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Your Guide to In-Season Fruits

There’s nothing like wandering the local farmers market and discovering all the seasonal produce. The beautiful and fresh fruits in season are tempting. Whether you love ripe persimmons or tempting tomatoes… the colors of seasonal produce can entice. But not all fruits are good for you. In fact, some can be quite harmful. So, how […]

Break Down of Polyphenols: What Are They & What Do They Do?


If you’ve been doing any research into the health benefits of different foods lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen quite a few articles on polyphenols. But what are they exactly, and why should you care? Should you eat foods with polyphenols? Let’s take a look at these incredible substances, their potential health benefits, and […]

The Benefits of Oleuropein (another reason to love olives!)


Chances are, you’ve heard of the Mediterranean diet, which proponents say can help reduce the risk of a wide variety of ailments. One of the staples of this diet is olive oil, which comes from the olive leaf. Turns out, the active compound found in olive leaf extract, known as oleuropein, has been associated with […]

Suffering From Low Energy? You May Be Deficient in These 3 Nutrients

Low Energy

Fatigue and low energy … we all know the feeling a little too well these days. The struggle to get out of bed, get moving, get your work done, get to the gym, play with your kids, meet up with friends … it’s easy to blame yourself for feeling overwhelmed. And for some people, the […]

What is the Best Olive Oil for Maximum Health Benefits?

extra virgin olive oil

Not all olive oils are the same, believe it or not. And not only do you want to find the best olive oil possible – for the best price, of course. After all, it can get pretty expensive. Of course, it’s worth splurging a little – after all, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is an amazing […]

How to Kick-Start a Lectin-free Diet (the 3-day detox)

how to start lectin free diet

You know, it’s not uncommon for people to decide it’s time to make a change – things like spending less, cleaning up, or eating right – and then put off starting until tomorrow … The truth is, the sooner you start the Dr. Gundry diet, the better. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve said […]

Okra Extract: A Powerful Polyphenol & Lectin Blocker

okra extract

Recently, I shared my soon-to-be-famous Okra Chip recipe with you. But, I wanted to take another opportunity to talk to you about why I love okra so much. And I want to go into a little bit of depth on why okra (and especially okra extract) is so good for you…. Okra 101 Now, okra […]

Eat These Good Fats (your guide to bad vs healthy fats)

It really is the fight of the century: is a high-fat diet healthy… or is it making you fat? If you’ve seen the Plant Paradox YES and NO lists, you know that there’s no simple answer – there are fats and oils on both sides of the fence. The YES list consists of a great […]

The Definitive Polyphenol Guide by Dr. Steven Gundry

About Polyphenols

What are Polyphenols | Health Benefits | Types | Sources | Studies If you’ve been researching the latest discoveries when it comes to longevity, healthy foods, and taking care of yourself, then you’ve likely seen the word “polyphenol” a lot lately. So, if you’re interested in learning more about polyphenols, you’ve come to the right […]

Coffee Fruit: What Is It And What You Should Know

coffee fruit

They say everyone has a weakness. One vice that is just too tempting to give up. For some, it’s sweets. For others, it’s a perfectly cooked steak. And, people wrack their brains for years trying to figure out how to give up the thing they love so much. But, what if there was a common […]

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