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I created PrebioThrive using five of the most potent and effective prebiotic ingredients available: acacia gum, agave inulin, flaxseed, galacto-oligosaccharides, and guar gum. It’s formulated to help you enjoy improved digestion and greater feelings of overall health and wellness.

Gundry MD PrebioThrive is formulated with purity in mind. The content of every batch is formulated right here in the USA at our CGMP-certified facility — and then tested again for content, purity, and dosage at an outside 3rd-party laboratory.

That’s why we’re confident PrebioThrive will help you achieve:

  • More efficient digestion
  • Reduced stomach and bowel discomfort
  • A more balanced gut microbiome
  • Boosted feelings of energy and vitality
  • sugar-free
  • artificial-free


The nutritious dietary fiber-rich ingredients packed into PrebioThrive – like acacia gum, agave inulin, flaxseed, and guar gum – contain powerful prebiotics.

Prebiotics, in fact, are the microorganisms that support the healthy balance of good bacteria, called probiotics, in your gut. Probiotics exist and proliferate in your gut, but probiotic supplements (such as Gundry MD™ 24 Strain Probiotic) are available to protect that healthy probiotic bacteria against digestive dangers, including the modern American diet, antibiotics, and certain environmental factors. PrebioThrive, my prebiotic supplement, supports the balance of probiotic bacteria with a blend of dietary fiber to encourage digestive health and regularity.

In my opinion, most people just aren’t getting enough prebiotic foods in their diet, thus have insufficient prebiotics in their gut, and that needs to change. PrebioThrive ensures that you’ll be getting your prebiotics in the right dosages to effectively make a difference.


I’ve put all my resources and research I’ve gathered throughout my long career as a heart surgeon and medical researcher into this unique formula — and I’m confident it’ll work for you just like it has for so many other people. I believe PrebioThrive is one of the best prebiotic supplements available. I believe in this product so much, in fact, that I’ll put my reputation in your hands and make a deal with you:

Just try Gundry MD PrebioThrive for 90 days…

If you don’t feel a noticeable change in your digestion, and overall sense of health and wellness…I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how certain I am that Gundry MD PrebioThrive will create a total health transformation.

If you don’t see incredible results, I’ll give your money back — and that’s my personal guarantee. Even if you’ve used up your entire supply and you’re dissatisfied — for any reason whatsoever, I’ll still return your money. My US-based customer support team will make the refund process fast, easy, and hassle-free for you.

This 90-Day Complete-Money-Back-Guarantee allows you to try Gundry MD PrebioThrive with zero risk involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

PrebioThrive ingredients are as follows:

How do I use PrebioThrive?

Start your day off right with a scoop of PrebioThrive in the morning. PrebioThrive is a dissolving naturally-flavored mix that tastes great in water and a variety of other beverages, including smoothies.

To experience the full benefits of PrebioThrive take one scoop daily with beverage or blended drink, preferably with probiotics to create a synbiotic effect. Use it consistently for the best results.

Who should use PrebioThrive?

Anyone who is not eating enough prebiotic foods and not getting sufficient prebiotics in their diet. This prebiotic supplement is designed to help support digestive health, and strengthen your immune system. It is perfect for anyone who wants to improve digestive comfort and feelings of wellness.

PrebioThrive is a supplement, and therefore, NOT designed to treat more serious illnesses. It should not be used to replace prescription medication.

How safe is PrebioThrive?

PrebioThrive ingredients are 100% natural and safe. The formula is tested for quality and purity at an independent, 3rd-party facility. However, as a physician I recommend consulting with your own health care provider before beginning any new supplement.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

As a physician, I know that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds. You can read PrebioThrive reviews further down this page for first-hand accounts of how the supplement has worked for others.

Even though everyone can benefit from the polyphenols and probiotics in this formula, I’m aware that results can vary.

We’re incredibly proud of our industry-best customer support and equally proud of our groundbreaking supplements, which is why we back up every single one of our supplements with our 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with your results for any reason, simply contact our customer support team within 90 days of purchasing your products, and we’ll refund your purchase — no hassle, no worries.


Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum is one of the most fiber-dense prebiotic ingredients on the planet.1

Agave Inulin

Agave inulin comes from the blue agave plant and is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber-rich agave inulin tastes sweet…while having minimal impact on blood sugar levels.2


Flaxseed is one of the great prebiotic foods readily available. It’s a great source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to help with heart health. It also has antioxidant properties to help protect against free radicals.3


Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are a group of carbohydrates that are used to improve bowel function. These prebiotics can improve mineral absorption and support your immune system.4 Some prebiotic foods rich in GOS are beans and lentils–but due to their high lectin content, it’s advisable to get GOS from the best prebiotic supplement available.

Guar Gum

Guar gum is a fibrous substance made from guar beans. Guar gum can increase fiber content in some foods and help maintain regular bowel movements.5


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2 Tarini J, Wolever T. The fermentable fibre inulin increases postprandial serum short-chain fatty acids and reduces free-fatty acids and ghrelin in healthy subjects. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2010;35(1):9-16. doi:10.1139/h09-119.

3 Goyal A, Sharma V, Upadhyay N, Gill S, Sihag M. Flax and flaxseed oil: an ancient medicine & modern functional food. J Food Sci Technol. 2014;51(9):1633-1653. doi:10.1007/s13197-013-1247-9.

4 Niittynen, Leena, Kajsa Kajander, and Riitta Korpela. “Galacto-oligosaccharides and Bowel Function.” Scandinavian Journal of Food & Nutrition. CoAction Publishing, June 2007. Web. 29 July 2016.

5Yoon SJ, Chu DC, Raj Juneja L. J Clin Biochem Nutr. 2008 Jan; 42():1-7.


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My experience with Prebiothrive.
Customer: Marie Nations

I have had stomach problems for a very long time. I have had many test dome and the same answer every thing is fine. I am on my third container of Prebiothrive and feel better than I have in a very long time.

Customer: Michele

AMAZING STUFF Dr.Gundry and thank you!
Never felt more alive!!!!

Customer: Vicki Allen

Ditto from me on these 5-star reviews, after 2 mornings of using PrebioThrive I've already noticed increased energy & so much less discomfort from gas/bloating/digestive issues, thanks for a great product!

Customer: J.A.

I started taking the Prebiotic on a Sunday and instantaneously I could tell a difference! It curbed my appetite and I have no cravings for sweets nor any other junk food. Thank you so much for your product Dr. Gundry! It will definitely be one of my daily health habits!

No more sugar craving! YES!
Customer: Lisa Godino

I been using prebiothrive for almost a month now and I have no more sugar cravings and I stay fuller long between meals. I am very regular thanks to Dr. Gundry's prebiothrive. I also take primal plants first thing in the morning about 15 or 20 minutes after prebiothrive. I take vital reds later when I eat dinner. I also bought Dr. Gundry's book "The Plant Paradox" great book! I eat very clean but now I eat even cleaner because I have eliminate some foods that I though were clean, like melons in my smoothie, and pea portion powder in my smoothie. In the book it mentions how your nose will start running when you consume certain foods. When I ate these foods my nose would start running instantly! I eliminated them and my nose does not run anymore, I am amazed and a true believer! Buy the book and knowledge your brain! I even lost some pounds. I am a true believer if you want something to work you have to be dedicated and you can not cheat if you cheat you will never be successful. Dr. Gundry thank you for your dedication to great health and your passion to teach us how to live better! WE LOVE YOU!

Customer: Kammi Newberry

I have been using PrebioThrive for almost 3 weeks , My bloating has went away and I'm having a healthy bowl movement everyday now! I just feel better!

Excellent Product
Customer: J

This is my second day taking prebiothrive and the results are fascinating. I have a kot more energy and lot less sugar cravings! Excellent product.

Acid Reflux Cured
Customer: Cindy Ruark

I was very skeptical when I ordered Prebiothrive after almost 20 years of struggling with acid reflux. I took high quality probiotics for years with minimal relief. I had indigestion with every meal no matter if I was careful what I ate. I tried every herb supplement and new product out there with no relief. After watching a presentation by Dr. Gundry, I decided to give Prebiothrive a try. To my amazement after just a few days I no longer struggled with acid reflux. I had lived on antacids and baking soda and vinegar every day for years. I can't thank you enough Dr. Gundry for this amazing product. I will never stop taking Prebiothrive, and I recommend it to all my family and friends.

One scoop in my morning smoothie
Customer: Terri Faultersack

Everyday:) one scoop blended in with my morning smoothie.

Customer: Mattie

As long as I can remember, I have always had a problem with constipation. 2-3 days after I started taking Prebiothrive, I started having daily bowel movements. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels. Thank you Dr. Gundry. Your product worked exactly as you said it would.

Customer: Michelle A

I was not consistent at first but the past 30 days I have been steadfastly taking morning and evening along with following Dr Guidry food pyramid. My indulgences are getting less frequent the better I feel keeping in step with my Gundry regimine. Down 6 pounds and so much easier to say no to grains. Acid reflux has lessened amongst other ailments. Although it is the holidays I have a game plan to stick with it.

Dr Guidry, a question. Is there any downside to treating this product like tea and mixing it with boiling water. ''Tis cold in my neck of the woods and I quite like Prebiothrive warmed up for my morning commute. Will adding boiling water interfere with the desire effect of the product?

Vital Reds and ProBioThrive
Customer: Linda Morrison

I have been taking the above products for 2 1/2 months and I love it. I lost 12 pounds and feel wonderful! I mix the two together every morning and feel great when I get up in the morning. I recommend these products to everyone!!

Great Product
Customer: DrGeorge C Abraham

I take Vital Reds in the morning It is great my blood sugar is in control stays down The is the greatest product under the Sun.Thanks Dr Gundry.

Customer: Mike

I've only been drinking the PreBioThrive for 2 days so the morning before work and then in the afternoon around 4pm or so after work.
My feeling bloated has stopped already and cravings for sugary foods has certainly stopped as well!
I can't tell you how happy I am and how GREAT I feel already!
Have decided to get the PreBioThrive monthly and am SUPER EXCITED about this product and it's benefits for overall health and vitality.
I was skeptical at first to say the least with ALL the products out there that DON'T work!
Thank you Dr. Grundy for your hard work and dedication to helping we humans get our lives back!!

Prebiotic Helped my Acid Reflux
Customer: Kathleen

I have been mixing the Preboitic powder in my water with the Vital Reds for over a month now and my acid reflux has improved immensely.
Also started Dr. Gundry's diet and by not eating the certain foods in his book, my stomach is so much happier.
Glad I found you Dr. Gundry.

Customer: Meg

I took this for 1 month as a trial and really did notice a difference in bloating and my digestive health. I also noted less cravings throughout the day as well as not over eating. I have lost a few pounds as a bonus! Being a cardiac patient your product caught my interest. I want to find out more about your other products.

Customer: Jovonne Newby

I am a senior citizen and was having trouble regulating my intestinal track. It was usually constipation or too loose. I appreciate PREBIOTHRIVE! I feel I can rely on it.

Part of my successful weight loss
Customer: Michael D.

I'm satisfied that it does help reduce cravings for the wrong types of food.

Customer: Ruth

I ordered 3 months of this and I have never felt as much difference in a week and a half as I feel now.

Fantastic Customer Service!
Customer: Mrs. Baker

I watched the video on this product and got excited and ordered a bunch of canisters to take this! Once I received them, I found out that one of the ingredients is derived from milk. I have a milk allergy and even though it's a small amount in the product, I tried it and still had a reaction. I called customer service and Duane went above and beyond by apologizing that the product didn't work out for me then refunded me the entire amount! Outstanding customer service. Prebiothrive itself is high qualitiy product and I'm very sad that I can't take it because I had an amazing level of energy for two days when I tried it! If you have no issues with milk, I highly recommend this product to take every day for increased energy and health!

Great Product
Customer: Georgeann Alexander

I am currently on my second container of PrebioTHRIVE and can't believe the difference. I have IBS and the bloating, gas, etc. have disappeared. Could not be happier with the results. I also use vital reds and mix the two together and drink every morning. Love the energy and overall good feeling that I get everyday by using these products.

My Belly Works!
Customer: David Riley

Before I started Prebiothrive, I Had Diarrhea, Constipation, Unpredictable Bowel movements that made going out or on vacation Very Difficult. After Taking PribioThrive. I have had no Diarrhea or constipation and fairly predictable Bowel Movements, Gone are the Pain and bloating of my previous stomach problems and the Constipation that I suffered before. I recommend the Product Highly!

Very good
Customer: Greg Caldwell

I am very satisfied with the prebiothrive. It has improved my digestive system to where I have more energy. My complexion has increased and I am in a much better mood.

Good product
Customer: D

I am taking this in conjunction with vital reds and heart defense, and feel wonderful. A very good product.

Review for Prebiothrive
Customer: Tracie

I am a fan of PrevioThrive - it is easy to drink - it mixes easily with water - there is no strange texture or taste - it has helped tremendously with my gut issues and I feel much better since I started taking this product.

It is effective
Customer: David Braithwaite

Prebiothrive is a very effective source of fiber. It stabilized my bowel movements to make me more regular. I have yet to take it with a prebiotic.

So far so good
Customer: Christopher Vatter

This product has lived up to all its claims. Feeling better than ever.

Customer: Ken Ballou

Good.. My loose stools have subsided and the gassy bloating has diminished. Feeling more energetic.

Excellent Product!!!
Customer: Diane Fazio

Prebiothrive is an excellent product! I take it every morning mixed in water with Vital Reds. It makes me feel healthy and keeps me on track with a healthy eating plan!

Top Notch Product
Customer: Dianne

Simple to add to our Gundry Plan. We love all the products. Thank you for giving your best.

Customer: David

I feel reduced hunger, better digestion, and less bloated.

Customer: Nancy

So far so great. I really think it helps the probiotics work better. Will reorder!

Customer: Ann Kearns

Good. I often have constipation and stomach aches. PREBIOTHRIVE has minimized both these problems.

Customer: Charles Heckman

I have taken prebiothrive for month and it has helped with my digestive problems.

Customer: Ellen Sherman

I look forward to my PREBIOTHRIVE drink every morning. My partner and I mix it with organic juice. We have just finished our 1st container. I feel very positive about taking PREBIOTHRIVE and have an overall comforting and good feeling. I am happy to add PREBIOTHRIVE to my every day healing foods for a healthy body & life.

Customer: Anita

Ii take prebiothrive every morning and I have zero digestive issues, mega energy and feel great!Fantastic products from GundryMD

Customer: Matthew

My wife and I take PrebioThrive and we find it not only provides energy for the day, but it also helps keep things moving. We love it and combine it each morning with Vital Reds for a great combo.

don't laugh, having a good bm is underrated
Customer: Mary Savage

I am on my second jar of prebiothrive. I am making a shake for myself and my husband every morning, also including vital reds.I had been taking a probiotic from my chiropractor's office, which worked ok, but I have found that the prebiotic sets the stage for good digestion.I'm very satisfied with this product

Customer: John K

We have been using the supplements from Dr. Gundry for more than a month. Our experiences using the products have been excellent and our systems have been operating with far less effort thanks to the PrebioThrive and Plant Paradox recipes. Also, the increase in energy and alertness we've felt from the synergy of combining the supplements have made a positive difference in our lives. To summarize, we have lost weight and feel better. Thank you Dr. Gundry.

Customer: Kara Obana

I have been using the prebiothrive for a month and feel great. I don't feel as bloated as before and have more energy. I mix it in a morning smoothie but have also just added it to water and the taste is surprisingly pleasant.

Customer: Carol Stotts

I've been using Prebiothrive consistently now for about 3 weeks. At first, my stomach bloated a bit (possibly from die off?) but finally, in the past 2 days, it's flat again and I'm feeling healthy on the inside and having fewer sugar cravings. Worth the persistence!

Great Product
Customer: Bill Rathburn

The Gundry Prebiothrive has significantly improved my digestive process. After the first bottle, I am a committed user!Thanks, Dr, Gundry!

Customer: George c watters

A life changer after 3months I can feel the great change in my over all health. Great productsThanks Dr G

PreBio Is a great product !
Customer: Paris Varin

Prebio Thrive works rurally well for me. I don't seem to have a s much indigestion as I had before and I like the fact that it is east to take with water.

Customer: Kelly

This stuff is the best!! My gut bugs can't get enough. It really keeps my system regular.

Customer: Tom

I have lived with constipation problems for some time and that seems to be slowly improving now. I have been taking prebiothrive a short time, but the future looks better.

Customer: Rebecca Glaser

I have never felt better. Regular as clockwork- no stomach bloating or gas- living it

Prebio Thrive
Customer: Bernard W. Merkle

Excellent product. It helps me to feel more healthy and fine every day. People at the gym I go to say I am looking more trim and active. I am feeling happy more often. So far the only problem I have with Prebio Thrive is remembering to take it each morning 30 minutes before I eat my breakfast but I will solve that little problem soon.

Customer: Frederick Kostbar

I've taking Prebithrive now for over a month and never felt better. I take it in the morning with vital reds. Feel great the rest of the day.

Customer: Linda Grat

It took a few days to " kick in" but now I love it. I take it in the morning before the Vital Reds.

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* Every individual is unique. As such, your results can and will vary.


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