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How To Make Tomatoes Safer To Eat

how to deseed tomatoes

It’s easy to learn how to deseed tomatoes. By doing so, you can avoid harmful proteins called lectins. These are components found in many plants that act as a sort of a self-defense mechanism.1 In tomatoes, the skin and seeds contain the most lectins. However, if you want to avoid a tomato all together for […]

Can a Low-Gluten Diet Change Your Gut Flora?


If you suffer from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, you probably know that following a low-gluten or a gluten-free diet can help ease your symptoms. But a new study suggests that a low-gluten diet may also have benefits for healthy adults – those who don’t have any gluten issues at all. In the study, Danish […]

What Are Lectins? Brushing Up on These Plant Proteins

What are lectins

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you are most likely familiar with dangerous lectins. They’re a key factor in a Gundry approved diet. But even with all this talk of lectins, like which foods have them and which foods are safe from them, you may wonder what are lectins, not knowing what they […]

Smart Plants: (Another Reason) Why You Shouldn’t Eat Tomatoes

Smart Plants

Scientists have spent years marveling over the smarts of certain animals on our planet (and they are smart!). But much less attention has been put on how smart plants are. Now, it might seem a little strange to talk about “smart plants” – they don’t have brains, right? But let‘s not forget that plants are […]

What Are Nightshades (and why you should avoid them)


If you’re an avid follower of the “Gundry Way”, you already know Dr. Gundry doesn’t approve of nightshade fruits and vegetables on his eating program. This is because they are high in proteins known as lectins. Along with legumes and traditional grains, these lectin-rich foods can be disastrous for your gut. But what is a […]

Chicken: The Least Healthy White Meat (and a better alternative)

Think about it – boneless, skinless chicken breast. Since the 80s, it’s been the go-to protein of dieters. It’s low in calories. It’s low in fat. But to be honest, it’s also low in flavor. And most commercially available chicken in the United States IS actually quite high in 2 things – 1. Lectins 2. […]

Why Do Beans Give You Gas? (new study explains why)

Red Beans and Rice

Lectins wreak havoc on your body and can cause serious discomfort… in fact, some would say they’re downright poisonous. But chances are, unless you’re a follower of the Plant Paradox plan, you’re eating a pretty large number of lectins. After all, they’re a group of proteins found in several plant-based foods, like legumes, nightshade veggies […]

5 Ways Your Body Deals with Lectins Naturally


Lectins are the proteins that force carbs and sugars to clump together. Sure, they’re found all over the vegetable kingdom, but they’re a plant’s greatest defense against us – and they’re toxic. Nightshade vegetables are a good example. You can learn more about the number one question: why are lectins bad for you. When you ingest […]

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