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Gut Yeast

Gut Yeast – What Is It & How to Stop it From Wreaking Havoc

Gut Yeast | Gundry

Gut yeast. A phrase that just isn’t pleasant—not to mention it can cause all sorts of health issues if allowed to run rampant in your body.

Although the gut – and how it’s responsible for your overall health – remains somewhat of a mystery to many, you’d be surprised how many people are affected by an overgrowth of yeast (commonly called Candidiasis) in their digestive tracts.

Of the nearly 200 species of candida yeasts, there are several that make their home in the intestinal tract. These are known as gut yeasts.1,2 Most of the time, these yeasts remain peacefully nestled in the mucous membrane without causing infection or harm. In fact, at normal levels, candida yeasts pose no real threat at all.

Do You Have Too Much Yeast?

But, when these fungal organisms are given too cozy a home, they can multiply quickly and overgrow – leading to several uncomfortable symptoms.

The most common kind of yeast is called Candida Albicans. It can reside in your intestinal tract and mouth. It can also affect various mucous membranes or even skin.3 When candida overproduces in the gut, it can tear apart the intestinal lining. And when intestinal barriers are weakened, allergens and toxins meant only to pass through your gut find their way into your bloodstream.4

The problem can then become infection. If this happens, it could result in extensive hospital stays, expensive medical bills, and other potentially unfortunate outcomes.5

Signs you may have too much gut yeast.

Suddenly, you may start to develop various unhealthy cravings for certain kinds of sugars, bad carbs, or even alcohol. These cravings actually have nothing to do with feeding or satisfying yourself. They have everything to do with feeding the growing amount of yeast in your gut.

And, the more processed sugars and bad carbs you consume, the more you crave them … Of course, this causes the yeast in your gut to grow even more. It’s a never-ending cycle, because the more the yeast in your gut grows … well, you get the picture.

Health Problems from Overproduction of Gut Yeast

Unfortunately, when all this gut yeast wreaks havoc on your intestinal tract and immune system, other health issues can start to arise. Symptoms vary, given the infected area.

Gut Yeast | Gundry

They include:

  • Weight gain
  • Inflammation
  • Developing allergies to certain foods
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Yeast infection
  • Infected toes or fingernails
  • Nausea6

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s possible there’s an overgrowth of candida in your system. But, don’t lose hope. There are ways to decrease the amount of this “bad bacteria” in your body and restore balance. But, it will take work.

In fact, if you realize you’re suffering from a candida overgrowth, you’ll just need to be patient. Because it’ll take some time to clean up the mess. So, be a bit patient with yourself.

But, remember, your body is actually built to heal itself. So if you take the proper steps, you’ll be able to help your gut get back on track.

You can start by taking damaging foods out of your diet. That means eliminating all foods high in processed and natural sugars. You’ll also want to stay away from foods high in carbohydrates.

Turns out, a low-carb diet actually supports your immune system.

Foods to avoid include:

Gut Yeats | Gundry
  • Sugars
  • Artificial sweeteners (you can still have Stevia)
  • Most fruit
  • Milk
  • Most Cheese
  • Honey
  • Syrup
  • Most yogurt
  • Grains
  • Bread, pasta, cereal etc.

Gut Yeast-Balancing Foods

You’ll want to increase your intake of natural fats like omega-3 eggs and pasture-raised meats. You can also keep enjoying Italian or French butter from grass-fed cows or buffalo butter. And you can add coconut oil to your list of cooking aids – you’ll be surprised at how delicious the foods you make with it are.

You’ll also want to get rid of all processed food and drinks. That means almost anything that comes in a box, bag or even (sometimes) a can. If you do purchase packaged foods, make sure the only ingredient listed is the whole food itself.

You’ll also want to keep your teeth and mouth as clean as possible. Brush after each meal, when you can. This will decrease the amount of toxins to which bad bacteria can cling.

Now, if you take the plunge and decide to correct the balance of candida in your body, it’s a good idea to go see your doctor, to make sure any dietary changes are safe.

Monitor Your Diet & Balance Your Gut Yeast

It’s also a good idea to keep a journal. On the first page, outline the guidelines of your new plan. Then, write down what you’re eating and how you feel. Pay attention to what foods give you energy and what foods make you feel sluggish, or have other effects.

And finally, remember, candida overgrowth can be stopped. It does require strength of will and determination, but you can do it, step by step. Once you reset the balance and clear out most of your “bad” gut yeast, you’ll feel a world of difference.


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