As the centerpiece of the feast, everyone knows it’s not Thanksgiving without the turkey! What many don’t know is how to carve a turkey. And without a strategy, you can turn a beautiful bird into a mess.

Sure, I’ve performed thousands of heart surgeries over the span of my 40-year career—including transplanting a pig’s heart into a baboon! But outside the operating room, I learned my knife skills from chef friends. In fact, Jimmy Schmidt, a James Beard awarding-winning chef, created the recipes for my next book coming out in April 2017.

And I want to pass on these valuable lessons with you. Why?

Societies that cook more meals are slimmer and healthier.

If you feel comfortable in the kitchen, you’re much more likely to whip up a meal than order out. While carving a turkey might seem daunting the first go-round, all it takes is a little know-how and practice to carve and plate a turkey worthy of centerpiece status.

In three easy steps, I show you how to carve a turkey perfectly every time:


Wishing you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

Steven Gundry, MD

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