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For years and years, the nutrition world has shoved these dietary guidelines down your throat: Fat-free, No-fat, Low-fat. But, truth-be-told, there are plenty of reasons to eat fat – and lots of it. Because there are HEALTHY kinds of good fats out there –– the kinds you’ll find in avocados, olive oil, and fish. And, they have some huge health benefits.

Here are 8 of the biggest reasons you need to eat fat –


Check this out: Certain dietary fats actually support weight loss better than low-fat diets with the same amount of calories. What does that mean? Well, take MCT oil (a potent liquid coconut oil) or extra virgin olive oil: Both of these dietary fats have shown they can help with weight loss.

MCT oil is a saturated fatty acid. That means it can help support better weight management. And according to a recent study, people who used a liter of olive oil per week (for 5 years), instead of following a low- fat diet, lost weight!1

And the monounsaturated fats in avocados and avocado oil work pretty much in the same way as olive oil. Studies also show adding just one avocado a day to your food regimen also results in weight loss.2

It’s time to focus on getting plenty of good fats in your diet.


How long does it take for you to feel full? Have you ever had the experience of eating and eating and not feeling full until it’s too late?

Well, believe it or not, fat makes you feel full … not carbs. Not protein, either. Fat is what gives you that satisfying feeling of satiety. You see, fat is actually what sends the message from your gut to your brain communicating your calorie intake. The gut tells your brain you can stop eating once it’s received enough … fat!

So, you need to eat healthy fats. You’ll end up eating less.


Did you ever think eating fat could give you glowing skin?

Omega-3 Fats | Gundry MDWell, it can. You see, each of your skin cells is encased by two layers of fat, and these layers incorporate dietary fats.

Eating omega 3 fats, found in fish oil, flaxseed oil, and perilla oil, can keep skin cells healthier, more flexible, and looking plumper. Omega 3s also have anti-inflammatory properties which are key for good-looking skin. Compare fish oil vs flaxseed oil to be blown away by their properties.

And then there’s olive oil, which promotes healthy-looking, glowing skin because it’s high in polyphenols – antioxidants that help to fight oxidative stress and the visible signs of aging.3


According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes. Since insulin resistance is a major predictor of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, healthy insulin is a big deal.

Insulin converts the sugars and proteins you eat into fuel for your muscle cells. But, if you eat too many sugars or too much protein, insulin converts these calories into bad fats.

But here’s the thing about a diet rich in good fats – there is now sound evidence that good dietary fat is actually able to influence insulin resistance for the better. So, a “high-fat diet” – high in good fats – may actually help you maintain healthy insulin levels.4


Did you know that your brain is made up of almost 60 percent fat? And about half of that fat is made up of this stuff called DHA – a major component in fish oil.

Also, arachidonic acid is another huge source of fat in the brain.6 What’s the largest available source of arachidonic acid is? Egg yolk!

So, for glowing hair, bright skin, and a healthier brain, eat eggs – you can even toss out the whites.

Research shows that people with high omega 3 indexes have lower levels of depression and anxiety. In fact, omega-3s preventive benefits on mood and anxiety disorders are supported by their ability to help –

  • Regulate immune response
  • Support anti-inflammatory action
  • Protect your nervous system.7


Short chain saturated fats, like the fat in fish oil, can help nourish the cells lining your gut.8 This can help prevent the type of inflammation that causes you to gain weight. Make sure that you’re getting plenty of fish in your diet, several times per week.

If you find it difficult to include fish in your diet, you can also take a good fish oil supplement.

But inflammation can also occur from eating the wrong source of fats. As you know, only the European casein A2 milk makes its way onto the Gundry YES list. This is because of casein A1 milk – the kind that’s found almost everywhere in the US – can spark immune attacks on your pancreas and make you feel pretty sick.

In fact, many people who complain of lactose intolerance – and all the embarrassing symptoms that come with it – are actually struggling from casein A1 intolerance!

High-fat dairy products can be a wonderful source of fat in your diet – IF you choose the right kind of dairy. Casein A2 dairy, goat or buffalo milk should be your first pick every time! If you’re seeking out a good butter, choose grass-fed butter that’s French or Italian in origin.


So, let’s get real. If you cut out the sugar from foods like grains and beans, and replace them with healthy fats, you can also get rid of nasty lectins, like gluten. Lectins are a huge cause of weight gain, obesity, and even acne. Just cut them out!

Instead, focus on foods that are high in wonderful, healthy types of fat. Foods like:

  • Salmon
  • Anchovies
  • Nuts (no peanuts or cashews)
  • French and Italian dairy milk
  • Butter and cheese
  • Omega-3 eggs
  • Coconut oil

You can even have your cake and eat it too! You’ll find a multitude of delicious recipes on the website for lectin-free versions of tortilla chips, muffins, waffles, and more!

Cassava Waffles | GundryMD



Removing lectins from your diet and replacing them with good fats also helps prevent the damage they do to the gut wall – a fact that is also reflected in your glowing skin!

Eating a diet rich in lectins can damage your gut wall and lead to leaky gut syndrome. This is where little holes appear in your gut lining, causing all sorts of discomfort. These holes can also allow viruses, waste, and bad bacteria to seep into your bloodstream or gut.

When this happens, you may experience symptoms like headaches, rashes, bloating, fatigue, allergies, and inflammation.9 So, just say NO to lectins!

The Health Benefits Of Fat – That’s A Wrap!

So, it’s a good idea to up your healthy fat game! Good fats help make your brain happy, your skin bright, and your weight management easier. You cannot underestimate the wide-ranging health benefits of healthy fats.

Rather than counting calories, focus on adding more good fats to your diet. Get as much fish oil, olive oil, and eggs in your diet as you can. You’ll be doing your body a world of good.

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