dairy products
  • Grain-fed and farm-raised animal proteins

And when lectins invade our bodies, they can cause some serious inflammatory responses and other health issues, like leaky gut syndrome, weight gain, brain fog, and more.

So, how do we know what foods to consume and what to steer clear of?

To make it a little easier, I’ve put together a “YES” list for you – all of the following items are safe on The Plant Paradox approved lectin-free detox and eating plan. And a “NO” list as well… Plus, check out Thrive Market to find a lot of these foods online, they’ve got a dedicated Gundry-approved list!

Print it out the PDF and hang it on your fridge and put a copy in your car for grocery shopping trips!

Or, if you’re on your phone, see below:

Plant Paradox | Gundry

Plant Paradox | Gundry

Plant Paradox | Gundry

Plant Paradox | Gundry

Plant Paradox | Gundry

Plant Paradox | Gundry




And, if you really want to boost your “YES” foods into high gear, there are 3 of them you should get onto your plate every single day.

The “YES EVERY DAY” foods are:

1. Half an Avocado

avocadoIn fact, why eat just half? Go for it, eat the whole thing.

First off, avocados are full of amazing fatty acids that can help your skin’s natural oil barrier become more durable. This way your skin stays protected from dangers like the sun.1

Next, avocados have got a whopping 10.5 grams of fiber per cup plus lots of vitamin C, E, and potassium. And, they’re full of folate. Also, the good fats in avocados can help you maintain a healthy weight and even help to defend your body against heart health issues.2

2. Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, or Pistachios

Here’s a secret: Some “nuts” are really just seeds. Cashews, for instance are seeds and they’re also full of lectins. And peanuts are actually legumes. Of course, legumes are lectin bombs. So you’ve got to stay away from them.

But real nuts – like walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pistachios – can do great things for your health. In fact, nuts can help support better heart health, reduce your chances of gallstones, regulate blood pressure, and protect your system against inflammation.3

3. 1 oz of Extra Dark Chocolate

dark chocolateAnd for fun (and better health) Dr. Gundry wants you to eat chocolate every day. Indulge in an ounce of extra dark chocolate as an afternoon snack.

The thing is, chocolate has got antioxidants and flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties.4 The real benefit lies in plant-derived cocoa, which is the main ingredient in commercial chocolate.5

Just make sure when you select your chocolate pleasure, you opt for the right bars – that means chocolate that’s 72% cacao… or more.

The Takeaway

Say yes. In fact, say yes all the time with the foods above. And make an effort to say yes everyday when you crave avocado, YES nuts, and even dark chocolate.