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There are some things everyone has in common: we breathe, we laugh, we stress, and we’ve all got some amount of damage in our guts. Of course, lectins aren’t the only reason for this damage, but they can be responsible for some serious digestive discomfort. Singer and recent co-host of the Voice Kelly Clarkson took the time to read a new book on the subject of lectins and has shared how it’s changing her life in many ways.

If you follow Clarkson’s lead and crack the cover, Dr. Gundry will tell you about all of the different microorganisms in your gut and how they depend on you to be their shelter. Conversely, your gut depends on those little microorganisms in order to stay healthy.

But when you let lectins in, a destructive gut-damaging cycle can begin, and it can take years to heal your body.

Once your gut is damaged, the good bacteria have a tough time keeping your gut healthy. And if your gut’s not healthy, the rest of your body can’t be at its best, either.

Now, don’t sound the alarm just yet. You can take control and get some real healing done if you simply cut down on lectins. Check it out.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss — How She Did It

plant paradox bookTurns out, Kelly Clarkson turned to a fabulous new book by surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry called The Plant Paradox.

In the book, Dr. Gundry shares the individual stories of specific patients, so you can learn how people respond differently to lectins and how people have learned to avoid them in ways that work for them as individuals. It’s like talking to your friends about how they’ve managed to improve their health — you’re getting tips direct from the source.

Of course, Kelly’s story is quite compelling:

After dropping 37 pounds, she came out to discuss how she overcame some health struggles on The Today show. Clarkson is only 36 years old, but she said she was able to help herself conquer longtime health issues with the help of the diet discussed in The Plant Paradox. Furthermore, she lost the excess weight without medication. In the end, all Kelly had to do was reshape her thoughts about what she eats and how she cooks her meals.

The best part is how Kelly feels!

On Today, she said,

“I know the industry loves the weight gone, but I mean, for me, it wasn’t really the weight. For me, it was like, I’m not on my medicine anymore. My bloodwork came back, and I haven’t been on my medicine since like February.”

How Can Avoiding Lectins Help Improve Your Health?

Let’s start with gluten. You see, gluten is one of the lectins that gets the most buzz, but really, it’s just one variety of these very common, super toxic, plant-based proteins.

Kelly Clarkson Diet | GundryMDLectins (like gluten) are found in grains like wheat, but other lectins are even in the best ‘gluten-free’ foods out there. Where else can lectins be found?

Well, unfortunately, many of the foods you’ve been taught to think of as healthy — certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and conventional dairy products — are chock full of these proteins. You can find lectins in the skins, rinds, seeds, grains, and even the leaves of these plants. That’s because these parts of the plant are designed (by Mother Nature herself) to protect plants from predators (aka anything that wants to eat them).

So, once you ingest these defensive proteins, they start a sort of chemical warfare in your body, causing inflammatory responses that can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

The Best Thing About The Plant Paradox?

The book is full of tons of easy hacks to help you avoid lectins.

For example:

1. Peel and deseed your veggies.
2. Buy ripe fruits and vegetables only when they’re in season.
3. Swap brown rice for white.

How Do Lectins Interfere With Your Body?

So, lectins’ biggest weapon is that they can block the messages of cells trying to communicate with one another. When they succeed, your body typically responds with some type of reaction, like:

      • Fatigue
      • Nausea
      • Forgetfulness
      • Diarrhea
      • Vomiting2

But, lectins can actually interfere in worse ways than simple gut discomfort. That’s because they are able to bond to dangerous bacteria and viruses. And if that happens, lectins can help those viruses attach to the cells in the body they want to destroy. Depending on how sensitive you are to lectins, this could mean real health trouble.

You’ll definitely want to read up on this in The Plant Paradox (Get Your Copy Here).

Why Lectins Might Cause Weight Gain

Kelly Clarkson Diet | GundryMDThe truth is that gaining weight didn’t use to be such a bad thing. In fact, back in the day, people sought out lectin-rich foods in order to gain weight, so they could live off their fat stores and make it through an unpredictable winter. People wanted to get fat, and to do that, they relied on lectin-filled wheat.

Nowadays, you’ve almost always know when your next meal is coming. You know if your fridge is full, or if you need to stop at the grocery store, or swing by a restaurant. People no longer need to store food in their own bodies, so the human body no longer has a need for lectins.

Worried About Lectins? Avoid These Foods:

  • Peanuts
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Soy
  • Barley
  • Lentils
  • Wheat3

Do Lectins Affect Everyone?

Now, truth be told, not everyone has an issue digesting lectins. But many people can’t even process the smallest bit of lectins without it seriously upsetting their systems. Of course, most people tend to experience smaller reactions, like a minor bout of nausea. But, if you’re really sensitive to them, and your gut wall is unable to protect your body, your health may become compromised.

So, if you feel any sort of discomfort after eating, try cutting down on lectins. Again, physical response time can vary, so you may not notice a change right away. In some cases, it can take many months to heal a gut that’s been damaged by lectins. Of course, for many people, it takes less time. Just look at the weight loss Kelly Clarkson experienced! She felt better within weeks!

In The End…

Take Kelly’s word for it. Check out The Plant Paradox diet. You may be the next in line to drop a significant amount of weight quickly and improve your overall health.

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3.The Lectins: Properties, Functions, and Applications in Biology and Medicine (Irvin Liener; 1986)