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Pepzin GI

zinc rich foods

PepZin GI contains both L-carnosine and zinc and can be found in various supplements.


L-Glutamine in carrots

Found in a bunch of different vegetable and animal sources, your immune cells need glutamine to thrive.



Probiotics are the live yeasts and good bacteria in your body–prebiotics are the food they live on.


sunfiber supplement

One particularly useful type of dietary fiber is partially hydrolyzed guar gum aka Sunfiber.



For optimal health, your good gut microbes should outnumber the bad. Enter probiotics.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is the product of wine grapes being pressed to extract their precious polyphenols.

Millet: The Amazing Lectin-free Healthy Carb


I realize you may feel like you read the word “no” on this blog quite a bit. I don’t do it because I want to restrict you… I do it because I’m looking out for you. Now, I realize that sometimes the process of changing your health habits for the better can feel like a […]

Dr. Gundry Diet Food List: A Comprehensive Lectin-free Diet Plan


It’s an exciting time to be health-conscious. For decades, the health food industry fooled you into eating special “diet” food products that are actually loaded with sugar. They advocated for you to add dangerous lectin-filled foods to your diet and even told you to pursue a “low-fat” (albeit heavily processed) diet. And you felt good […]

Is Wheatgrass Really Good For You?

You see it every time you walk into a smoothie bar. Heck, you can smell it from the doorway. Even fancy coffee houses smell like it — fresh-cut grass. But where’s it coming from? It’s coming from that cookie sheet in the corner. The one with literal grass growing on it. Like mowing your lawn, […]

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