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This groundbreaking new formula was created to offset the discomforting effects of lectins (proteins commonly found in plants that make them harder to digest). Lectin foods pervade the typical American diet and it can be difficult to maintain a completely lectin free diet. This is where Lectin Shield comes in. Lectin Shield works to protect your body from a pile-up of lectins and to promote full-body comfort.

  • Supports intestinal health.
  • Blocks dietary lectins.
  • Helps reduce instances of gas and bloating.
  • Helps curb cravings for lectin foods and encourages digestive strength.


The 9 potent ingredients in Lectin Shield bind to and block the plant-proteins, acting together to give your body full anti-lectin support making it easier for you every time you eat lectin foods.

Several of the components found in Lectin Shield do double-duty: Not only do they bind to lectins before they can attach to your body, they also counteract the distressing effects of lectins. Some of the ingredients even have useful antioxidant, anti-fatigue, and antifungal properties.


Simply take two capsules, twice a day, with two of your largest meals. That’s all you have to do to start easing the discomfort of digestion.


I believe Gundry MD Lectin Shield will give you real relief and make a significant difference in your body’s fight against lectins. However, there might be a small number of people who don’t find Lectin Shield as helpful as they’d like.

That’s why every bottle of Lectin Shield is backed by my 90-day guarantee. If, for any reason, you don’t get exactly what you’re looking for from Lectin Shield, just return your bottles, empty or full, for a full refund — no-questions-asked.


Now, let’s look a little closer at each of the 9 ingredients in Lectin Shield and how they work on certain foods containing lectins

N Acetyl D-Glucosamine

N Acetyl D-Glucosamine binds to harmful lectins from wheat.1 Since wheat lectins have been associated with joint problems, this wheat lectin blocker is also a popular ingredient in joint health supplements.2


Bladderwrack, a powerful seaweed, has been shown in studies to bind to dangerous, inflammatory lectins.3 Studies also suggest Bladderwrack has antifungal properties against Candida yeasts.4


D-Mannose is a potent natural compound that binds to specific lectins in legumes, a lectin rich food.5 Research indicates it can also help your body protect itself from infectious bacteria.6

Okra Extract

Okra extract is your source for raw polysaccharide (RPS), a powerful compound that binds to multiple toxic lectins.7 As a concentrated source of polyphenols, okra extract has been shown to have powerful antioxidant and anti-fatigue properties.8

Mucin (Sialic Acid)

Mucin helps to form a slippery protective barrier inside your digestive tract.9 Not to mention, the sialic acid in mucin binds to multiple sources of foods containing lectins, including those found in wheat and several types of berries.10

Sodium Alginate

When you’re dealing with lectin-based digestive problems, sodium alginate can be your best friend. It also acts as a “fecal bulking agent,” which can help make bathroom visits much more pleasant and less frantic.11

Vegetable Peptase

When you eat lectins they inhibit peptidase, an important enzyme your body uses to break down proteins in your food, spelling trouble for your digestive tract.12 So, I’ve included vegetable peptase in Lectin Shield to assist your protein digestion and counteract the digestive effects of lectins.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

I mentioned earlier that foods containing lectins, particularly wheat lectins, have been tied to joint pain.13 MSM has been shown to be a powerful agent for helping to reduce joint pain — especially if you use it in combination with N-Acetyl D Glucosamine above.14

Larch Arabinogalactans

Arabinogalactans have been shown to increase butyrate production in gut bacteria.15 Butyrate nourishes your gut lining, which is your first line of defense against lectins and other harmful substances you unknowingly eat.16

A Note from Dr. Gundry…

I formulated Gundry MD Lectin Shield with these 9 cutting-edge ingredients specifically to…

  • nourish your gut lining (helps prevent “Leaky Gut”)
  • form a protective barrier in your GI tract
  • help make bathroom habits more “regular”
  • help protect against infectious bacteria
  • help your body process protein for energy
  • reduce your overall appetite
  • have anti-fungal properties
  • help relieve joint pain

…and help you get the body you want, the energy you deserve, and the vitality you know is inside – just waiting to break free.

For many years now, understanding the effects of lectin toxicity has been a passion project of mine. I’ve seen the damage lectins have done to my patients firsthand – and I know what’s at stake.

But since I developed this product and began encouraging a lectin free diet, I’ve seen so many patients at my clinic experience incredible breakthroughs in weight loss, heart health, and immune function.

I’d like to let you hear from just a few real Lectin Shield users…

“I have been suffering from…the down spiral of the lack of exercise due to extreme fatigue and chronic pain. Within 2 weeks of using Lectin Shield I have been able to walk 3-4 miles and I have noticed the increase in energy. I almost feel like my overall attitude has changed as well. I can tackle more house chores and don’t have to nap for hours at a time. If this is just cutting the surface to better health down the line, these products will be staples in my home like toilet paper and toothpaste, a necessity not a want.” *
— Christy V.

I haven’t felt this good in maybe 10 years. I wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy, sleep so much better, I have lost 5 lbs (with) no dieting… The past 5 weeks have me feeling incredible. Thank you Dr. Gundry for this super product.” *
— Brian B.

I can tell the difference, if I forget to take (Lectin Shield), my digestive tract is very upset. When I do take it, I feel satisfied and full, no digestive issues. Thank you Dr. Gundry for helping those of us who thought our days of sharing a meal in public was over.” *
— Julie Anne M.

Based on extensive user group data – as well as reviews from hundreds of verified customers – the results are clear…

Lectin Shield helps suppress your appetite,  maintain a lectin free diet, wipe out chronic digestive problems, reduce the feeling of arthritic pain in your joints, and help protect your cardiovascular system from a meltdown.

In fact, Gundry MD Lectin Shield is the most significant medical innovation I’ve developed to date.

I feel very strongly about that, and now I want to put it in your hands.


Supplement Facts

Lectin Shield Supplement Facts

More on Deactivating Lectins

Now, in case you feel you just can’t (or don’t want to) eat a lectin-free diet, there are supplements like Lectin Shield that can help you reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of lectins.

And there are some types of carbohydrates that can actually help you deactivate toxic lectins when they bind together. For instance, because of their precise carbohydrate specificities lectins can actually be blocked by oligosaccharides (a type of carbohydrate whose molecules are composed of a relatively small number of monosaccharide units). This may seem like a contradiction because in other cases when carbs interact with lectins they may cause or increase health issues.17

However, some carbs can bind to toxic lectins without affecting your health negatively. Instead, they can help neutralize the troublesome effects of lectins, rendering them somewhat inactive.18 Then, these carbohydrates bind to the protein, helping prevent it from causing harm or attaching to the cell membrane.

The thing is … as useful as it is to know about these lectin-neutralizing food components, it’s not a truly effective strategy on its own. While some foods and supplements can neutralize some toxic lectins, they can’t completely protect your body from all lectin damage. That’s why a smart diet, in addition to supplements like Lectin Shield, is really the way to go when it comes to trying to deal with lectins head-on.


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Lectin shield
Customer: Nicole

I only use it when I know I'm going to not have too much of a choice with food. And I take it before and I feel great!

Customer: Rauleen weckworth

I think it’s a great product

Lectin Shield is a miracle!!
Customer: Ebenezer Ayoko

I am 21 years old! Even at that age I felt the toxic effects of lectins on my body. I suffered from leaky gut symptoms such as IBS, inflammation, digestive problems, and several other issues. I needed a solution. When I came across Dr. Gundry's Lectin Shield video, my attitude about the foods I ate changed! Lectins are almost everywhere and I immediately seized the opportunity to buy Lectin Shield to prevent myself from having these issues again. The results were life-changing!! I want to continue to have a healthy gut as I continue growing in age and would recommend this product to anyone who are suffering from the same things I suffered. One will never regret buying Lectin Shield! Thank you very much Dr. Gundry for crafting this amazing product. God bless you!

Easily tolerated
Customer: Mark Wexler

Often these types of products can upset the stomach. This has been easily accepted by my body, and gives me peace of mind that I am supporting my overall health.

Woo Hoo for Lectin Shield!
Customer: Emily Roe

I've been using about 30 days and I have noticed that my cravings have been curbed and I am feeling less bloated.

Customer: JeannieRae

I was suffering with lots of indigestion and bloating. I no longer have a problem, as long as I remember to take my Lectin Shield.

Lectin Sheild
Customer: Laura Nelson

I so appreciate the development of this packs a one, two and yes three punch to the issues I’ve suffered trying to recover my gut health. Thank you, Dr Gundry! I shall be eternally grateful to you and your staff. Eating and bathroom engagements are a delight once more. Sincerely, Laura Nelson

Excellent Product
Customer: Jose Blunt

I am allergic to gluten and always have issues with bloating, gas issues but after taking Lectin, I’m starting to feel much better. I highly recommend this excellent product . Thank you Dr. Gundry.

A helpful tool
Customer: Janet Chanski

While I'm following Dr. Gundry's diet and eliminating lectins, it's not always perfect when I'm not the one cooking or controlling the menu. Lectin Shield is a great tool to help me stay well even on the occasion that a few lectins sneak in the meal

What a difference
Customer: Arlene Mar

I can definitely feel the difference in the bloating. Foods that used to make my stomach uncomfortable before no longer have that effect on me.. great stuff

Life Saver
Customer: Laura Bourlon

I have tried over 20 formulations for my gastric distress and finally found one that has releived them all...I feel better than I have in 20 years...THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

Great product
Customer: Judy Wagner

Haven't been taking long but am seeing positive results. My digestive tract seems to be much better and my bowels are back to normal. Hope to see more results as I continue to use it.

felt generally better
Customer: Arlene

Felt generally better with more energy. Prevented gas and bloating quite a bit.

Lectin shield
Customer: Ketty Zuberman

I used it during the Holliday’s right before dinner and I felt great! Not bloated, my husband uses it more often and he is feeling so much better, more energy,
His joints are feeling better! I keep it in my bag as a back up to know that if I’m ever in a situation where I have to eat the wrong food, which I try to avoid, I can count on Lectin Shield for the rescue.

Lectin Shield works
Customer: Kate

Before I found this product my diet consisted of mainly broccoli, sweet potato, fruit and macadamia nuts. I have found Lectin shield to be extremely effective and I have introduced a lot more foods into my diet including eggs, pulses and legumes and sour dough bread. Now I am able to go out to dinner and not be that annoying person who cant eat anything on the menu and I can travel again because I can eat 'normal food' Yeh!!!!
Thank you Dr Gundry

Customer: Johanna Van Vuuren

Since using Lectin Shield, my stomach feels much better. My bowl movements are normal again.

Lectin shield
Customer: Sally leyda

Bloating, and joint pain is reduced and at times eliminated. Thanks for all your support and help in reducing pain and discomfort along with the knowledge I have received from your book

Excellent product!
Customer: Reneè North

Before using Lectin shield I was afraid to eat anything!! My stomach was bloated constantly and gas issues were a huge problem. Now, I take 2 with my two largest meals and I can’t believe what a difference this product has made in my quality of life!! Thank you, you have no idea how happy I am!!

Glad I Tried It
Customer: Gary Seitz

I have not been experiencing bloating and stomach discomfort but I do feel better overall. I can also feel a positive difference in my joints. Trying Lectin Shield and Vital Reds was a good choice for me.

Customer: Mindy kimmel

Thankful to find This product and Dr. Grundy. My digestive tract is in the best shape it’s ever been!

Excellent product Lectin Shield
Customer: William J Rooney

After taking Lectin Shield twice a day with my largest meals I found less bloating, gas, and cravings for lectin foods. I would highly recommend it for the above reasons and my digestive tract steadiness.

A Turning Point...
Customer: Ron

After two months of Irritable Bowel Symptoms, I read Plant Paradox three times. It gave me a new and clear direction which I began to follow to a T I ordered the Lectin Shield, not because I intended to cheat , but because I thought it would be an additional help. My stomach began to settle down as I took two before each meal. I choose the right foods but still take the lectins before each meal. Because I'm continuing to do so well, I consider Lectin Shield as a definite 'Turning Point " for me.

Thank you Dr.Gundry
Customer: Barbara Kunze

I have only been using Lectin Shield for about two weeks and am truly happy with the results. I seem to have more energy and have hardly any gas. What I am particularly thrilled about is that I am no longer craving snacks at 4:00 pm. Those snacks would almost amount to another meal. These days I'm happy with a cup of tea or coffee to tide me over until dinner at 7:00pm. I feel great and have lost a couple of pounds. Thumbs up for Lectin Shield.

Only have used one half bottle and
Customer: James Vannelli

I was suffering from gas, diarrhea, bloating, intestinal pain, bowel accidents, was beginning to be afraid of eating anything.

Symptoms have greatly been reduced.

So Far So Good
Customer: Michael A. Melford

I started with Primal Plants & Vital Reds. The Lectin Shield has really been a great way to solidify my life!

Great Experience
Customer: Susan Rueb

My husband and I have almost finished our first bottles of Lectin Shield. We’ve gone through Christmas and eaten a lot of forbidden foods but have not gained any unwanted weight. We have 7 bottles yet to consume. We love it.

Love it!
Customer: Angela

My digestion has greatly improved which didn’t seem possible. But, the thing that I am overjoyed about is more energy. Thank you Dr. Gundry!

Feeling younger
Customer: Dan Kramer

I have been very active all of my life. When I turned 70 my energy and endurance decreased. In six years my energy level slid from eight hours a day down to three hours a day, after which I was almost completely exhausted. Lately I have been working four or five hours, before I'm tired enough to quit. Lectin Shield has been a daily supplement in my diet for about two months.

Bowel movements are easier and more regular, with a lot less gas.

Lectin Shield
Customer: Lynn Kantor

Started with Primal Plants & Vital Reds. I feel like I’m
16 again! Then I added Prebios Thrive. Wow
Then I added Lectin Shield. This product is the final key to being healthy for me. I’m gluten intolerant and there are so many foods I can’t eat that have no gluten but they have the same effect on me as gluten. It was all about the Lectin! I recommend this product

Lectin Shield
Customer: Gail Smith

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now. I really like the results. I’m usually good about my diet but it was Thanksgiving and I indulged in some foods that in past years have bothered my digestion (bloating, heartburn, stomach woes) and this time I had no problems at all! I take Vital Reds, Primal Plants and Prebiothrive which have improved my life and gut a lot but it took Thanksgiving dinner to showcase how much of a great addition Lectin Shield is to my digestion. I should have “paid” for the food combinations I ate but I didn’t have a problem at all. I’m very glad I tried it! Thanks, Dr. Gundry!

Customer: Barbara Booth

I am taking several products so I'm not sure which is doing what but I am noticing a change in my digestion. I have been very loose but I think things are settling down as my body gets used to the new products. I'm glad to have found something that is actually doing something for me.

Results in a Short Time
Customer: Mark Andrews

I just started on Lectin Shield 2 weeks ago but I've already felt results. I have less gas and better trips to the bathroom. Trying to cut down on tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, rhubarb, beets, mushrooms, asparagus, turnips, cucumbers, pumpkin, sweet peppers, radishes, oranges, lemons and grapefruit but that's hard to do all the time. Lectin Shield protects me when I eat out and can't prepare meals myself

WorkingGreat for Me
Customer: Jane

LECTIN Shield really helps with my digestion. I don't have any more heart burn and I can drink more than 1 cup of coffee again with out any heartburn. It says take 2 a day but most of the time I only take 1 a day and find that it is fine. LECTIN SHIELD AND Vital Reds are the best combo I have found but I haven't tried yet all the supplements yet. Just ordered some more. The Vital Reds & Lectin Shield have made me regular for the first time in my life. I thought something was wrong with my digestive track and had tests but no doctor found any problem. They didn't think about the fact that I have had antibiotics my entire childhood because of ear infections and then Urinary Tract infections after that so more antibiotics. No wonder things didn't work right. It took about 6 weeks before everything worked perfectly. You don't need drugs, you just need to eat the right Gundry diet and take the supplements he recommends in his book. It works!!!! My doctor checked her blood pressure machine because she couldn't believe my blood pressure was like a 20 year old! I just laughed.

Customer: Nne

I just started taking lectin shield yesterday and I already feel the difference. It's almost unbelievable. There's an unbelievable calm in my gut.. Wow. Wow wow. It's all I can say.I encourage anyone who has doubts about this .. give it a try. You've got nothing to lose..

Would buy again!
Customer: James Patrick Cummings

I am taking a number of Gundry products, so it is difficult for me to be certain of which supplement is producing which results. I should be more scientific about this, but I am confident this has helped with digestion and in some of the "cheat" meals that I tend to eat due to travel. I find it helpful when traveling in maintaining normalcy with digestion.

Great Product
Customer: Susan Prince

I give this product 5 stars! I take it before breakfast & dinner & my digestive problems have gone away!

Customer: Dave A Moody

I only had occasional digestive discomfort before I subscribed to Lectin. Now, I don't have any, and I just feel better! It's great!

Customer: Kathleen Ellertson

I have been trying for a long time to heal my gut... I've been off gluten 2+ years, taken probiotics, prebiotics and various enzyme pills. Adding these to my routine seems to have been the missing piece to my puzzle. I will continue to use these at every meal along with my enzymes from now on!!!! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.

Pectin Shield review
Customer: Tim H.

I have been taking Lectin Shield for about 3 weeks. I've noticed I do seem to have less food cravings and regular bathroom trips. I don't know any other way than to say this but softer stool makes things much easier. Tim H.

Lectin Shield - Hope for a Cleaner Digestive Sustem
Customer: Samantha

Taking this supplement gives me convidence that with everything I eat, my digestive system is being attended to in a very positive way.

Lectin Shield:
Customer: Barbara Lewison

Excellent productBetter than any digestive enzymes I've ever triedWould recommend it highly

Worth a spot in daily routine
Customer: Tina

My energy is up with the vital reds and now my digestive tract is moving along at a higher speed as well. Feeling like spring

feeling WELL!!!
Customer: Beverly

I have begun to feel the benefits of the regimen of Vital reds and the Lectin shield. My stamina had lagged and i felt very worn. After about 3 months of these products i am gaining new energy and a general sense of good health!

Lectins shield.
Customer: Danny Williams

I feel lectin shield is a excellent product. It's help me lose weight and feel better 🙂

Good Stuff
Customer: Henry Sanchez

I have been using for about a month and feeling less bloated, so far so good.

Count me as a repeat customer!
Customer: Claudia Green

I was hesitant to try it at first but I could see after only one use that my painful gas and bloating I get after I eat anything or drink even just water was gone! I will definitely order this again!

Lectin Schield
Customer: Bonnie Billlings

Lectin shield has helped me with my digestion and bloating. My body does not respond well to lectins and it is hard today to completely avoid them. This new supplement is able to help me live a normal life.

Customer: Darrell Petersen

Sense I have been using lectin Shield I can see a big difference in my energy level and stamina.I am also loosing weight. Thank you Doctor Gundry.

Lectin Shield
Customer: David Riggs

Lectin Shield tide every thing together for me. My appetite decreased and I have been able to eat foods I had stayed away from because of stomach discomfort. I even believe that Vital Reds are working better with the addition of Lectin Shield and I won't complain about the weight loss.

Lectin shield reduces lectin effects
Customer: Denise

Lectin Shield with meals prevents after effects associated with lectins: pain, etc. Taking this product gives me peace with eating beans, nuts and seeds without side effects. Allows my body to heal.

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* Every individual is unique. As such, your results can and will vary.


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