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Growing up, I’m sure I drove my mom and dad crazy. Why? Because I asked so many questions… all the time…about everything. Nonetheless, no matter how much I bugged them, they always encouraged my curiosity and desire to learn.

Thanks to them, I never stopped asking questions — and this has helped me understand certain secret dangers to health (like lectins). And that’s why I hope you never stop questioning things, either — be it what I say or any other health professional.

So, right now, I’m going to answer the most recent burning questions you sent in. Let’s get to it!

Now, here are 10 more on-camera answers to important questions, such as how much coffee is too much… or if Vitamin B shots are really beneficial at all… and much more:

1. Are there any starchy foods that are good for me?


2. How much coffee is too much?

3. What do you think about vitamin B shots? I see a lot of people using them for energy.

4. What’s your take of cleanses and juice fasts?

5. Is kombucha any good for you?

6. Are GMOs dangerous?

7. In The Plant Paradox you say going gluten-free changes your gut bacteria… and that it can cause trouble if you have a little gluten later on. Does that mean we should get gluten from time to time?  If so, when?

8. What sweeteners are safe to use when quitting sugar?

9. What chocolates are good?

10. Do I need alkaline water? Alkaline food?