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Cinnamomum Burmannii: Top Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

What Is Cinnamomum Burmannii?

One of the most flavorful and satisfying spices out there, Cinnamomum Burmannii is actually a small tree also known as Batavia cassia. Sometimes it’s also referred to as Indonesian cassia or Padang cassia. Whatever you call it, the plant is a card-carrying member of the Lauraceae family.1

Throughout Southeast Asia, in different parts of Indonesia and the Philippines, the plant is distributed and cultivated. It can possess a series of elliptical, shiny green leaves. They are arranged on opposite sides of a tiny, egg-shaped fruit (which is usually about 1 cm long). If you’re wondering where to buy Cinnamomum Burmannii, you can often find the dried bark in your local market. It can come as a powder or take the form of a quill or roll.2

Cinnamomum Burmannii is mostly used as a flavoring agent in food products, drinks, mints, or chewing gum. The distilled oil from the bark and the spice’s oleoresin are utilized in soap products and perfumes, too. In Mexico, Cinnamomum Burmannii is used to brew chocolate and flavor candies and liquor.3

Cinnamomum contains up to 350 different species native to tropical America and regions of the Asian-Pacific. The bark has a spicy taste and is quite aromatic. Home cooks love to use cinnamon powder, and the food industries use the extract to flavor processed foods.4

History Of Cinnamomum Burmannii

Native to China and Vietnam, Cinnamomum Burmannii has been introduced throughout every region of Asia. But the spice has crossed seas and is prevalent in the Réunion islands, as well. You can also find Cinnamomum Burmannii growing in South America, North America, and Central America.5

Most of the time, you’ll find Cinnamomum Burmannii used in baked goods like pies, cakes, cookies, biscuits, and steamed puddings. But Cinnamomum Burmannii is also great when added to your favorite marinades and ice creams, too.6,7

Cinnamomum Burmannii: Top Potential Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

Cinnamomum Burmannii is one of the most common spices found in kitchens and home remedy cabinets today. Of course, many people use cinnamon when they cook at home, and its extract can be found in thousands of food products.8

But the Cinnamomum Burmannii in cinnamon may have some beneficial health benefits. For instance, Cinnamomum Burmannii has been used in certain regions to help support healthy energy levels.9

Cinnamomum Burmannii is often used in traditional health practices due to its high content of phenolic compounds. Cinnamomum Burmannii also carries a deep well of tannins in its bark. The dried bark of cinnamon is may be able to support more comfortable digestion and a clearer-feeling mind.10

In Mexico, Cinnamomum Burmannii is actually used to brew chocolate and flavor liquor. It is also used to potentially support:

  • Digestive health†
  • Respiratory health11,12

Which Gundry MD Supplements Include Cinnamomum Burmannii?

Gundry MD has formulated one of the best supplements containing Cinnamomum Burmannii in its proprietary blend, Total Restore. If you’d like to know where to buy Cinnamomum Burmannii, you can start by researching Total Restore.

You can read customer reviews as well as information about each of the high-quality, hand-selected ingredients in Total Restore on Gundry MD’s Total Restore page. As always, consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet, including supplements.




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