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Let’s face it: we’re not even a week into 2017 and your resolutions are already waning. The good news? You’re not alone. In fact, roughly 92% of people never achieve those well intended New Year’s health goals. That’s why in my newest video, I outline which resolutions to avoid so you’re NOT part of this statistic:

I’m not saying don’t make resolutions at all. It’s great to take stock of your life to improve it—whether that’s quitting unhealthy habits or starting new healthy ones.

I just want to set you up for success for the long-term—instead of resolutions that set you up for failure.

To review, here are the three WORST resolutions and what to do instead:

1. DON’T Join a Gym

If you don’t already go to the gym, don’t start. You won’t stick with it if it feels like a chore. My solution to getting more exercise? I give patients a prescription to go get a dog from the pound. You’ll save a dog’s life and they’ll save yours.

2. DON’T try to get the weight off fast

Long-term weight loss happens by developing new habits—not just trying a new diet. My motto: Weight off fast will never last. Weight off slow, you’re good to go. Follow this healthy weight loss guideline: 1 pound a week, can’t be beat. No more than 50 pounds per year.

3. DON’T make specific weight loss goals

“My goal is to lose 20 pounds.” Great, but what then? The goal should not be “lose weight.” The goal should be incorporating an activity you enjoy into your daily routine and choosing more leafy greens and less processed food. Think big! It’s the journey, not the goal.

Bonus: below are three simple behaviors that can really alter your health, attitude and even help you lose weight. And they are pretty easy to do… all it requires is a little bit of practice to make them part of your daily routine.

Three habits to do for a seriously NEW you in the new year:

Attitude of Gratitude

Ever been around someone that whatever you do never seems to be enough? It’s a drag. Conversely, people that are thankful for all that they have are usually pleasant and positive. Like working out, gratitude is also a muscle that needs to be ‘exercised’. To do this, start your day by writing down at least 10 things your grateful for. This could be a person that’s meaningful, a possession you love or even something basic—like toilet paper—that makes your life better. Did you know by being happier (this equates to gratitude) can even make your spouse healthier? True story. Appreciate what you have. It’s a wonderful mindset for propagating health and well-being.


Being mindful in your every day life can have huge payoffs. A few simple ways to improve being present include: when you eat, chew slowly and pay attention to the texture and flavors of the experience; when performing menial tasks, such as doing laundry or driving to work, focus on the task at hand, observing the sights and smells of the moment; and incorporate a short meditation practice, like 5-15 minutes, where you practice being present by listening to your breath and gently dismissing rabbit trail thoughts when they arise. When you’re mindful, appreciating life’s simple joys comes naturally. Plus, you’ll eat less (and lose weight) because you’ll be in tune with your body’s “I’m full” signals.

Enjoy the Ride

Carve a little time in your day—it can be five minutes or an hour, whatever works—to do something you enjoy. It can be as simple as listening to music, painting, playing with your dog, reading a good book, gardening or being in nature. Mark it on your calendar and do it every day. You’ll feel more inspired to make the right health choices, such as eating better and exercising.

Happiest and healthiest new year to you and yours.

Always looking out for you,


Steven R. Gundry

P.S. Inspired to try these life-changing tips? Please leave your feedback below in the “Comments” section on how it affected your life.