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Essential Orange™

Energizing Blend Of Orange Superfoods

This delicious, powdered orange drink is scientifically designed to help you look and feel years younger — thanks to an energizing blend of orange superfoods that are sorely missing from most Western diets.†*

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Orange is the most NEGLECTED color in our modern diets — and as a result we’re facing plummeting energy levels, widespread digestive issues, stubborn fat that won’t go away, and dull, old-looking skin.†* – Dr. Gundry

Real results



Felt more energy through the day**



Felt less overall fatigue**


Felt more confident about their health and body**

**12 week study of 25 users ages 35-70, using the product once daily. Users were compensated to share their experiences. Not a scientific study. Individual results can and will vary.

Why it works

Essential Orange combines 39 unique ingredients — such as orange phytonutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, and essential amino acids — to help you enjoy boosted energy, smoother digestion, youthful-looking skin, and a leaner, more active body.
Wellness Benefits
Benefit Energy

All-Day Energy

Each scoop of Essential Orange is loaded with a powerful blend of orange superfoods to supercharge your body with clean energy that lasts all day long.†*

Benefit Digestion

Supported Gut Health

Essential Orange features a potent combination of prebiotics and probiotics to support smoother digestion, more regular bathroom trips, fewer unhealthy cravings, and less uncomfortable gas and bloating after meals.†*

Benefit Skin

Youthful-Looking Skin

Essential Orange contains a blend of amino acids to support your body’s collagen production for skin that looks firm, radiant, and more youthful.†*

Healthy Weight icon

Easier Weight Management

The orange superfoods in Essential Orange work to support a revved-up metabolism to help you burn fat, slim down, and feel confident in anything you wear.†*

Benefit Strength

Comfortable Joints and Musclest

The blend of collagen-supporting amino acids in Essential Orange help soothe and support joints and muscles— for greater mobility and a stronger, more active body.†*

Essential Orange Front

What's Inside

Potent, science-backed ingredients

The blend of collagen-supporting amino acids in Essential Orange help soothe and support joints and cartilage all over your body — for greater mobility, visibly youthful skin.†*

All the good, none of the bad

Gluten Free
Artificial sweetener-free
Artificial sweetener-free

Other Ingredients

Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Beta Carotene (for color), Monk Fruit Extract, Rebaudioside A.

Turmacin® is a trademark of NATURAL REMEDIES PRIVATE LTD. exclusively distributed by AIDP in North America.

Essential Orange Usage

Suggested Use

Simply mix one scoop of Essential Orange with water in the morning, ideally before your first meal
You’ll likely notice a surge of energy within 10-20 minutes. This is completely normal. It’s actually a sign that the powerful phytonutrients in this formula are already starting to boost your energy, metabolism, and digestion.

Powder will fully dissolve within 3-5 minutes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your health, we believe there is nothing more important than transparency. We’re here to make sure you feel confident about your decision.

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Essential Orange™ works by supporting your body in 4 unique ways:

  1. First, a blend of exotic orange phytonutrients helps give you more energy, support your metabolism, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.
  2. Then, 11 hand-selected probiotic strains travel to your gut, where they can help balance your digestion and put an end to bloating and discomfort.
  3. Next, powerful prebiotic fiber like acacia gum helps to “feed” those probiotics (and the ones already in your gut) to establish a thriving colony of helpful “gut buddies.”
  4. Finally, a blend of collagen-supporting amino acids and turmeric extract to help soothe and support joints and cartilage all over your body — for greater mobility and less discomfort.

All together, this “quadruple action” health formula can help you enjoy renewed energy throughout the day… a stronger, more active body… youthful, glowing skin… a slimmer-feeling waistline… along with a healthy metabolism and great physical health.

Essential Orange contains the highest quality ingredients. In fact, the formulas are even tested for quality at an independent, 3rd-party laboratory.

Dr. Gundry made a firm pledge when he developed the Gundry MD line: To never sell any product he wouldn’t personally recommend to a loved one.

That’s why Essential Orange contains none of the harmful elements you might find in lots of other so-called “health products.” It’s lectin-free, free of added sugar, soy-free, dairy-free, and made only with premium ingredients.

However, we always recommend that you consult with your own health care provider before beginning any new program.
The most popular order for new customers is the 3-jar option. However, many of our longtime customers opt for the 6-jar option, which gives you the maximum amount of savings.

We understand that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds.
So, even though we believe everyone can benefit from Essential Orange™ — we are aware that results may vary.

For this reason, please rest assured:
In the unlikely event you’re not thrilled with this formula (for any reason whatsoever), just let us know within 90 days of use and we’ll gladly refund your purchase price — guaranteed (does not cover shipping).

Many folks report feeling a noticeable boost in physical energy, mental sharpness, and digestive comfort within their first few days of use.*
However, the most dramatic improvements to digestion, energy levels, weight management, and skin are reported after steady use over the course of 4 weeks and beyond. Please use as directed.

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