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Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal

Scientists have found that activated charcoal can be a powerful binder. It helps support your thyroid by clinging to heavy metals that enter through your food — effectively locking them up and “deactivating” them.†*

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

A result of apple fermentation, this ingredient creates acetic acid, an essential ally for helping maintain gut health and fostering a balanced digestive environment. Plus, it’s rich in polyphenols, nutrients that serve as your health’s frontline defense against daily stressors.*†



This super-fast absorbing multi-mineral helps replace minerals that heavy metals in your food supply can block in your body. It’s also been shown in 8 different studies to support bone health.*†

Artichoke Extract


In both human and animal studies, artichoke extract has consistently been shown to support healthy bile production in the liver. This can help your metabolism to “reboot” itself so you can enjoy feeling slim and energetic.*†



This unique type of algae has shown to more than triple the growth of healthy gut bacteria. These bacteria help smooth out your digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, support strong immunity, and help your body clear out waste more efficiently.*†



This special freshwater algae works with activated charcoal to form a “toxin shield,” to help you stay full of energy. Chlorella is also known to help support your immune system and support healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range.*†

Iodine and Selenium

Iodine and Selenium

These two essential minerals are what your thyroid uses to make T3 and T4 — your “skinny hormones.” They’re critical if you want to help revive your energy and metabolism.†*



Sourced from the remote mountains of the Himalayas, PrimaVie® is a potent, plant-based energy enhancer. It’s been found to help you maintain your energy, even under exhausting conditions.*†



This is one of the most potent flavonoids in human nutrition. Study after study shows it can help your “youth enzyme,” AMPK… supporting your goals to slim down, boost your energy, and feel youthful, “clean,” and light.†*

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