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    Gundry MD Lectin Shield Reviews

    Rated 4.79 out of 5 based on 185 customer ratings
    (185 customer reviews)

    Lectin Shield Customer Reviews

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    4.79 out of 5 stars

    185 reviews

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    What others are saying

    1. KB

      5 out of 5 Only Product on the Market


      Just started taking Lectin Shield and Vital Reds, good ingredients and bloating is better. Only product on the market to help with Lectins. Hopeful for the long term affects.

      (0) (0)

    2. dpruden2002

      4 out of 5 So far so good!--Lectin Sheild


      I have only been taking this product for less than a month, and only when I know I may be having more “lectins” than I should. I really notice a difference with bloating and my digestion […]

      (0) (0)

    3. Tammy Kolashinski

      5 out of 5 Great!!!

      Tammy Kolashinski

      This product is great!! I do not have the bloated feeling and no longer have indigestion!!

      (0) (1)

    4. Kolleen Kaul

      5 out of 5

      Kolleen Kaul

      Good product all 3 adults in our home take it regularly. We know it works by our reactions.

      (0) (1)

    5. Patrick Riley

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield

      Patrick Riley

      We just started taking it. Based on early results, we’re pleased so far.

      (1) (1)

    6. Natalie

      5 out of 5 Great!!!


      Lectin shield has brought relief from uncomfortable bloating when I overindulge!!!

      (1) (1)

    7. Harriet

      5 out of 5


      Great stuff, keeps me regular, have good digestion, gets rid of the excess or lectin foods when I over indulge, no more bloating or overeating. It works for me.

      (1) (1)

    8. Susan Powers

      5 out of 5 Appreciation !!!!

      Susan Powers

      Keeps digestion & elimination uncomplicated !

      (1) (0)

    9. Beth

      5 out of 5 Relief


      I keep Lectin Shield on my table so when I am eating grains I usually take a dose to prevent digestive issues. It definitely works well for me!

      (1) (1)

    10. Dennis

      5 out of 5 Healthy change


      Since I started using the Gundry products I have much better energy and focus and my cravings have been greatly reduced. Great products.

      (1) (1)

    11. jachimi7781

      5 out of 5 Using as needed


      I use Lectin Shield when I know I will be eating some food that is definitely not good for my gut. If I don’t use it, I seem to get more gas which stays up high in my stomach area and I seem to have the bloating for hours. With Lectin Shield the food digests without leaving all the gas. I don’t have to undo my bra hook to feel better. I had indigestion for years. Now by using your product and by knowing what I should eat, by reading your books, there isn’t the terrible result of not being able to sleep at night due to the indigestion. There is no knowing how all your products and advice have benefited me, but I trust in your research and knowledge. Thank you Dr. Gundry.

      (1) (1)

    12. Gloria Buren

      5 out of 5 Lectin sheild

      Gloria Buren

      I really like to know that I am covered even if I don’t know the exact ingredients in a dish.

      (1) (0)

    13. Gayle B

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield

      Gayle B

      Every day is getting better & better since I started taking Lectin Shield. I can eat & not worry about checking the ingredients. My digestion has greatly improved!!

      (0) (1)

    14. Janet Dellinger

      5 out of 5 Chocoholic in recovery!

      Janet Dellinger

      Not sure how this works but not craving chocolate as much! From bags to pieces!

      (0) (1)

    15. Lonnie D Peckham

      5 out of 5

      Lonnie D Peckham

      I noticed increased energy within the first few days of using Lectin Shield.

      (0) (1)

    16. Jim Tester

      4 out of 5 Fantastic!

      Jim Tester

      This is great

      (0) (1)

    17. Larry Tonks

      4 out of 5 Great Timing

      Larry Tonks

      After using a number of Dr G products regularly I had recently decided to give Lectin Shield a try. During these times I am finding that the butter and eggs I use are not always available and using Lectin Shield helps me be confident that I am still helping my gut to limit the impact of Lectins.

      (0) (1)

    18. Deborah Fisher

      5 out of 5 Big Improvement!

      Deborah Fisher

      No bloating and fatigue. Way more enery!

      (1) (1)

    19. Diane J Williams

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield

      Diane J Williams

      As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had more and more problems with
      adequately digesting grain products. I LOVE breads and nightshade veggies! They are definitely my weaknesses so even with my best efforts, I do eat some each week. Taking Lectin Shield on those days has greatly improved my digestion! Thank you!!!!

      (1) (1)

    20. Gerry Villafranca

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield

      Gerry Villafranca

      Lectin Shield helps you control your cravings and keeps you feeling revitalized and energetic… another great product from our trusted Dr. Gundry’s health supplement range.

      (1) (1)

    21. Juliette Banks

      5 out of 5 It’s excellent

      Juliette Banks

      I’ve been taking Lectin Shield for a few weeks and it’s eased digestion and my stomach is calm. Flatter.

      (1) (0)

    22. Janna

      5 out of 5 Excellent


      After years of struggling with digestive issues and trying every new or promised wonder supplement, the Lectin Shield is a fantastic product. I don’t have the words to describe the improvement in my formerly testy digestive system. Think I’m hooked on it now. Thank you

      (1) (0)

    23. Cherylyn McCalligan

      5 out of 5 Peace of mind when going out, vacation or joining a group event.

      Cherylyn McCalligan

      Lectin Shield , in our household, Gives us peace of mind on those days when your not really sure of every ingredient used in your meal. Freedom — to avoid putting our host and a restaurant chef , as the responsible party for what we put in our mouths. Instead, we do the best— and take the lectin shield to help with those items we cannot detect … It has worked well for us.

      (1) (1)

    24. Joe Shelfoon

      5 out of 5

      Joe Shelfoon

      I love all your products that I take, thanks again!

      (1) (0)

    25. Anita H

      5 out of 5 Love lectin shield

      Anita H

      Love this product. It helps me with digestion.

      (0) (1)

    26. Jhones

      5 out of 5 Feel so much better


      I’m very impressed what a difference I feel after taking this product!! […] I will take my lectin shield with the knowledge that it will improve my gut .

      (0) (1)

    27. Kathleen Paris

      5 out of 5 Can’t Thank You Enough

      Kathleen Paris

      So far it has helped both mine & my husbands digestive discomforts. We have been using your books to also help us in our diet adventures.

      (0) (1)

    28. Gary Bianchi

      5 out of 5

      Gary Bianchi

      During the past 2 weeks I have been using PreBioThrive, Bio Complete, & Lectin Shield. I have noticed a big difference in my overall feeling of wellness and my bodily elimination habits have improved tremendously. I definitely recommend using these products for a feeling of wellness.

      (1) (0)

    29. Julie Blonik

      5 out of 5 Lectin shield capsules

      Julie Blonik

      I have been taking these for a month now, and totally feel like a new person. More energy, better sleeping and above all is helping my bad reflux.

      (0) (1)

    30. Bridget O'Kane

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield Product

      Bridget O’Kane

      Very pleased with the product. It has greatly helped my digestion

      (0) (1)

    31. carol sutliff

      5 out of 5

      carol sutliff

      I have only been taking it for a few weeks and I notice I’m not as bloated and less gas

      (1) (1)

    32. David Jeffries

      5 out of 5 No More Bloating

      David Jeffries

      Tried everything else before this product. It works ! PS. Try the other products to get maximum benefits.

      (1) (1)

    33. Mirella Burton

      5 out of 5 Desperate for some Energy

      Mirella Burton

      Since taking Lectin Shield I have noticed I sleep deeply and feel refreshed when I awake. This has not happened to me for years. Also slowly my energy level is increasing, I thought it had gone forever, and actually surprised my self by doing a house Spring clean yesterday! Amazing!

      (1) (1)

    34. Priscilla

      4 out of 5 UNexpected Results


      I really didn’t know what to expect with this.. am always a skeptic! But to my surprise, I am having better digestive results and bathroom consistancy. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but am still hopeful. and my Sleep is MUCH BETTEER – so yea I recommend it!!!

      (1) (1)

    35. deanna michele starr

      5 out of 5 Skeptical At First

      deanna michele starr

      I am a natural nutritionist and was worried about actually taking additional supplements. To my surprise thus far I have made no adverse reactions. I am actually experiencing less bloat and hoping that with continued efforts I maybe able to enjoy lectin foods (which I love and eat daily) with more ease!

      (1) (1)


      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield and Vital Reds Awesome!


      The Lectin Shield is well engineered and perfect. I share the Lectin results with relatives and fiends. Received zero complaints just
      “Thank you!” and compliments. My weight has stabilized ever since I joined the many people you’ve helped. Thank you Dr. Gundry

      (1) (1)

    37. Carolyn

      4 out of 5


      Has greatly reduced bloating, gas and stomach discomfort after a few days of getting used to it. Energy level is much improved!

      (0) (1)

    38. Sam McNeely

      4 out of 5 Lectins Shield

      Sam McNeely

      I just started taking this product and so far so good. I’m trying to curb my cravings for sweets, especially in the evening and I definitely notice a difference in my ability to refrain.

      (0) (1)

    39. Kristine Barman

      5 out of 5

      Kristine Barman

      Great gut protection when I need it. Awesome product.

      (1) (1)

    40. Jude Daley

      5 out of 5

      Jude Daley

      I noticed a difference within days! Less bloating, more energy, better bowel movements, can concentrate better. I’m amazed that the effects are across my whole body! I would highly recommend!

      (1) (1)

    41. Olivia Allnutt

      5 out of 5 Excellent product

      Olivia Allnutt

      My husband and I try to avoid the ‘no list’ foods, however we also travel a lot for work, so having the Lectin Shield with us when we can’t prepare all our meals is very helpful!

      (0) (1)

    42. Ropeti Areta

      5 out of 5

      Ropeti Areta

      I am so thankful for the Lectin Shield product. This is my first week taking the product but is working effectively in relieving bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort.
      When I wake up in the morning, I feel energized and active. I am going to share this product with my wife for the product works.

      (1) (1)

    43. Christopher Perry

      5 out of 5 Use them for days when I venture off the allowed list foods

      Christopher Perry

      I use it for those days when “my eyes see outside the list of allowed food”. I find there are no consequences when taken with the LECTIN SHIELD. Very satisfied.

      (0) (1)

    44. Tom

      5 out of 5 Feeling like I should


      I started taking lectin shield and prebio thrive at the same time. I had a day or 2 of my body getting adjusted but then I started to feel less bloated and less uncomfortable feelings. I especially noticed that my digestive system is working better. I was having some issues before and now I’m not so I’m very happy about that.

      (0) (1)

    45. B

      5 out of 5


      This has helped with bloating and unwell feelings from lectin containing foods. I always keep it with me so I have it for my meals out.

      (0) (1)

    46. Julie Balmer

      4 out of 5 Liking Lectin Shield

      Julie Balmer

      I’ve been taking Lectin Shield for close to three weeks and I’m seeing results already. I’m starting to get my waist back! I’m looking forward to seeing the results after a few more weeks and months as I bought 6 months supply.

      (1) (1)

    47. Spencer

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield great for my life


      With a busy life style, it’s hard to eat right all the time. And to have a Lectin free diet is impossible for me. So it’s nice to know that with Lectin Shield I can still balance my digestive system.

      (1) (1)

    48. sglaab

      5 out of 5 Lectin Shield


      This product works for me exactly as Dr. Gundry says it will!

      (1) (1)

    49. Jessica

      5 out of 5 Lectin capsules


      I think it’s helping me digest better , i have not finished my first bottle yet but I am feeling good when I take the Lectin Shield
      Thank you Dr Gundry

      (1) (1)

    50. Beverly Cook

      5 out of 5

      Beverly Cook

      Lectin Shield started making me realize I did not have to be miserable after eating. Helps to reduce swelling after a meal. I will never be without it.

      (1) (1)

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days. For refunds, contact our customer support team at (800) 852-0477 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions, no hassle.

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days. For refunds, contact our customer support team at (800) 852-0477 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions, no hassle.