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Better digestion

4 Easy Things You Can Do for Better Digestion

One of the most common complaints I hear from patients on an everyday basis is that they’re struggling with digestion. Patients express concern about things that include:

  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Cramps
  • Irregularity

… all day long.

And it’s good to hear what’s bothering my patients – because that way, I’m able to give them the most thorough care possible. But for a lot of digestive ailments, there are things that can be done BEFORE seeing a doctor, to make sure your digestive system is in top shape. After all, when you take better care of your digestive tract, you’re also taking care of your skin, your immune system, your brain, even your heart.

All you have to do is improve your digestion. You may not realize it, but your small intestine has more nerve cells than even your spinal cord. So, don’t overlook the easy things you can do right now to improve your overall health. Remember, it all starts with – the gut.

Here are four hot tips you can use everyday to improve your gut health:

  • Kick Dairy to the Curb –

    Or at least pay close attention to the kind of dairy you ingest. Turns out, dairy coats your gut and dismantles the lining of your stomach – which is designed to prevent acid from leaking out. When that lining becomes weak, you can experience Leaky Gut Syndrome, because holes start to permeate your gut lining.

    Furthermore, casein A1 – found in most cow dairy products, is incredibly noxious. And if it leaks from the gut into your bloodstream, you could end up in trouble. Stick to casein A2 milk or alternative dairy products like goat or coconut milk. Your gut will thank you.

  • Chew More –

    This one’s easy. Make sure you’re chewing more and breaking down your food better before it hits your stomach. This makes the job easier for your gut. And an added benefit of chewing more is eating less. You see, chewing more means it’ll take more time for food to get to your belly. That means your brain can get the “I’m so full” signal sooner.

  • Sit Up Straight –

    Your stomach is a muscle. When you hunch over, like if you sit all day, you’re compressing that muscle, rather than activating it. That means you’re weakening your gut, and the muscle will atrophy. So, when it’s time to pump and process food, your gut won’t be able to work to its full potential.

    But, if you sit up straight and take regular deep breaths, your gut will have the room to work the way its meant to. Your shoulders, neck, and back will probably end up feeling better, too.

  • Relax –

    Just chill. Seriously. Take a few deep breaths before you chow down. If you take a moment to breathe or relax before you dig in, your gut will tell your brain you’re fine, and you’ll be able to digest your meal more easily. Lots of cultures all over the world take the time to find unwind before they eat. Follow their example, and you might find you feel better and even enjoy your meal – and the company at your table – more. Click HERE for 5 simple stress-busting exercises.

So, that’s it! Four super easy ways for better digestion.

And the best part is, you can start today. Right now, even. That’s right, sit up. There you go.

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