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Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables: Navigating Your Grocery’s Produce Section

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Can we all agree that seasonal fruits and vegetables just taste better? There’s something uniquely appealing about cruising through a local farmers market and picking up in-season fruits and in-season vegetables to take home. But beyond taste, is it actually better to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables? Read on to find out why (and when) to […]

A Low-Lectin Lifestyle: Are Cucumbers High In Lectins?

are cucumbers high in lectins

Whole grains, nightshade vegetables, kidney beans and other legumes. What do all of these so thought “healthy” plant foods have in common? They’re full of dangerous dietary lectins. But there are other toxic culprits out there and it’s high time they’re made known. Among them: the cucumber. Cucumbers do have substantial lectin content. So then […]

Are Avocados High In Lectins? No Way!

are avocados high in lectins

There’s a fruit out there that is so special, so good for you, that Dr. Gundry actually wants to encourage you to eat it every single day. And it tastes so good and buttery — you’re guaranteed to never get sick of it. It’s the avocado. But are avocados high in lectins? Absolutely not! You’ve […]

The Truth About Juicing

the truth about juicing

Why are the juice bar lines longer than the checkout lines at your favorite health food stores? You’d think, judging by the length of the line, juicing would be some miracle answer to your health woes. But the truth about juicing is this: it’s just not what it’s cracked up to be. Juice bars are […]

How To Find Your Top Winter Fruit And Vegetable Choices

winter vegetables

On a cold day, it can be hard not to fantasize about summer and the baskets of lectin-free veggies and summer fruits available to indulge in. Somehow in summer it can feel like any vibrant vegetables you crave can be selected from your nearest grocer’s shelves. Though shopping for winter fruits and winter vegetables may […]

5 Myths Your Nutritionist May Have Told You


With the rapid rate at which new research is growing in the health and well-being industry, you’d think most nutritionists would be among the first to share cutting-edge discoveries about how your diet affects your wellness. Unfortunately, there are quite a few who are tied to old ideas and put up a fight when science […]

A Comprehensive List of “Deadly” Nightshades

Nightshade vegetables are notoriously mysterious. And if you’re served anything from the nightshade vegetable list, you have good reason to be wary. Nightshade vegetables can be dangerous to your health. That’s why the term “nightshades” is so apropos. The label implies danger. Foods on the nightshades vegetable list might appear harmless, but some could cause […]

7 High Sugar Fruits To Ban (Plus, Which Fruits To Eat Instead)

Not all fruits contain the same nutritional values. Not all fruits are good for you. In fact, some can be quite harmful due to high lectin and sugar content. Some fruits contain a higher sugar content than others. Sugar is sugar, plain and simple. Even if you hear the terms “glucose,” “fructose,” and “sucrose,” the […]

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