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In my last blog post, I talked about this amazing polyphenol called hesperidin and what other nutrients would help hesperidin do its job better. The first thing that came to mind was a nutrient to protect your cells from their worst enemies: free radicals (the primary cause of aging).

Fighting these off requires a potent antioxidant. And one of the most potent I’ve ever found is the Noni fruit.

Free Radical Defender: Noni Fruit

This incredible antioxidant has been shown to be nearly THREE TIMES as potent as Vitamin C!8

So, if you want a powerful guardian for your cells, Noni’s well-qualified for the job.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to give Noni some backup. And that’s where naringin comes in…

Naringin is another potent antioxidant found in citrus peels. Like Noni, it helps keep harmful free radicals at bay. 1

However, naringin also has another benefit…

It helps your body regulate the cholesterol in your blood. 2

So, not only does naringin help Noni protect your cells…

It also helps hesperidin support your blood flow — by supporting healthy cholesterol levels that keep your arteries clear!

So, it’s clear that hesperidin, Noni, and naringin are the perfect trio for protecting your heart and cells.

However, we need to add one more thing to the mix. We have your heart and cells covered… but what about the control center of your body? Your brain.

Everything from your heart to your tissues and organs, right down to your cells…

ALL of your body is controlled by your brain. And if you want to stay youthful for years to come, your brain has to stay sharp and nimble.

Rutin Naringin | Gundry

Rutin for Brain Health

So what antioxidant protects your brain? Well, I’ve already done the homework for you there. (You can always count on me to do that.)

Turns out, there’s one antioxidant that’s perfect for the job: rutin. It’s found in high levels an ancient chinese flower called Sophora japonica.

Rutin has been shown repeatedly to help protect your brain from age-related damage.

In fact, doctors are discovering more and more every day about the incredible brain-protecting power of this natural compound. 3

And that’s why it’s the perfect nutrient to round out this “fearsome foursome” of protectors for your body: hesperidin, Noni, naringin, and rutin.

Now, I know you probably don’t feel like eating piles of citrus peels or Chinese flowers… But you can find them in a supplement I designed (it will be available on the Gundry MD site soon) or other supplements on the market.

However you include these in your diet, these are essential for heart and brain health!

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