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How To Manage Stress: Effective And Simple Ways To Help Reduce Stress

how to manage stress

It seems everyone is juggling a lot these days: family, career, friends, hobbies, you name it. It may seem like the more things we have in our lives, the more opportunities for stress arise. But when too much stress begins to build up, it can really take a toll on your health and sense of […]

Can Foods Naturally Help Improve Your Eyesight?

For such small organs, your eyes actually do quite a lot for you, don’t they? How would you process the world if you couldn’t see it? Surely, you’d have to rely on your other senses. But, for those who are able to see… your eyes inform every single thing you do. Everything you see, everything […]

Feel Good Foods – How to Naturally Increase Serotonin

how to increase serotonin

Have you heard of “happy hormones?” Certain hormones can naturally lift your mood, giving you an instant feeling of mental well-being. And one of the key happy hormones is serotonin. Let’s take a look at how to increase serotonin levels naturally. What is Serotonin? Serotonin is what’s known as a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are tiny chemical […]

Which Foods Contain The Most Vitamin K?

Vitamin K Rich Foods

While many people are pretty familiar with vitamin C, or many of the B vitamins, vitamin K remains a bit of a mystery. Let’s face it, vitamin K isn’t exactly one of the “cool kids” when it comes to popular vitamins. And, most people would find it tough to name any sources of vitamin K. […]

Your Guide on How to Improve Brain Health

how to improve brain health

So often, you’re told to keep your heart healthy, your liver clean, and your cholesterol low. And yes, you want to do all of those things. Your body won’t take care of itself, after all. But are you taking your brain health for granted? Your brain is essentially your body’s computer. And just as a […]

Do You Have a Zinc Deficiency? Here’s How To Find Out….

zinc deficiency

So, you’re trying to take care of your health. You’re eating a Gundry-approved diet and doing as much as you can to take the supplements you need for a gut-healthy diet. But, even with the healthiest diet, there might still be a few problems you’re not aware of. After all, it takes time to get […]

Eat These Good Fats (your guide to bad vs healthy fats)

It really is the fight of the century: is a high-fat diet healthy… or is it making you fat? If you’ve seen the Plant Paradox YES and NO lists, you know that there’s no simple answer – there are fats and oils on both sides of the fence. The YES list consists of a great […]

3 Simple Tips to Get Better Sleep (and fix your sleep cycle)

If I don’t get the sleep I need, I can be really cranky. It’s not that I’m temperamental, it happens to everyone…. So you probably know – it’s a terrible feeling. Now, sleep deprivation can happen as a result of many causes – but if you’re spending too much time staring at screens, or you […]

The Honest Truth About Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

broad spectrum antibiotics

Sometimes, the things we think will help us most can actually turn out to harm us in some way. Though nothing is all good or all bad – all black or all white – I do want to take an opportunity to talk to you about the issues broad-spectrum antibiotics can cause. First of all, […]

Olive Leaf Extract: 6 Reasons Why This is Essential

Olive leaf extract contains a molecule known as oleuropein that has been shown to provide a wealth of benefits for the body, such as protecting brain tissue, potentially lowering blood pressure as well as LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, and many others.1 Olive oil is a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and is also known to […]

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