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Mucin: Top Potential Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

What Is Mucin?

Mucins make up a substantial class of slimy glycoproteins that can be found in almost all species on the planet — including many animals and even the microbes in your body. They happen to also be a major component of mucus — hence the name “mucin.”1

Glycoproteins are a category of proteins that have carbohydrate groups bound by a polypeptide chain. This can also be referred to as a glycopeptide.2

Mucins are glycoproteins with high molecular weights and a protein backbone high in carbohydrates.3

But beyond supporting your body’s various mucosal layers, mucins can form structures similar to scaffolding to help with the body’s natural cell adhesion — the binding of cells to one another.4 These structures help your body protect its epithelial cells from damage caused by oxidative stress.5

Potential Health Benefits Of Mucin

Because mucins cover so much of the body, their functions can be examined extensively. For one thing, mucins act as a protective lining of the mucosa surface. They can help create materials that moisturize, act as a foundation for antimicrobial agents, help act as lubricants, or work as a coating material for supplements.6

Furthermore, mucin has a significant sialic acid content, which may help mucin bind to foods that contain harmful lectins.7 They can also support the slippery protective barrier that helps your digestive tract function properly.8

Which Gundry MD Supplements Include Mucin?

Mucin can be quite a productive ingredient in supplements. If you’re curious about where to buy mucin supplements, look no further than Gundry MD Lectin Shield.

By viewing Lectin Shield on the GundryMD website, you can read customer reviews and peruse information about how the supplement works. You’ll also be able to find useful information about the other ingredients in Lectin Shield. And remember, you’ll need to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, including supplements.




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