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5 Ways to Remove Lectins From Your Favorite Foods

How to remove lectins and enjoy lectin-free food

Let’s be honest – it can be hard to cut out lectin-heavy foods from your diet entirely… especially if we’re talking about dietary stables you depend on. Now, you should try to avoid lectin-rich foods as much as possible – but if that’s not an option for you, there are a few things you can […]

Does Peanut Butter Have Lectins? YES, It Does!

does peanut butter have lectins

Let’s not beat around the peanut bush: unless you’re allergic to this particular nut butter, you may be one of the many people who love peanut butter. It’s a staple of the Western diet. If you’re like so many others, you were probably sent to school every day with a helping of peanut butter spread […]

Dr. Gundry Diet Food List: A Comprehensive Lectin-free Diet Plan


Article Updated: March 1, 2024 It’s an exciting time to be health-conscious. For decades, the health food industry fooled you into eating special “diet” food products that are actually loaded with sugar. They advocated for you to add dangerous lectin-filled foods to your diet and even told you to pursue a “low-fat” (albeit heavily processed) […]

Dr. Gundry’s Citrus Fennel “Winter Salad” Recipe

Salad Recipe

You know, everyone seems to take the same approach to cooking meals around this time of year – it’s always winter soups, winter stews, and winter casseroles. And sure, there are some days when you just want to curl up with a mug of soup and a good book. But life can’t come to a […]

Which Plant Foods Have Lectins? Your Smart Food Choices

green leafy

There are many bad-for-you foods out there; making it pretty hard to know where to begin when it comes to eating for optimal health. And the truth is, labels like “natural,” “healthy,” and “light” can be misleading. If these so-called ‘healthy foods’ contain plant lectins, their calorie content won’t matter because they’re still damaging to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lectin Toxicity

If you’re at all curious about nutrition, it’s no doubt you’ve seen the word “lectin” before. Research about how dietary lectins (aka binding proteins) negatively affect your immune response, cell growth, and intestinal permeability is growing every day. But if you don’t know much about lectin toxicity, let’s shed some light on the matter. Plant […]

What is Sorghum? The Gundry Approved Gluten-Free Whole Grain

what is sorghum

What is sorghum, exactly? Well, you may not have a bag of sorghum sitting in your pantry today, but you’ve probably enjoyed this ancient grain without even knowing you were eating it. Types of sorghum are quite often found as ingredients in various packaged foods like snack bars and cereal grains. On top of tasting […]

Consuming Dairy Products On A Lectin-free Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid

dairy products

Like so many, you may have grown up thinking that dairy products are staples in a healthy diet. But unfortunately, not all dairy is created equal. On a lectin-free diet, there are dairy products that just shouldn’t be consumed, no matter what. Of course, you could be filling your plate with vegetables and leafy greens, […]

What Are Oxalates?

calcium oxalate crystals

Have you been reading about oxalates and oxalate formulas? If you study up on health and nutrition, you’ve likely run across these terms already. They are buzzwords in the diet and wellness communities right now. However, some nutritionists are cautioning against the consumption of oxalates right now. But those nutritionists seem to be mistaken. Oxalates […]

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