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Spring is one of our favorite seasons. Not just because the sun comes back out to play after a dark, long winter, but because the world seems reborn. All those naked fields start to pop with spring fruits.

And with spring in the air, it’s time to shift from winter foods to spring fruits. Why is it so important to eat fruits in season? For one thing… your body was meant to roll with the seasons, instead of gorging on out of season produce all year long.

It may be hard to imagine, but there was a time when crops were only available within their season. Now, you have access to food any time of year. Getting what you want, when you want it, is convenient, but it’s not the way our digestive system was meant to work.

Fruits in Season During Spring

So, what spring fruits are the best? And are there any out-of-season fruits you can still eat in spring? These questions and more will be answered if you read on.

Obesity affected over 93 million US adults in 2015/2016.1 No doubt, that number has climbed since then. When you eat out-of-season fruits, you’re getting lots of fruit sugars your body was never meant to process.

It’s tough to fill your plate with spring fruits in season given that every fruit is available all year. So, how do you know what fruits in season are on the menu?

Gundry’s Spring Fruits in Season ‘Yes’ List

The following spring fruits in season are healthy and delicious. But they are also meant to be enjoyed in moderation. There’s a reason spring fruits in season are referred to as ‘nature’s candy’.


Apricots are rich in minerals, carbohydrates, and phenolic compounds. The polyphenols in apricots may have strong antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory power.3 All in all, apricots are healthy and can be enjoyed every so often during spring.


Avocados are the rockstars of the spring fruits in season ‘yes’ list. And they’re one of the rare fruits you can enjoy, all year round. Just one half of an avocado provides a healthy dose of dietary fiber. Avocados are also very low in total sugar. And they’re full of potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

Furthermore, avocados help promote healthy blood lipid profiles, and they support cardiovascular health. This is one spring fruit you don’t have to consume in moderation.4

Spring Fruits | Gundry MDGreen Bananas

A ripe banana can be super sweet (and not in a good way). Did you know that one medium-sized yellow banana contains almost 15 grams of sugar?5 When bananas ripen, they lose starch, and when they lose starch, their sugar content grows.

But green bananas haven’t converted their starch to sugar. Their resistant starches feed the good bacteria in your gut. This helps keep your microbiome balanced and healthy.

Lemons and Limes

Nothing says spring like lemons and limes. The bright, fresh flavor and citrus burst can add lightness to any dish. But make sure to use the whole fruit, not just the juice whenever possible. Why? Well, when fruit is squeezed for juice, the fiber and water-soluble vitamins get lost in the procedure.


The phenolics in strawberries can help block the production of free radicals. And they may help increase cell survival, and protect and repair DNA damage.7 So, dig in!

Spring Fruits | Gundry MD

The Spring Fruits Plan

When produce is in the right season, the price can drop because these fruits are in abundance. So, you’ll not only be helping your body, you’ll be keeping your wallet stuffed.

When spring fruits are in season, they can fully express their nutritive value. And they taste better than genetically altered fruits technically out of season. So, enjoy the season and add spring fruits to your plate!

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