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Are Avocados High In Lectins? No Way!

are avocados high in lectins

There’s a fruit out there that is so special, so good for you, that Dr. Gundry actually wants to encourage you to eat it every single day. And it tastes so good and buttery — you’re guaranteed to never get sick of it. It’s the avocado. But are avocados high in lectins? Absolutely not! You’ve […]

Why Should You Eat Avocado Every Day? Health Benefits Of This Delicious Fruit

avocados growing on tree

It is true that when you practice Dr. Gundry’s diet you’ll want to indulge in fruit only when it’s in season and only in moderation. But, there’s one superfood that’s an exception to those rules. It’s the avocado… and you can enjoy an avocado every single day. But why is this fruit an exception? Well, […]

Avocado Oil Health Benefits: Why Use Avocado Oil?

avocado oil

The avocado might just be one of the best foods on the planet. Of course, the avocados are buttery, smooth and tasty — and a great lectin-free addition to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s only right that the oil made from these sugar-free fruits would have amazing health properties as well. Avocado oil is […]

Different Types Of Super Mushrooms And Their Benefits

super mushrooms

You put them in your salads. You sauté them and put them on burgers. Sometimes, as in the case of portobello mushrooms, they can even replace burgers. But many mushrooms aren’t just tasty — they’re also superfoods. For instance, do you know about Chaga mushroom benefits? You can already find them as ingredients in some […]

Are Acai Bowls Helping You Lose Weight? Here’s Why the Answer is ‘No’

You eat only foods from the Earth or foods labeled “healthy”. You get good exercise and plenty of rest. You maintain a nutritious regimen and make wellness a priority, yet you aren’t happy with your weight loss results. Does this sound like you? It’s not your fault. As long as there’s just one ingredient with […]

Chaga Mushroom – Benefits That You Must Know

chaga mushroom side effects

The Chaga mushroom is a much sought-after nutritional powerhouse, used in everything from teas to tinctures. This more than makes up for this fungi’s rather unusual facade. But are there any Chaga mushroom side effects you should be aware of? Let’s take a closer look at this “monarch” of mycelium fungus – its incredible health […]

Ginseng Uses – What It Is and What It’s Good For

ginseng uses

You’ve heard about this tuber before, but what exactly is ginseng? Where does it come from, and what are the benefits of ginseng? And what are the best ginseng uses? This root is used to help fatigue, stress, and it may help to improve your lifestyle. And if you are, in fact, looking to learn […]

7 Best Foods for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails


When you think about how to get healthy hair, is diet the first thing that you think of? Or do you jump right to shampoo, conditioner, or hair supplements, like biotin, instead? The health of your skin, hair, and nails doesn’t solely rely on the products you use. Your diet and nutrition play a major […]

6 Amazing Benefits of Avocado Oil

6 benefits avocado oil

Is there anything more delicious to throw on a meal than a freshly sliced, creamy avocado? They’re the one fruit that Dr. Gundry says you can eat with abandon. In fact, he says, “Eat one every day!” You simply can’t go wrong with avocados. Then, there’s avocado oil. Avocado oil isn’t quite as popular as […]

Dr. Gundry’s Vegan Raw Mushroom Soup Recipe

Raw Mushroom Soup

Spring’s around the corner, but it’s not quite here yet. Which means you can keep having those warming comfort foods. When it’s cold and blustery out, the yummiest comfort foods are piping hot and hearty. And that’s why Dr. Gundry’s Raw Mushroom Soup makes it to the top of the list. And mushrooms aren’t just […]

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