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What do “soda” and “healthy” have in common? Absolutely nothing. This toxic stuff should have a skull and crossbones on its label!

Look, you probably already know soda is bad for your waistline… but it’s doing far worse things than just making you fat.

So, I created a new video, utilizing the simple soda and milk experiment, showing you exactly what soda is doing to your insides. Take a peek…

Still want soda after watching that milk experiment? I hope not.

You see, besides the obvious risk of gaining weight… there’s a link connecting this fizzy toxin with far more serious health problems.

For example, causing your bones to become extremely brittle while your teeth to dissolve and decay.

Toxins In Soda | Gundry

The phosphorous and acids in your favorite can of soda, that’s why. They’re robbing your body of its most essential mineral: calcium.

Calcium keeps your bones and teeth strong and healthy. And not only that… it also supports your heart, nerves, muscles, and a host of other crucial bodily functions.

So, being deprived of calcium causes far more problems than just bad teeth.

And as you can see from my experiment… when you drink soda, a barrier is instantly formed that prevents your body from absorbing any calcium!

So please, put that can down. Don’t be another soda victim.

And the next time you think you want a soda… picture this experiment, and remember this is what’s happening inside your body — every single time.

Also, please share this with friends and family, especially if you know they are big-time soda drinkers.

Let’s get as many people off of this poison as we can!

Looking out for you,

Steven Gundry, MD

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