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The Truth About Lectins In Rice: Does Rice Have Lectins?

lectins in rice

There are quite a few reasons rice has become such a popular dietary staple throughout the centuries. Rice may seem to complement every different flavor, vegetable, and animal product, but, whether you’re cooking wild rice, white rice, or any other variety, there’s something you should know — There are loads of dangerous plant lectins in […]

Gundry’s List Of Mean Green High Protein Vegetables

high protein vegetables

As you may know by now, Dr. Gundry spent many years as Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University. The school is a Seventh Day Adventist institution. The staff was encouraged to follow a vegetarian regimen while working in order to honor the school’s beliefs. It was there he became well-versed in recipes that […]

Is The Impossible Burger Healthy Or Not?

is the impossible burger healthy

If you pay attention to health and nutrition, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the food industry’s latest answer to a burger replacement. It’s the Impossible burger. It’s also known as the “beyond” burger. But should cows rejoice at the substitute for their meat? Not quite yet. This fast food experiment shows that we need […]

Gluten Free Muffin You Make In The Microwave [90 secs]

Gluten Free Muffin

It wouldn’t be Christmas without plenty of homemade baked goods. But the question is, how can you eat baked goods and NOT gain weight or get a horrible sugar hangover? You do it the Gundry way. That means making a few easy swaps to your holiday treats: Remember, even ‘healthy’ whole grain flour is full of […]

Dr. Gundry’s Better than Nutella Cookie Recipe

Nutella cookie recipe

Unlike conventional Nutella, this recipe isn’t loaded with sugar, soy, and unhealthy palm oil. Instead, it’s rich in protein, high in polyphenols, and PACKED with flavor. Even better – Dr. Gundry’s “better than Nutella” treats are incredibly easy to make. Dr. Gundry’s Chocolate Hazelnut “Better Than Nutella” Cookies Ingredients (makes 12-14 cookies): Instructions: P.S. Do you […]

Appetizing & Easy Creamed Spinach Recipe (The Gundry Way)

Creamed spinach recipe

Creamed spinach is a holiday staple, and with good reason – it’s versatile. You can use it as a side dish with meat, but honestly, it’s great as a vegetarian entree, as well. So what makes Dr. Gundry’s not-so-creamed spinach so great for your waistline AND your tastebuds? Well, typically, creamed spinach is packed with […]

Dr. Gundry’s Delicious (Gluten-Free) Sugar Cookie Recipe

gluten free sugar cookie recipe

Now, you probably already know – traditional Christmas cookies are terrible for your gut…and your waistline. But, missing out on Christmas cookies is no fun! Which is exactly why you should try this incredible lectin-free sugar cookie recipe – the Gundry way. They’ve got the same classic flavors as Christmas cookies – citrus zest and […]

Dr. Gundry’s Ultimate Holiday Diet Tip (Easy AND Affordable)

Holiday Diet Tip

It’s shocking, but true: The average American gains 5 lbs over the 7-week holiday season! But that doesn’t have to be your story. To balance out this staggering statistic, Dr. gundry gives his patients (and himself) a challenge to do just the opposite: LOSE 5 lbs during the holiday season. Now, this can be tricky. […]

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