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Infrared Sauna Benefits for Health and Well-Being

Infrared Sauna

If you’ve experienced saunas, you know they’re a sweaty, relaxing way to loosen your muscles. But have you ever heard of an infrared sauna? Infrared sauna benefits are being hailed as much more vast than those of the plain old sauna – and they’re a lot less sweaty. What is an Infrared Sauna? An infrared […]

Baking Soda Could Help Ease Joint Discomfort Symptoms, Study Finds

Baking Soda

Baking soda has long been a home staple, with multiple uses, such as helping to ease symptoms associated with acid reflux and heartburn. But new research suggests baking soda might also help people suffering joint issues. Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University believe baking soda may help with these health issues […]

The Benefits of Oleuropein (another reason to love olives!)


Chances are, you’ve heard of the Mediterranean diet, which proponents say can help reduce the risk of a wide variety of ailments. One of the staples of this diet is olive oil, which comes from the olive leaf. Turns out, the active compound found in olive leaf extract, known as oleuropein, has been associated with […]

L-Ornithine Benefits – Liver Detox, Muscle Strength and More

l-ornithine detox

L-Ornithine isn’t necessarily a household name – it’s one of those things most people have never heard of. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Let’s take a closer look at l-ornithine benefits: L-Ornithine 101 So, for starters, it’s an amino acid. And amino acids are the building blocks that make up protein. Basically, your […]

The Vitamin You Need to Load Up On…Right Now!

Your body needs Vitamin D. You see, between low direct sun exposure (plus, use of sunscreen), poor nutrition in much of the foods that are available, and a number of other environmental factors… A large percentage of the U.S. population is currently deficient in Vitamin D.1 Vitamin D plays a key role in your immune system’s […]

Olive Leaf Extract: 6 Reasons Why This is Essential

Olive leaf extract contains a molecule known as oleuropein that has been shown to provide a wealth of benefits for the body, such as protecting brain tissue, potentially lowering blood pressure as well as LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and many others.1 Olive oil is a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and is also known to […]

The Healthy Coffee Alternative: Golden Milk Latte Recipe

Many of us look forward to the daily coffee shop detour on the way to work for that addictive caramel mocha. But the truth is, the most delicious pick-me-up beverages are also the most sugar-filled and lack any nutritional benefit. Did you know on average, coffee drinks can have up to 500 calories per drink? That’s […]

Appetizing & Easy Creamed Spinach Recipe (The Gundry Way)

Creamed spinach recipe

Creamed spinach is a holiday staple, and with good reason – it’s versatile. You can use it as a side dish with meat, but honestly, it’s great as a vegetarian entree, as well. So what makes Dr. Gundry’s not-so-creamed spinach so great for your waistline AND your tastebuds? Well, typically, creamed spinach is packed with […]

Turmeric: One of World’s Most Powerful Health-Boosting Herbs

If you’ve ever dug into a warm curry dish at an Indian restaurant, you’ve eaten turmeric.1 Turmeric, also known as turmeric rhizome, is the spice that gives curry its yellow color, and has been used in cooking for thousands of years.2 But it’s more than a vibrantly colored spice – it’s a nutritional powerhouse. In […]

Love Soda? Try Dr. Gundry’s Healthy Soda Recipe (Only 2 Ingredients!)

If you’re craving soda or if you just want a break from water, this is the perfect healthy soda alternative for you. It has the fizzy kick of soda without all the toxic sugar or artificial sweeteners. In fact, this special “soda” is packed with two key nutrients you need to be getting in your […]

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