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Get The Best Results from MCT Wellness

If you want some tips you can use to help achieve fantastic results with MCT Wellness — like boosted energy, mental clarity, and a trim-looking waistline…* Just follow this guide! To start, you’ll want to make sure you start your new MCT Wellness regimen ASAP. After all, the sooner this uniquely potent prebiotic blend can […]

Lectin Sensitivity: Signs Of A Digestive Response To Dietary Lectins

Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that can be found in so much of what you eat. Lectins are part of a plant’s natural defense system against microorganisms, insects, and predators like humans. When lectins agglutinate (or stick together) they can become quite a problem for human health.1 In general, plant lectins are thought to compromise various […]

Top Foods For Mitochondrial Uncoupling

What if you were to learn that the key to a successful keto diet is not carb restriction, but that it is, in fact, a cellular process known as “mitochondrial uncoupling”? Recent research shows that ketones may not be the magical fuel source scientists once thought they were. In actuality, ketones act as messengers that […]

Millet: The Amazing Lectin-free Healthy Carb


I realize you may feel like you read the word “no” on this blog quite a bit. I don’t do it because I want to restrict you… I do it because I’m looking out for you. Now, I realize that sometimes the process of changing your health habits for the better can feel like a […]

The Lectin-free Resistant Starch List: Gundry Approved Starchy Foods

What are resistant starches? Are they easy to incorporate into a lectin-free diet? How do resistant starches affect digestion and the health of your large intestine? If you’re living a lectin-free lifestyle, then you already know there is a wide variety of delicious foods you can enjoy while maintaining the health of your gut microbiome. […]

Quinoa Lectins: Why Quinoa Is NOT Part Of A Healthy Diet

quinoa lectins

Quinoa has been touted for a while now as a “superfood”. But the truth is quinoa is filled with dangerous lectins and is far from super – especially when it comes to supporting your health. Dietary lectins can be found in all sorts of so-called “health” foods. You’ll find lectins in everything from raw kidney […]

Is Wheatgrass Really Good For You?

You see it every time you walk into a smoothie bar. Heck, you can smell it from the doorway. Even fancy coffee houses smell like it — fresh-cut grass. But where’s it coming from? It’s coming from that cookie sheet in the corner. The one with literal grass growing on it. Like mowing your lawn, […]

Are Avocados High In Lectins? No Way!

are avocados high in lectins

There’s a fruit out there that is so special, so good for you, that Dr. Gundry actually wants to encourage you to eat it every single day. And it tastes so good and buttery — you’re guaranteed to never get sick of it. It’s the avocado. But are avocados high in lectins? Absolutely not! You’ve […]

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