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Aronia Berries: Top Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

What Is An Aronia Berry?

The Aronia berry is a sour berry found in Eastern North America and parts of Europe.1 The sharpness of its tart flavor has earned it the nickname “chokeberry.” But don’t let that intimidate you. Aronia berries are quite refreshing and tasty.

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History of Aronia Berries

Aronia berries thrive in wooded areas and swamps. Russia began to farm aronia berries in the 1940s. A decade later, aronia berries were popular all throughout Eastern Europe. Of course, today you’ll find aronia berries grown all over the United States as well.

The flavor profile of aronia berries is quite unique, as it mimics the sweetness of red grapes and the tartness of raspberries. Add in the texture of cherries, and you’ll come pretty close to knowing what it’s like to sink your teeth into this lovely superfruit. 

Potential Health Benefits Of Aronia Berries: Polyphenols And Antioxidants

Aronia berries are in the nutritional spotlight, as they’ve become one of the world’s most revered superfoods. This notoriety is due to the berry’s polyphenol and antioxidant content. 

Aronia berries contain significant stores of good-for-you polyphenols, which can help support heart health.2 Plant polyphenols are natural compounds with health-supporting super powers. You can find polyphenols in lots of your favorite lectin-free veggies and in-season berries. Most of the time, polyphenols give these whole foods their beautiful colors. But what really makes these micronutrients special is that they do an excellent job in aiding your body’s natural defense against oxidative stress and supporting heart and digestive health.3

When it comes to antioxidants, aronia berries contain more than acai berries or even blueberries. Like polyphenols, the abundance of antioxidants found in aronia berries may go a long way towards supporting your body’s fight against free radical damage.4,5 Finally, aronia berries are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health.6,7

Just check out the nutritional information below.

Aronia Berries Nutritional Data (Per 100 gram Serving)

  • Calories 47
  • Total Fat 0.5g
  • Total Carbohydrate 9.6 g
  • Dietary Fiber 5.3 g
  • Sugars 4.3 g


  • Vitamin A 350 IU
  • Vitamin C 21 mg
  • Vitamin E 1.6 mg
  • Vitamin K 13.6 mcg
  • Folate 24.0 mcg
  • Manganese 0.6mg
  • Zinc 0.8 mg 


  • Calcium 30.0mg
  • Iron 1.4 mg
  • Potassium 105 mg
  • Sodium 1.0 mg8

Which Gundry MD Supplements Include Aronia Berries?

Aronia berries are featured in Dr. Gundry’s proprietary polyphenol blend, Gundry MD Vital Reds. And, given the addition of probiotics and natural ingredients, Vital Reds can help you achieve better energy levels and digestion. 

In case you’re already wondering how to use Vital Reds, it’s easier than you might imagine. Just add a single scoop of the polyphenol-packed powder to 8 oz. of water for a tasty berry-flavored beverage. But, if you’d like to up your smoothie game, Vital Reds is the perfect addition to your breakfast. Just dump a scoop of Vital Reds into your blender with a cup of unsweetened coconut milk or hemp milk, a few slices of green banana, and some ice.

But, of course, you’re not limited to breakfast. Enjoy Vital Reds as a late afternoon pick-me-up or with any meal.



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