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Bio Complete 3

Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 237 customer ratings
(237 customer reviews)

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Bio Complete 3

Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 237 customer ratings
(237 customer reviews)

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days. For refunds, contact our customer support team at (800) 852-0477 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions, no hassle.


Bio Complete 3

About 70% of your immune system resides in your gut.1 So taking care of your gut is absolutely key for your overall health. Bio Complete 3 helps support a healthy gut lining with prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics… so you can keep the good stuff in your gut where it belongs, and support a healthy, robust immune system. 

With Bio Complete 3 by your side, you can look forward to noticeable results like:

  • Excess weight — especially belly fat — finally becoming easier to lose
  • Fatigue being replaced by an ABUNDANCE of youthful energy
  • Digestive issues improving dramatically, or vanishing altogether
  • Cravings for unhealthy foods feeling like a distant memory
  • Manufactured in USA / 90-Day Money Back Guarantee / GMP Certified Facility

What’s in Bio Complete 3?

Product Description

I designed this unique 3-pronged blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics to work together to give your gut a major boost. And once these specialized compounds get to work in your body, don’t be surprised to see your digestion greatly improve… along with your energy levels, weight, and overall health.
Bio Complete 3 can help you enjoy:

  • A slimmer waistline
  • Smoother digestion
  • Easier, more regular bathroom visits
  • Reduced cravings for unhealthy “junk foods”
  • And even more energy

* Every individual is unique. As such, your results may vary.


What Are The Main Ingredients In Gundry MD Bio Complete 3?

These are the main ingredients in Bio Complete 3:

  • Tributyrin (as CoreBiome™)
  • Sunfiber®
  • Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)

How safe is Gundry MD Bio Complete 3?

Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 contains only safe, all-natural ingredients. The formula is tested for quality and purity at an independent, 3rd-party facility. However, as a physician, I recommend consulting with your own health care provider before beginning any new program.

How do I use Bio Complete 3?

Simply take two small capsules twice per day, preferably before a meal. Bio Complete 3 has been formulated to be ultra-fast absorbing — so it can go right to work safeguarding your gut — resulting in a boost in energy and health you can truly feel.

It’s important to take your Bio Complete 3 every day on a consistent basis. I take mine every morning before breakfast and again before dinner. This way, my gut is protected 24/7.

How does Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 work?

Bio Complete 3 works to support easier digestion, better weight management, more energy, less cravings, and improved muscle strength by using what I call the “3-Pronged Defense” to gut health:

  1. Boost your probiotic levels, so you have an abundance of good gut bacteria
  2. Boost your prebiotic levels, so your good gut bacteria have the proper fuel to thrive
  3. Boost butyrate (a.k.a. postbiotic) levels, so you can achieve an “ironclad” gut lining (and help alleviate symptoms of “leaky gut,” like low energy and cravings for unhealthy food)

What if it doesn’t work for me? Is there a guarantee?

As a physician, I know that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds. Even though everyone can benefit from the powerful probiotics, prebiotics, and butyrate — known in the medical community as a “postbiotic” — in this formula, I’m aware that results can vary. So, if you’re unsatisfied with this product for any reason whatsoever after a full 90 days of use, I’ll return your money, hassle-free… guaranteed.

When can I expect results?

Most users report feeling noticeably smoother digestion, less cravings, along with an increase in energy, vitality, and muscle strength on their first day of use… usually within the first few hours. However, the most dramatic results were reported after consistent use over the course of 4 weeks and beyond. Please use as directed.

Can I buy Bio Complete 3 anywhere else?

Gundry MD products, including Bio Complete 3, are not sold in retail stores and are not available anywhere else. Please click here for more info.

Bio Complete 3 Customer Reviews

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4.85 out of 5 stars

237 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Clifford McInturff

    5 out of 5 Improvement

    Clifford McInturff

    With Bio Complete 3 I am more regular and with consistent firmer results.

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  2. Amber Cimiotti

    5 out of 5 Best Probiotics I have used

    Amber Cimiotti

    These are the best prebiotic and probiotics I have used. I personally felt the difference in my digestion immediately and became far more regular which is always my top priority. These seemed to have what I was missing. I will definitely continue to use.

    (0) (0)

  3. Lim Wee Kiong

    4 out of 5 More regular bowels

    Lim Wee Kiong

    After taking every morning, I find myself having more regular bowels.

    (0) (0)

  4. Sue

    4 out of 5 Good changes


    After 2 weeks I noticed a big difference in my acid reflux and regularity. Not over night but with time the improvements have been positive and measurable. Good stuff.

    (0) (0)


    5 out of 5 It is very good products.


    Increase in energy and gut health combined with total restore and vital reds. Awesome

    (0) (0)

  6. Amy

    4 out of 5 Regularity!


    I have only been taking bio complete 3 for a week or so and have found I have become seriously regular which in turn makes me feel really well. Looking forward to continuing the journey.

    (0) (0)

  7. Tracie

    5 out of 5 Appetite control


    I love this product because it seems to control my appetite. I’m no longer hungry all the time and have no cravings!

    (0) (0)

  8. Norman Yergen

    5 out of 5 Perfect Pre and Pro Biotic

    Norman Yergen

    This is particularly good at rebuilding the gut biome. I never miss a day of using it.

    (0) (0)

  9. Katy Haren

    5 out of 5 Real Positive Change

    Katy Haren

    My gut has been feeling so much better since I started this, and I believe it boosts my results from the gym too.

    (0) (0)

  10. Derrick

    5 out of 5 Fantastic Product


    Does exactly what it’s supposed to – butyrate levels have been fantastic with this supplement!

    (0) (0)

  11. Linda

    5 out of 5 It works!!!!!


    This product is worth the cost…very effective and it keeps me regular and healthy!

    (0) (0)

  12. Tracy

    5 out of 5 gut support at its best


    this product has made my digestion better and I feel great!

    (0) (0)

  13. Patti

    5 out of 5 Works as promised.


    This supplement effectively improves digestive function, as promised. Very useful for managing intermittent fasting and ketosis.

    (0) (0)

  14. Collette Bailey

    4 out of 5 Bio3

    Collette Bailey

    I have a very poor digestive system […] I have struggled all my life with it. These pills really help! Better than anything a Dr ever gave me. I recommend you try them!

    (0) (0)

  15. Daris Gibbons

    5 out of 5 Improving daily

    Daris Gibbons

    I love that this product covers “all the bases”! Pre-, Pro-, and Postbiotic all in one easy to take form. I am not good about sticking to much more of a routine than just AM & PM taking of supplements. This product fits into my routine […] and made bathroom trips much more normal!

    (0) (0)

  16. Martha Jackson

    5 out of 5 My gut feels great!

    Martha Jackson

    Love this product. Started taking it because had problems with lots of gas and bloating esp. in the evenings. Now I don’t have that problem anymore.

    (0) (0)

  17. Amy Cieslak

    5 out of 5 THE BEST STUFF!!!

    Amy Cieslak

    I’m over-the-moon delighted with my results using Bio Complete 3. I’ve been taking it daily and I’m feeling so much better in my overall health. My digestive system is very pleased, to say the least. I guess my gut buddies are rewarding the rest of me by giving me more spunk & vitality throughout each day to stay on top of living my youthful life. Thank you for this excellent product!!!

    (0) (0)

  18. Brenda Williams

    5 out of 5 Working , even better with Vital Reds

    Brenda Williams

    I have been taking the Bio Complete 3 for several weeks now, feeling a positive difference. Few days ago, I started taking the Bio Complete 3 in the mornings with my breakfast as well as drinking the Vital Reds. I feel this has greatly improved the impact on my gut since Vital Reds also contains Probiotics. I do not buy juices, so the Vital Reds does make a great juice drink and knowing it is working with my Bio Complete 3. I can submit another review on both products when I am further into the time frame of using both products. I do feel MUCH better.

    (0) (0)

  19. Debra Smith

    5 out of 5 Stomach problems improving daily.

    Debra Smith

    Only have had it for three weeks, but I don’t have stomach acid at night when I want to sleep. I am regular now and I have been able to cut down on sweets I do not crave them. I have six months worth of tablets I hope to feel like a new person then. I also use Lectin Shield. I’ll be 70 next year.

    (0) (0)

  20. Brenda Stevenson

    5 out of 5 I believe in Bio Complete 3

    Brenda Stevenson

    After using this product for three weeks, I have definitely noticed some weight loss around my stomach, better consistent bowel movements and more energy. I had reached a plateau In my weight loss plan and just couldn’t loose any more weight. Fasting was not doing the trick either. So I decided to give this product a try and am thrilled with my results. I have lost five pounds in three weeks and still find it hard to believe! I am now increasing my weight bearing exercises since I do seem to have better energy, and now I’m also building muscle and better bone density I hope.

    (0) (0)

  21. Julie Allen

    5 out of 5 Ordered more when finished up first 3 bottles

    Julie Allen

    Already a difference now that I’m back to taking these again. Smoother digestion and my system regular.

    (0) (1)

  22. Lynn Hoover

    5 out of 5

    Lynn Hoover

    I’ve tried a lot of different products but Bio Complete 3 is the BEST! The 2nd day after I started taking it I had no more bloating or gas and I go to the bathroom on a regular basis now, I just love it! Thank you Dr. Gundry for letting me feel normal again. I tell everyone about this!

    (0) (1)

  23. Jen

    5 out of 5 No more bloating


    since I’ve been using this product regularly i dont have the bloating that i used to and far less heart burn

    (0) (1)

  24. Ben Schimm

    5 out of 5

    Ben Schimm

    This product really started working right away! I definitely have enjoyed the results of Bio Complete 3. It has already made a significant difference in my health.

    (0) (1)

  25. Sandra Rife

    5 out of 5 Bio Complete 3

    Sandra Rife

    I feel this product has truly helped my digestive system. I’m less bloated on a daily basis.

    (0) (1)

  26. Park Ranger

    5 out of 5 Big fan

    Park Ranger

    Loving this stuff. Getting results after 3 weeks of use. Energy is up and I can tell my metabolism is getting back to where it should be.

    (1) (1)

  27. Jeanne Douglas

    5 out of 5 Feeling great

    Jeanne Douglas

    I am finding my elimination is now most every morning. I am so thankful.

    (1) (1)

  28. Michael Mora

    5 out of 5 I feel great!

    Michael Mora

    This product has really helped me with digestive issues bloating. I have always eaten on the healthier side but had gut issues. I take it every morning before I have my protein shake. I feel fantastic all day and night.
    Thank You

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    (1) (1)

  29. Adejoke Babatunde

    5 out of 5 Bio Complete 3

    Adejoke Babatunde

    I love, love this product. Makes me be able to use the restroom daily now […] 👍good job doctor Gundry!

    (1) (1)

  30. Margaret Nixon

    5 out of 5 Bio complete 3

    Margaret Nixon

    This product keeps my system regular and my gut healthy […]

    (1) (0)

  31. Teddie

    5 out of 5 I've told everyone


    I love this product. I am trying to do exactly as it asks. I had to share a couple of pills with my Daughter. She loves them too.

    (0) (1)

  32. Olivia Dobbins

    5 out of 5 I can't believe the difference!

    Olivia Dobbins

    It’s incredible! I can’t believe the changes I’m experiencing and how quickly they took effect! My husband and I are both fans for life!

    (1) (1)

  33. boardworks1

    5 out of 5 BIO COMPLETE 3


    It seems to do the trick to keep the gut on a healthy path.

    (0) (1)

  34. Yvonne Hude

    5 out of 5 Bio complete 3 review,

    Yvonne Hude

    I have been using product for about a month now and found that I no longer feel full all the time. Stomach is flatter as well. It also seems that I am losing my craving for sweets. I will continue to purchase this product.

    (1) (1)

  35. Sonya W. Katzen

    5 out of 5 Excellent

    Sonya W. Katzen

    Does exactly what I need it to do. Helps regulate my digestion and I feel better and not so sluggish. I think this product is great.

    (1) (1)

  36. Helen H.

    5 out of 5

    Helen H.

    Excellent product! This is day 12 for me,& i’m already feeling good about taking it.. Will recommend it to my friends & family for sure..

    (1) (1)

  37. Cheryl Southard

    4 out of 5 feeling so much better

    Cheryl Southard

    Have had digestive problems for years. It has cleared up so much that I have reintroduced some of the vegetables and spices I once had to avoid. Feeling much more regulated.

    (1) (1)

  38. William J Powers

    5 out of 5

    William J Powers

    Feeling all the positives you described after just a few weeks of taking it!

    (1) (1)

  39. Irfan Rahim

    5 out of 5

    Irfan Rahim

    Excellent – will recommend to friends

    (1) (1)

  40. Jody

    5 out of 5 Fantastic product!


    Within a few days I could totally tell my gut was changing and becoming healthy.

    (0) (1)

  41. Anna

    5 out of 5


    Would like to say Bio 3 has been everything you promoted! Have been a lot more comfortable and less cravings and more energy! Thank you!

    (0) (1)

  42. Melody Bohlender

    5 out of 5

    Melody Bohlender

    I feel so much better! My gut issues are under control, and I have more energy for the entire day.

    (1) (1)

  43. Deanna McDonald

    5 out of 5 Working great and complete!

    Deanna McDonald

    I recommended it to my neighbor who was having trouble and she stops by each day on her walk to let me know how great she is doing. She keeps saying she is so glad I moved here!

    (1) (1)

  44. Kathy Gladden

    5 out of 5 Bio Complete

    Kathy Gladden

    Love the product . Have taken two bottles and it has helped with my cravings for sweets. I have lost weight. Ordering 3 more bottles.

    (0) (1)

  45. Kathleen Constant

    5 out of 5 Great Product

    Kathleen Constant

    I have great confidence in this product, as in the other 2 products I use from Gundry MD. My digestive system is ‘calmer’, regular and, whilst still ongoing, I can feel that my general wellbeing is greater than before I started using these products. Many thanks!

    (0) (1)

  46. Mike

    5 out of 5 I have seen results


    It has been 3 weeks since I started using Bio Complete 3, I do not feel as bloated and my stomach in flatter than it has been in years.

    (0) (1)

  47. Jessica Cunningham

    5 out of 5 Refreshing

    Jessica Cunningham

    I’m amazed at how my husband & I felt after taking Biocomplete 3

    (0) (1)

  48. Sandra Williams

    5 out of 5

    Sandra Williams

    This product does exactly what is advertised. I feel great every morning.

    (0) (1)

  49. Ralph DeLouis

    5 out of 5 Ralph

    Ralph DeLouis

    Teenage bowels return. I am in my 80s. I can no longer find many teenage parts. This product has returned my gut to the way it used to be. Very normal operation. Thanks Doc,

    (0) (1)

  50. Rosy

    5 out of 5 My gut feels like never before


    I’m gluten and lactose sensitive. Especially with gluten, it’s difficult to be completely away from it. With Bio3 complete, I felt the different in my digestive system instantly! And must I say, it has reduced my apetite for heavier foods which is a plus! God knows how much I love to eat ;D

    (1) (1)

  51. Laura myrphy

    5 out of 5 Very pleased

    Laura myrphy

    I’ve been taking for almost a month now and I can see definite improvements. I’ve always had a sensitive stomach. None of that sense I’ve started, regular and easy vowel movements.

    (1) (1)

  52. Nancy

    5 out of 5


    So far I have been taking it for about two weeks and feel good.

    (1) (1)

  53. Arlonia Jackson

    5 out of 5 Gut issues

    Arlonia Jackson

    I have always had a bad stomach and irregular bowels. Since I have been taking Bio 3 I am feeling great and having regular bowel movements without stomach pain.

    (0) (1)

  54. Jimmy Harrison

    5 out of 5

    Jimmy Harrison

    great stuff!!!!!

    (1) (1)

  55. Bobbie

    5 out of 5 Great product


    Decrease bloating, increase regularity.

    (1) (1)

  56. Harlan mohlre

    5 out of 5 Bio Complete 3

    Harlan mohlre

    Excelente product. Performance is exactly as advertised.

    (1) (1)

  57. D Ray

    5 out of 5 Feeling great after taking Bio Complete 3!

    D Ray

    I was very skeptical and wasn’t expecting the results that were promoted in Dr. Gundry’s video. Since i have been working from home for the last few weeks, I feel more energized than I thought I would, not snacking and feeling full most days of the week. I need to do better with watching sugar intake (it’s in everything!!!) and trying to keep in natural. I do feel better from a gut health standpoint and have noticed less bloating. I am 1/2 way through my 1st bottle and it’s going great so far.

    (0) (1)

  58. Eloise David

    5 out of 5 Finally! Regular! 😍

    Eloise David

    I have tried so many different products without result!

    (0) (1)

  59. CDW

    5 out of 5 Great product and great product line


    I take BC3 along with total restore. Have been on for a month and the biggest difference is the amazing sleep, amazing mornings, combined with amazing natural energy. This truly works, I feel great. I have since purchased vital reds, Calm Probiotic Cream, untox, and botanical cleanser because Dr Gundry gives such great deals often. I always buy in bulk, and try the offering because I know how much he cares and I can feel my health getting better, you can’t fake that feeling of happiness. Thank you !

    (0) (1)

  60. Mabelita

    5 out of 5


    It delivers as promised. I do not have the craving feeling anymore instead I am no so energetic.

    (0) (1)

  61. Dao Pham

    5 out of 5 Good product

    Dao Pham

    It’s almost one month I start taking Bio complete 3, the first thing I notice that it helped my bowels movement, I used to have minor constipation, now it’s gone! I believed that other thing will come after I get regular taking Bio Complete 3. Thank You Doctor Gundy

    (0) (1)

  62. Sally Fitzgerald

    5 out of 5 Bio Complete 3

    Sally Fitzgerald

    This is great took a week for my gut to get used to this but it is working, feeling so much better.

    (1) (1)

  63. Danielle Jean

    5 out of 5

    Danielle Jean

    I like the fact that it combine the 3 together

    (1) (1)

  64. Javierbabel

    5 out of 5 Bio complete 3



    (0) (1)

  65. Sheilla Foster

    5 out of 5 Excellent Product! Thank you Dr. Gundry

    Sheilla Foster

    No more Bloating and no more horrible cramps and gas. Just ordered more

    (0) (1)

  66. Jasley

    5 out of 5 Mvitality


    Great product it gives me energy and it makes me feel better in morning I take it 30 minutes before breakfast I will recommend this product to my friends

    (0) (1)

  67. Beverly

    5 out of 5 Feeling fabulous


    So easy to integrate these easy-to-swallow pills into the morning routine! Bowel movements seem more efficient and complete. Just a better feeling overall. Too soon to really see weight loss but definitely no bloating when some foods are consumed. Thank you for your research!

    (0) (1)

  68. Derrel W Pate

    5 out of 5 Results in less than a week!

    Derrel W Pate

    Very pleased with results. Bowel movement’s are regular and no more bloated stomach.

    (0) (1)

  69. hartraycin81

    5 out of 5 Huge Difference


    Feeling more energetic & stronger after being on this a full month now…won’t be without this product.

    (1) (1)

  70. Barbara Chariot

    5 out of 5 Love this product

    Barbara Chariot

    I am now “regular” in the pooping arena. So happy to have this happening!!

    (0) (1)

  71. Kathleen OBrien

    5 out of 5 Feeling so much better than I thought possible

    Kathleen OBrien

    It is everything he said it would be
    especially my digestive system and brain fog!

    (0) (1)

  72. Lilly Lattimer

    5 out of 5 Bio Complete 3

    Lilly Lattimer

    Great product, Thanks!

    (0) (1)


    5 out of 5 Harolld


    My bowel movement is smooth and regular and I don’t have any side effect!

    (0) (1)

  74. Vanessa

    5 out of 5 Great Product


    My stomach does not hurt anymore. It has made me regular and help with energy.

    (0) (1)

  75. Lin Welsh

    5 out of 5

    Lin Welsh

    Used to wake up feeling BLAH, now mornings are better and I feel like I can get more done.

    (0) (1)