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It’s not just a new year, it’s a new decade. How refreshing to press reset, right? In an attempt to help you prep for your healthiest decade yet, let’s revisit the top 5 blogs of 2019 for GundryMD.

Make sure you share these blogs with your family, friends, and loved ones. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is easier when those you spend most of your time with are also onboard. These blogs offer up some great information to help you on your path to longevity and wellness.

Dr. Gundry is always looking out for you. Be on the lookout for new fantastic blogs in 2020 and beyond. Read on to get more of your favorite Gundry Diet tips and factoids. And have a wonderfully happy new year.

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The Top Blog Posts of 2019

1. Dr. Gundry Diet Foods (a print-friendly list) — It’s hard to know where to spend your hard-earned cash when you’re seeking the healthiest solutions to eating right. But you don’t need to throw money at packaged “diet” foods, shakes, and pills. Instead, focus on truly healthy choices like whole, lectin-free foods. Read this in-depth blog to discover more about how to succeed with a lectin-free diet.lectin-free food

2. 5 Ways to Reduce or Remove Lectins From Your Favorite Foods — When you’re used to eating lectin-heavy foods, it can be a struggle to cut them out (at first). However, there are some tried-and-true ways to remove or at least reduce your lectin intake. Of course, you want to avoid lectin foods as much as you can – but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get used to living lectin-free and reduce or remove lectins in certain foods. Check out this great blog from 2019 to learn how to cut your lectin intake.

3. 7 High Sugar Fruits To Ban (Plus, Which Fruits To Eat Instead) — There are no hard-and-fast rules in life. Take the “rule” that all fruits are good for you. You’ve heard it your whole life. But the truth is, not every fruit is healthy. And not every fruit contains the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Some fruits can actually be quite dangerous for you because of their high sugar and lectin content. Sugar is sugar, plain and simple. That’s why some high sugar fruits are on the Dr. Gundry Killer Fruit List. Read here to find out which fruits to avoid.

4. A Comprehensive List of “Deadly” Nightshades — Nightshades. The word sounds like something from science fiction. But they’re real. Nightshade vegetables are not only mysterious, but they can be quite a danger to your health. High-lectin foods on the nightshades vegetable list might seem harmless, but some can lead to serious health concerns like digestive issues, dry mouth, vomiting and more. To learn which veggies are on the nightshades list, visit this blog article.


5. Is Wheatgrass Really Good For You?Why does it smell like a soccer field or like the gardener has just cut your lawn whenever you enter a smoothie joint? It’s clearly that cookie sheet in the corner with actual lawn on it. But just because it’s for sale in a “health food” store doesn’t mean you should buy it. Take a look at this article from 2019 again to learn why wheatgrass isn’t the healthy choice it’s cracked up to be.


Dr. Gundry’s Top Blogs of 2019: Looking Forward

Now that you’ve revisited these topics, you’re better prepared to conquer your health and wellness goals in the next decade.

Remember to be mindful of your diet. Avoid high-sugar foods and try to reduce your lectin intake at all costs. Do your due diligence to find out which staples in your diet you should have more of and which staples you’ll need to kick to the curb.

You can reinvent your dietary lifestyle in 2020 — and you can maintain your healthier diet by joining the GundryMD community and forging ahead through the new decade with better dietary practices. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to better protect yourself and your loved ones for years to come. Here’s to your health in the new year.