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The Importance Of Heart Health: Reasons To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Healthy adult hearts aren’t much bigger than your clenched fist. In the same way your car’s engine makes it go, your heart pumps to keep your body up and working. That’s why it’s essential to make some heart-healthy lifestyle changes. How Does Your Heart Work? The importance of keeping a healthy heart has a lot […]

The Benefits of Oleuropein (another reason to love olives!)


Chances are, you’ve heard of the Mediterranean diet, which proponents say can help reduce the risk of a wide variety of ailments. One of the staples of this diet is olive oil, which comes from the olive leaf. Turns out, the active compound found in olive leaf extract, known as oleuropein, has been associated with […]

Which Foods Contain The Most Vitamin K?

Vitamin K Rich Foods

While many people are pretty familiar with vitamin C, or many of the B vitamins, vitamin K remains a bit of a mystery. Let’s face it, vitamin K isn’t exactly one of the “cool kids” when it comes to popular vitamins. And, most people would find it tough to name any sources of vitamin K. […]

5 Habits To Support Healthy Cholesterol, Every Day

Lower Cholesterol

You’ve likely heard that high cholesterol is one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to heart disease. Though your body does need some cholesterol, too much can be a bad thing. The problem is, bad cholesterol can contribute to the build-up of fatty deposits on the walls of your arteries, and this can […]

What Is Considered a “Normal” Cholesterol Level?

normal cholesterol level

It’s been drilled into us for years that “high” cholesterol levels are bad. And, even if you haven’t been directly affected, you probably know someone who has struggled with their cholesterol. But what is cholesterol? What makes it good or bad, and why does it matter? These are all essential questions. Let’s break it down, […]

6 Amazing Benefits of Avocado Oil

6 benefits avocado oil

Is there anything more delicious to throw on a meal than a freshly sliced, creamy avocado? They’re the one fruit that Dr. Gundry says you can eat with abandon. In fact, he says, “Eat one every day!” You simply can’t go wrong with avocados. Then, there’s avocado oil. Avocado oil isn’t quite as popular as […]

Why You Should Embrace Ground Flaxseed – And 6 Ways To Eat It


There’s a teeny, tiny seed out there that has actually been causing a stir in the health and nutrition world since 3000 BC. That’s right, flaxseed has been around forever. And it’s been considered a superfood since then too. In fact, in the 700s – that’s right, the 700s (not the 1700s) – the king […]

[NEWS]: L-Arginine with L-Citrulline Helps Lower Blood Pressure


Although L-arginine supplementation has long been known to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure, a new study shows that a certain amino acid pairing can improve its effectivenesa.  Scientific research reveals that when you take L-citrulline together with L-arginine, it has a better absorption rate. “Our data show for the first time that oral […]

Why You May Want to Rethink Taking Those Over-the-Counter Painkillers


Who hasn’t popped a few ibuprofens at the first sign of a headache? Well, you may want to rethink taking those pills next time. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, are some of the most common over-the-counter painkillers worldwide and have long been considered relatively harmless. But they may increase the risk of a […]

Am I Deficient in Polyphenols? (5 signs you might be)


Polyphenols — It’s one of the healthcare world’s favorite buzzwords right now. But what are polyphenols? What can foods with polyphenols do for you? If you’re trying to take good care of yourself and your family, there’s no doubt you’ve come across “polyphenols” as you’ve scanned the internet for the best health tips and remedies. […]

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