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Happy New Year! Here’s to 2018 being your healthiest year yet.

Well, changing how you feel in the New Year is as easy as 1,2,3. And, not because of what you can’t eat.

Every year, friends and family make resolutions about what they’re going to restrict from their diets. In 2018, it’s all about what you’re going to add to your diet.

If you want to feel great in the upcoming year …

Eat These 3 Things Every Single Day

1. Half an Avocado

In fact, there’s no need to restrict yourself to eating just half, eat the whole thing. Eat an avocado every day if you want. First off, avocados are chock full of fatty acids that can help your skin’s natural oil barrier stay strong. So, your skin stays protected from damaging agents – like the sun.1

half an avocadoSecond, avocados pack 10 ½ grams of fiber per cup and boast significant amounts of vitamin C, E, and potassium. Also, avocados are full of folate. And the good fats in avocados can help keep you at the right weight, keep you aging healthily, and help defend your body against certain heart health issues.2

Plus, they’re delicious! And if you’re looking for different ways to work avocado into your diet, just try Dr. Gundry’s Famous Guacamole recipe. Or, if you’d like something a bit sweet, give his special Ice Cream recipe a try.

2. A Handful of Gundry approved Walnuts, Macadamia, or Pistachios

Now, when it comes to nuts, you’ve got to watch out. It’s a little-known fact that some “nuts” are really just seeds. Take cashews, for example … they are seeds – and they happen to be full of lectins. Other “nuts” (like peanuts) are actually legumes. And as you know, legumes are lectin bombs. Best to stay away from them.

walnuts tryptophanBut real nuts – like walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pistachios – can do wonderful things when it comes to promoting better health. In fact, nuts have been shown to help with the following –

  • Supporting better heart health
  • Reducing your chances of gallstones
  • Helping to protect against diabetes in women
  • Regulating blood pressure levels
  • Protecting your system against inflammation3

So, make a handful of the right nuts a part of your daily routine. Your body will thank you.

3. 1 oz square of extra dark chocolate (85% or better)

dark chocolateNow, it’s time for dessert. That’s right. Dr. Gundry wants you to eat chocolate every single day. Go ahead and indulge in an ounce of extra dark chocolate as an afternoon snack, or just after dinner. Not only will you be getting to eat something satisfying and decadent, you’ll be doing something great for your health.

Turns out, chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids, both of which have helpful anti-inflammatory properties.4 The real benefit lies in plant-derived cocoa, which is the main ingredient in commercial chocolate.5

Just make sure when you select your chocolate pleasure, you opt for the right bars – that means chocolate that’s 72% cacao… or more. To make sure you’re getting the healthiest chocolate around, reference this article about lead and cadmium in certain chocolate products. Of course, you’ll want to steer clear of those.

The Takeaway

Just remember, if you want to feel better in 2018, you should really commit to adding all three of these deliciously healthy foods to your daily diet. Again, make sure you eat all three items every day. Isn’t it about time someone asked you to add deliciousness to your food regimen at the New Year, rather than suggest you take deliciousness away.

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