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ProPlant Complete Shake

Rated 4.80 out of 5 based on 274 customer ratings
4.80 stars based on 274 Customer Reviews

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ProPlant Complete Shake

Rated 4.80 out of 5 based on 274 customer ratings
4.80 stars based on 274 Customer Reviews

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee (does not cover shipping and handling) for 90 days. For refunds, contact our customer support team at (800) 852-0477 and we’ll refund your purchase, no questions, no hassle.


ProPlant Complete Shake

Protein is essential to living a strong, healthy life at any age. But not all protein is created equal. So it’s crucial you get the right protein… and now you can with ProPlant Complete Shake.

ProPlant Complete Shake is a chocolate-flavored, plant-based shake packed with 10g of protein per serving. Even better, it’s “Gundry-approved” and free of health-harming lectins. With ProPlant, you can start enjoying:

  • Strong, healthy bones and muscles
  • Fewer cravings, less snacking, and better calorie burning
  • Supported heart and brain health
  • A more balanced mood, improved energy, and smooth, comfortable digestion

Suggested Use

Add 1 scoop (32.1g) once per day with 8-12 fl.oz of water or unsweetened coconut milk. May be used in a shaker bottle or blender and mixed until smooth or follow recipe included.

What’s in ProPlant Complete Shake?



These are the main ingredients in ProPlant Complete Shake:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Natural flavors
  • Salt
  • Flaxseed
  • Hemp Protein
  • Spirulina
  • Stevia Blend: Rebaudioside A, Steviol glycosides



The most popular order for new customers is the 3-jar package. However, longtime customers usually opt for the 6-jar option, which gives you even greater opportunities to save.


Gundry MD™ ProPlant Complete Shake was formulated for maximum all-natural purity. It should be effective and safe for daily use for the vast majority of people. Of course, I recommend consulting with your physician before using any supplement, including Gundry MD™ ProPlant Complete Shake.


For maximum effectiveness, I recommend taking Gundry MD™ ProPlant Complete Shake once per day. Simply mix one scoop into any beverage of your choice — water, unsweetened coconut milk, or smoothie — and you’re good to go!


Many users report a distinct improvement in digestion, energy, muscle strength, and overall health within just a few days of taking Gundry MD™ ProPlant Complete Shake. However, for many users, the most dramatic results were first noticed over the course of 2-3 weeks. Please use as directed.

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I’m confident Gundry MD™ ProPlant Complete Shake will offer you powerful support for your entire body. But I also understand no two people’s systems work the same way, so a small number of people might find ProPlant Complete Shake does not give them the benefits they need.

That’s why each jar of ProPlant Complete Shake comes with my personal 90-day guarantee. If, for any reason, this formula does not give you improved energy, digestion, and whole body wellness, just return what you haven’t used within that time for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Want to know what others thought? Check out the reviews below. And you can see all Gundry MD reviews right here.

ProPlant Complete Shake Customer Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 stars

274 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Richard H

    5 out of 5 Complete meal

    Richard H

    I do intermittent fasting from 6 pm until 1 pm the next day every day. My 1 pm meal is chocolate ProPlant shake with organic kale, frozen organic blueberries, 1/2 avocado, 1 scoop of each, Vital Reds, Preboithrive, Superbeets, a little organic heavy cream, 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, and about 10 0z water. Blend it and it makes a very satisfying meal that tastes great. I’m not hungry until dinner. Hint: to avoid the kale being stringy, freeze it and blend it dry for a couple of minutes first. It powderizes it. Then add the other ingredients and blend.

  2. Jane w

    5 out of 5 Great taste, filling and makes my skin shine

    Jane w

    I have tried many shakes over the years, most of which taste pasty. This is delicious and I add 1/2 avocado, kale and a teaspoon cinnamon to fill me up for breakfast not feeling any hunger pangs till dinner. I also drink it without my added ingredients when I’m on the go and add ice cubes then blend it with water in my nutribullett for 15 seconds. Pour it in a thermal mug and it stays chilled for sipping throughout the day. Highly recommend!

  3. David W

    5 out of 5 Pleasantly pleased

    David W

    I like the taste. Super easy to mix and enjoy. I have my shake first thing in the morning after the dog walk and it carries me well into noon time hours. […]

  4. Mike

    5 out of 5 Surprisingly good and versatile as well.


    At first I was a little apprehensive with this ProPlant Complete Shake; everyone’s product is the best and most favorable, but this time the presentation I watched was true. I tried it with my wife at the first in some unsweetened coconut milk and pure water. We both were pleasantly surprised with the consistency, flavor and it is filling at that. The next day after supper, while watching television, she went into the kitchen and made another ProPlant chocolate shake in our 32oz blender blended with no sugar added coconut milk and no sugar added frozen mixed fruit. Who needs the normal snacks filled with sugars and harsh chemicals when we can choose a different approach for nighttime snacking? This one actually tastes like a signature shake, one that blows away the ice cream shops and all their sugary combinations; going through those drive-thru places for a shake is one reason I gained so much weight. Needless to say, I am a type 2 Diabetic. Another shake is as simple as two cups frozen, no sugar added strawberries, with a Chocolate Pro Plant shake, coconut milk and a few extra ice cubes and blended for five minutes. That chocolate/strawberry shake was as thick as an old fashioned malt from a malt shop (I didn’t know coconut milk froths). This shake has the flavor of fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate with a hint of coconut, like the ones you pay so much for, but better; I am a chocolate addict too, so I know what I am talking about :). It even tastes excellent as a smoothie with spinach, an avocado and plain unsweetened yogurt; and of course coconut milk. I am a fan of ProPlant Complete Shake. This is a protein rich health food, wow! The same is true of the “Vital Reds”, and yes they can be mixed together as well…just saying. Or just use water, they are still good.

  5. Sherry N

    5 out of 5

    Sherry N

    Feeling great and energetic

  6. Kathleen W

    5 out of 5 Great Tasting and Easy to Prepare

    Kathleen W

    I just finished my first container of the shake mix and am very pleased with it. So far I’ve only made a shake with it and use it to substitute for a full breakfast. I mix one cup of unsweetened coconut milk and a scoop of the mix in my high speed blender. Delish!

  7. Larry C

    5 out of 5 ProPlant Complete IS better than I could have expected.

    Larry C

    I was inspired to give this a chance after watching Dr. Gundry’s video explaining the awful state of the red-meat industry. I have been using ProPlant Complete for almost 2 months and I am a RAVING FAN! I combined this diet change with a calorie count app and a regular exercise regimen and the results are better than I could have envisioned. I started at 235 and am now down to 215. I am well on my way to achieving my goal of 195-200 way ahead of the calorie counting apps expectation of April 2022. The benefits of meal replacement, increased focus, and the digestive tract help have been delivered on. The fact that it is plant-based is great and honestly the closest I will ever come to vegan. I am hopeful it becomes available in Vanilla at some point, however the chocolate is good and does the job.

  8. Toni D

    4 out of 5 better than expected

    Toni D

    Taste is better than I thought it would be. I like knowing I am consuming great gut healthy ingredients.

  9. neil S

    5 out of 5 Great product with a great taste

    neil S

    unlike other protein powders that taste like mud with the same consistence best protein powder out there and it tastes great ,[…]

  10. Nia

    5 out of 5 Great source of healthy Protein


    The soy, and whey protein shakes are horrible on my system. It was only after having Dr Gundry’s ProPlant complete could I feel the difference. The taste is so much better than the retail shakes out there filled with sugar and chemicals. REALLY, I truly enjoy my 1x/day shake. It satisfies, and truly serves my body well.