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The Healthy Coffee Alternative: Golden Milk Latte Recipe

Many of us look forward to the daily coffee shop detour on the way to work for that addictive caramel mocha. But the truth is, the most delicious pick-me-up beverages are also the most sugar-filled and lack any nutritional benefit. Did you know on average, coffee drinks can have up to 500 calories per drink? That’s […]

Gluten Free Muffin You Make In The Microwave [90 secs]

Gluten Free Muffin

It wouldn’t be Christmas without plenty of homemade baked goods. But the question is, how can you eat baked goods and NOT gain weight or get a horrible sugar hangover? You do it the Gundry way. That means making a few easy swaps to your holiday treats: Remember, even ‘healthy’ whole grain flour is full of […]

Dr. Gundry’s Better than Nutella Cookie Recipe

Nutella cookie recipe

Unlike conventional Nutella, this recipe isn’t loaded with sugar, soy, and unhealthy palm oil. Instead, it’s rich in protein, high in polyphenols, and PACKED with flavor. Even better – Dr. Gundry’s “better than Nutella” treats are incredibly easy to make. Dr. Gundry’s Chocolate Hazelnut “Better Than Nutella” Cookies Ingredients (makes 12-14 cookies): Instructions: P.S. Do you […]

The 5-Minute Heart Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Just in time for Halloween, October 27th is National Chocolate Day! I know, who makes up these holidays? But, who can argue with a good excuse to eat chocolate. And what better way to celebrate than with a healthy dark chocolate pudding recipe. And if you’re a regular reader of Dr. Gundry’s blog, you already […]

Dark Chocolate Polyphenols Boost Heart, Brain & Skin Health

Dark Chocolate

Let’s say you’re in the mood for something indulgent, but you don’t want to destroy your diet. My suggestion? Eat dark chocolate… and if anyone gives you grief, tell them a doctor told you to do it! I’m not kidding. In moderation, dark chocolate is a fantastic addition to your diet. In fact, it’s so […]

More Bitter, More Better (You’ll love these greens!)

Bitter Greens

If there’s one thing I can’t recommend enough to my patients, it’s leafy bitter greens like kale, swiss chard, and collard greens. In fact, one of my favorite expressions is: “More bitter, more better.” The dark green bitterness in these vegetables contain amazing levels of polyphenols which, as you know, give you long-lasting energy, improve your digestion & […]

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