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Record and Submit a video below telling us how much Gundry MD has changed your life. What product are you using? How often do you use it? What effects have you had from it?

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1) Click “Record Video.”

2) Click “Allow” in the new window, then click the “Close” button.
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3) On the next screen, click “Allow” to access your camera and microphone. Then, press “Continue” and you’ll see a video screen appear.

4) Click the “Record” button [img] to start recording. Then, click the same button to stop when you’re done. Press the “Play” button [img] if you’d like to watch your video… and if you’d like to re-record it, simply press the “Record” button and start over!

5) When you’re satisfied with your video, click the “Save” button [img] to send it to our private servers.

By submitting a video, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and give Gundry MD permission to use your video in the future for marketing purposes. 

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