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L-Glutamine: Top Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

What Is L-Glutamine?

Amino acids are the most basic building blocks of proteins, and they make up all of your cells and tissues. In fact, second only to water, they’re the most abundant compound in the human body. Most of the time, you get amino acids from the proteins in your diet.1

As far as acids in the body go, glutamine is by far the most abundant and versatile. Your metabolic organs, like your gut, liver, and skeletal muscles, actually control the release of glutamine in your body.2

The amino acid glutamine contains five different carbons and is elementally composed of those carbons, some hydrogen, a bit of oxygen, and nitrogen.3

You can find glutamine in pretty high concentrations in a bunch of different vegetables and animal sources of protein. In fact, your immune cells depend on glutamine in order to survive, grow, and do their jobs.

Now, L-glutamine is classified as what’s called a semi-essential amino acid. This means your body can synthesize it under some health conditions — but not under other health conditions.5

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History Of L-Glutamine

It wasn’t until 1873 that glutamine was initially considered biologically important as a molecule. But it was then that scientists discovered loose evidence pointing toward its properties as a structural component in protein. Ten years later, free glutamine was discovered in certain plants.6 

Also in 1883, a pair of German chemists by the names of Ernst Schulze and E. Bosshard finally isolated L-glutamine from the sugarbeet.7 But glutamine (and its potential benefits) wasn’t studied in-depth for quite some time after that finding.

Then a scientist by the name of Hans Adolf Krebs dug deeper into the science of L-glutamine in the 1930s. Krebs discovered then that mammal tissue could hydrolyze and synthesize glutamine. In the 1950s, scientists reported that glutamine could be used by isolated fibroblasts.8

If you want to know where to buy L-glutamine, look to vegetables like cabbage, carrots, parsley, spinach, and Brussels sprouts — or you can use dietary supplements.

Top Potential Health Benefits Of L-Glutamine

Why is L-glutamine important? For starters, many of your immune cells can depend quite heavily on glutamine to survive, grow, and function. It’s an essential nutrient for lymphocyte proliferation (your body’s first step in terms of the immune response).9

Glutamine release is usually controlled by your gut, liver, and skeletal muscles. Furthermore, you need those organs to circulate L-glutamine to help support the following biological functions:

  • Immune system protein (cytokine) production 
  • Your body’s natural defenses against harmful foreign particles
  • Your body’s natural defenses against dangerous bacteria
  • Your body’s natural defenses against harmful pathogens10

Sometimes, your body doesn’t produce enough L-glutamine, which may lead to a deficiency.11,12 With your doctor’s approval, certain supplements may be able to help. 

Which Gundry MD Supplements Include L-Glutamine?

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