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The 25 green, polyphenol-rich superfoods in Primal Plants work to give you more youthful, healthier-looking skin from the inside out. This formula also contains unique digestive and metabolic-enhancing blends to restore balance to your gut bacteria and help you stay slim.

  • Enhance metabolism to support fat-burning
  • Gives your skin a youthful, healthy vibrance
  • Control cravings for fattening, unhealthy foods
  • Give you easier digestion and improve metabolism




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We work hard to formulate the most advanced products on the market. Our 90-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give you ample opportunity to experience optimal results from your product, completely risk-free.


How many jars should I order?

The 3 jar package is our most popular option because it gives you more savings (20% off) and lets you take full advantage of my 90-day money-back guarantee. However, since this is a one time promotion, I recommend the 6 jar option so you can optimize on the savings.

What are the ingredients in Gundry MD Primal Plants?

How safe is Primal Plants?

Gundry MD Primal Plants contains only 100% natural and safe ingredients. The formula is tested for quality and purity at an independent, 3rd-party facility. However, as a physician, I recommend consulting with your own health care provider before beginning any new program.

When can I expect results?

Most users report feeling a significant energy boost on their first day of use. Within the first week you’ll notice an overall healthier glow to your skin and you’ll feel your digestive system flowing like it’s supposed to. The deeper metabolic benefits are usually reported with continued use over the first 3-4 weeks. Please use Primal Plants as directed..

How do I use Primal Plants?

Simply mix one scoop into water or a beverage of your choice, mix well, and it’s ready to drink! Drink one glass a day (everyday) to get all the skin, metabolic, and digestive benefits from this polyphenol mix. Many users love to mix Primal Plants with their Vital Reds to create a delicious flavor combo!

Does it work for everyone?

While the vast majority of users report significant improvements in both their skin and digestive health, I’m aware that everyone is different. Even though the polyphenols in Primal Plants provide your body with essential nutrients, the benefits can be more profound for some than for others.

So, if you’re unsatisfied with your results for any reason at all, you simply won’t pay for the product. You’re covered for 90 days by my money-back guarantee… and our US-based customer support team will make your return fast and easy. Your satisfaction is my top priority – I’ve staked my reputation as a physician on it!


Experienced Dramatic Changes in My Skin

Customer: Michelle B.

I have been taking primal plants for about a month now. I have experienced dramatic changes in my skin, not so many breakouts and dryness, and have increased energy to keep me going through the day. I am a mother of 3, work full time, and am enrolled in graduate school as a part-time student. The energy boost I get after taking the supplement helps me keep going throughout the day. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. I used to also have problems with constipation and bloating, but now I am pretty regular and the bloating has gone away. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Energy Levels Are Up

Customer: Curtis Fraser

I take Primal Plants in the morning and Vital reds in the afternoon. I feel my brain fog is gone, energy levels are up, my skin is clearing up and I’m looking younger/more attractive.

I Feel Amazing…

Customer: Kristen B.

I came across Dr.Gundry and Primal Plants while I was researching high quality supplements. I decided to give it a chance and haven’t looked back. The taste is way better than I thought it would be. And more importantly I feel amazing! I have a lot more energy that allows me to play with my kids longer and I have been able to focus at work better. I have had zero side effects! No gas, bloating, or upset stomach. I can’t imagine not starting my day with Primal Plants. I recently went out of town to visit my dad and brought my Primal Plants with me. My dad tried it and immediately ordered a three month supply. Whether or not you’re considering this product to clear up any skin imperfections or if you are like me and looking for drinkable easily absorbed nutrition, give it a try!

I Am Seeing Results On My Scale

Customer: Julie S.

I have used several green drinks in the past. This is the best tasting, easy to dissolve product I have used. I am seeing results on my scale and that makes me happy too! I notice that after I drink Primal Plants, I feel a little energy boost.

Sleeping and Skin Problems Improved

Customer: Mary F.

I have noticed that my sleeping has improved. I had a skin problem on my forehead that my doctor treated and it did not clear up. After taking primal plants for about 3 weeks it started to shrink up and is almost gone.

I Am a Believer!

Customer: Allan B.

I am a 73 year old man with a long history on annoying acne. Unhealthy, oily skin treated on and off with antibiotics. Saw your video and was impressed with the fact that a solution to the problem could be had from within! After a month and a half on Primal Plants I was significantly clear! Pleasant to take every morning at breakfast. I am a believer!

Lost Pounds With Little Effort

Customer: William G.

The green apple taste is good and primal plants has helped me loose pounds in two weeks with very little effort on my part

More Energy and Clarity

Customer: Jennifer B.

Better morning start. More energy and clarity…. Been fighting off a seasonal cold and feel that Primal Plants is helping me kick it. Will continue using Primal Plants indefinitely. Thank You for a great health product!

Overall Feeling of Wellness

Customer: Linda A.

I have been taking a scoop of Primal Plants each day in my morning smoothie. I have felt increased energy and an overall feeling of wellness. My stomach problems have disappeared and I think it is helping me to lose weight, which I didn’t expect.

GUNDRY MD Primal Plants

The 25 green, polyphenol-rich superfoods in Primal Plants work to give you more youthful, healthier-looking skin from the inside out. This formula also contains unique digestive and metabolic-enhancing blends to restore balance to your gut bacteria and help you stay slim.