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In Dr. Steven Gundry’s diet plan, he provides a shopping list and recipes for a variety of healthy ingredients. But, not all may be familiar or readily available at your local supermarket. Really, where does one find avocado mayo or cassava flour?

Thanks to the convenience of online retailers such as our friends at Thrive Market, you can find and buy them at the click of a button. That’s why Dr. Gundry has curated a special shopping list with some of his favorite products he recommends to use in the book, see details below:

thrive market | Gundry

Thrive Market and Dr. Gundry have teamed up to share with you his favorite products (with the added bonus of 20% off of your first purchase sitewide and free shipping!)

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Never heard of Thrive Market? Well, they are like the online version of Costco for healthy foods— which translates to serious savings for you. Thrive Market has been a leader in making healthy and organic food choices more accessible to the public at prices that are not only affordable but a great value for the quality of product you receive. Thrive pride themselves on providing only the best in nontoxic, GMO-free food, home, and body care products to you and your family delivered right to your door!

Still need some inspiration?

Read about the Dr. Gundry diet to learn about approved foods. Here are some simple recipes that Dr. Gundry has demonstrated in the kitchen from his new book! Watch now:
High-Protein Metabolic Muffins
Good for You Pad Thai