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A Letter From

Dr. Steven Gundry

Hello, my name is Dr. Steven Gundry – founder of Gundry MD. If you’re interested in feeling more vital energy, getting your body into shape, and giving yourself the best possible chance at a long and happy life… I’d like to assure you: You are in the right place.

I founded Gundry MD with one mission: To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through my unique vision of diet and nutrition.

I believe I’ve discovered some unconventional truths about human nutrition. The Gundry MD philosophy is a radical departure from the traditional dietary “wisdom” which has failed so many Americans over the past few decades.

My research may offer a breakthrough for those of you who have struggled for years with your energy levels, your body, and your health. If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked… I’d like to offer you HOPE.

Dr. Steven Gundry, founder of Gundry MD

Dr. Steven Gundry: cardiac surgeon, medical innovator, author, and the mind behind Gundry MD.

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Vital Reds

This revolutionary formula combines the power of 34 polyphenol-rich superfruits with dozens of natural fat-burning ingredients…

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Total Restore

This potent formula is designed to help your body naturally combat “leaky gut.” Because leaky gut can lead to fatigue, digestive discomfort, and weight issues…

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ProPlant Complete Shake

Protein is essential to living a strong, healthy life at any age. But not all protein is created equal. So it’s crucial you get the right protein… and now you can with ProPlant Complete Shake.

The path to Gundry MD…

This is why, in 2002, I left my former position at California’s Loma Linda University Medical Center, and founded The Center for Restorative Medicine. I have spent the last 14 years studying the human microbiome – and developing the principles of Holobiotics that have since changed the lives of countless men and women.

My center – based in Palm Springs, CA – is devoted to teaching patients how to live healthier lives through diet and lifestyle choices. My ultimate vision is to help them avoid the kind of surgeries I performed for over three decades.

And the rest of the medical world is still catching up.

It took me over 30 years of working with the toughest cases to make these new discoveries. I created Dr Gundry MD to share them with you.

You see, while I’m able to serve a few hundred patients a year at my medical centers, I know my reach is limited. In fact, I currently have a 6-month waiting list for those who wish to see me in Palm Springs.

While I love seeing patients, I knew I could also help more people by providing small, easy steps that anyone could take to improve their health at home. You don’t have to wait even one week to take advantage of these simple discoveries that have been life-changing for many others.

With that said, welcome to Gundry MD! I’m honored to have you here, and it is my pleasure to guide you toward a healthier, fitter, and happier future.

Steven Gundry, MD
Steven Gundry, MD

Center for Restorative Medicine | Founder, Gundry MD

Gundry MD Reviews

The best of the best!

5 out of 5

I use several Gundry products including Total Restore, Vital Reds every morning I love the Polyphenol olive oil & put it on just about all vegetables including popcorn! Another of my favorites is dark spot diminisher: It works even on my 82 year-old face!! I trust Dr. Steven Gundry’s research & I benefit from his medical expertise in many ways.


Oct 16 2020  

A Brand I Trust

5 out of 5

In this day of influencers being paid to give positive reviews, Dr Gundry’s products stand on their own. The very best out there can be found on I trust Dr Gundry. I love his products.


Oct 16 2020  

Amazing product and customer service

5 out of 5

I have tried 4 products so far and the fifth one is on his way. I have tried a lots of different brands before but nothing as good as Dr Gundry. I live in northern Canada where climat condition can be very extreme and your supplements are a blessing to me .


Oct 15 2020  


5 out of 5

As a wheelchair bound 55y/o male, proper digestion is important. This, along with proper eating habits, has enabled me to enjoy meals without feeling worn out afterwards as it synergistically works with my other suppliments.


Oct 30 2020  

Ran Out!

5 out of 5

I’ve been taking Bio Complete 3 for several months and noticed so many positive results; clear skin, less water retention, regularity, better sleep, less overall fatigue, less joint pain, less cravings, etc. Then, I ran out. Oh, what a mistake. I miss this product every day and am so anxious to receive my order. I’m now on the subscription plan. Great stuff, well done Dr. Gundry!


Oct 30 2020  

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