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For decades, people were taught to avoid fat. You were told “fat” was a bad word. That’s not entirely true. In fact, certain fats (often referred to as “good fats”) are essential for your overall health. MCT oil is a great way to get some of these good fats into your diet. Much like the difference between a1 vs a2 milk, you have to know which is good for you.

MCT is short for medium-chain triglyceride. MCT is a compound consisting of medium-chain fatty acids. MCTs occur naturally in healthy coconut oil and palm oil. You can even find MCT oil in human breast milk and goat milk.1

Curious about what the potential benefits of MCT oil are and how to take MCT oil? Learn more about it, and how to take it.

Medium Chain Triglycerides: What Is MCT Oil?

Again, MCT oil is one of the good types of fatty acids. MCT is short for “medium-chain triglycerides.” Triglycerides are fat. So, what’s so great about MCTs? Well, they’re different than short-chain fatty acids and long-chain fatty acids. SCTs and LCTs are often found in olive oil. But some medium-chain fatty acids don’t even need to be digested by your stomach.

The MCTs that can skip stomach digestion are caproic acid and capric acid. When you consume these MCTs, they head right through your gut and find their way directly to your liver where they can be converted by your liver into ketones. Ketones are made when your liver turns fat into energy.2

What Are The Health Benefits Of MCT Oil?

A recent study proved the consumption of MCT oil, while on a mindful weight-loss plan, can actually help support weight loss.3 Furthermore, MCTs have been found in some people to support the following bodily functions:

  • MCT oil butter coffee | Gundry MDBreaking down of fats
  • Energy levels
  • Metabolic health
  • Intestinal ecosystem
  • Gut health4

So, in addition to following a healthy, lectin-free diet, MCTs can potentially help support your overall gut health.

Hexanoic Acid, Dodecanoic Acid, And Decanoic Acid

One of the best things about medium-chain triglycerides (especially when you compare them to long-chain fatty acids) is that they are not as likely to be stored in the loose connective tissue that builds up in your fat cells. This may help keep the metabolites that promote insulin resistance and puffiness at bay.5

Is MCT Oil For You?

In order to kick MCT oil into high gear, you want to make sure you are attempting to control your carbohydrate intake. Your body will always try to burn carbohydrates for energy. The fewer carbohydrates you consume, the sooner your body will utilize MCT oil and convert it into ketones.

But again, fat is not a dirty word here. Studies have proven time and time again that upping your intake of certain fatty acids may actually improve your health. Fatty acids can support your bodies defense system and may even have positive effects on your mental and physical health.6

good fat low carb foods | Gundry MDAnd you can get these great fatty acids from MCT oil and several delicious foods. For instance, some of the best healthy fats come from:

  • Coconut oil
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Coconuts
  • Pistachios7

Note: MCT oil is flavorless, allowing you to easily add it to other healthy foods you might like.8 There are also non-oil MCT products such as powdered drink supplements.

But as always, remember to get approval from a medical professional before making any changes to your diet.