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If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy or give your body an extra boost these days, you may be surprised to learn about the amazing benefits of celery seed. These tiny seeds are packed with flavor, and they also pack a hefty health punch.

For centuries, people have used celery and celery seed for medicinal purposes.1 In fact, celery dates back as far as King Tut, as remains of celery were found when his tomb was discovered in 1922.2 Native to Europe, it is also thought to have origins in the Mediterranean regions of Asia and North Africa.3

Given its abundance throughout civilization, it is no wonder that this plant was used to improve the health of people centuries ago, as it is still today. Here are five surprising health benefits of celery seed:

1. Celery Seed Helps Support Healthy Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, makes your heart work harder than necessary. It also contributes to the hardening of your arteries, and it can increase your risk of other heart-related issues. As such, finding ways to keep your blood pressure healthy is important.

Benefits of Celery Seed | GundryMDThe good news is that celery seeds – and notably, celery juice – has been shown to help reduce hypertension. According to some studies, the key to celery’s positive effects on blood pressure is due to the fact that it acts on the liver. This is important, because one type of hypertension, known as “portal hypertension,” is directly related to your liver.4

Now, your liver is responsible for stripping toxins and other unwanted substances from your bloodstream. In the case of portal hypertension, new blood vessels (called collaterals) are formed that deliver nasty toxins right into your bloodstream. By keeping your liver healthy, you’ll help it clean those toxins up before they can do their damage.5,6

One of the great benefits of celery seeds is that it helps to give your body more of what it needs to fight hypertension.7

And when it comes to staying healthy, avoiding or fighting high blood pressure is important. The harder your body has to work to get blood from one place to another, including the oxygen in your blood, the more prone you are to serious health risks… Which brings me to #2 on this list…

2. Curb Chances of Serious Illness

Another compelling reason why celery seed is great at fighting high blood pressure may be due to the relatively high level of potassium contained within celery seed. For every 100g of celery seed, for example, celery seed contains 1400mg of potassium.8

Why is this important? Studies have shown that increasing your potassium intake – with celery seed extract, for example – not only helps support healthy blood pressure, but it may also significantly lower the occurrence of serious brain or heart-related ailments.9,10

3. Anti Inflammatory potential

The benefits of celery seed and celery seed extract offer a number of nutritional benefits that may help the body to reduce discomfort or irritation, thanks to sedanolide.11

Benefits of Celery Seed | GundryMDSedanolide, one of the main chemical compounds of celery seed extract, can be used as a natural herbal remedy to reduce certain uncomfortable health conditions.12 This natural method for easing joint and muscle discomfort is especially helpful for people who–for whatever reason–can’t take common medications to relieve their aches and pains.

And celery is packed with antioxidants, which are believed to help slow cell aging in the body. By consuming celery seed and its extract, you can help give your body an extra leg up when fighting inflammation.13,14

4. Minerals that Pack a Punch

Celery seed is an excellent source of daily minerals, including manganese.15 Manganese plays a central role across several of the bodies’ systems including reproduction, digestion, immune, and neural systems.16 Additionally, manganese has also been linked to quicker coagulation of the blood.17

With all of the possible effects of consuming celery seeds, making sure you’re getting enough can be simple. An easy way to get what you need is by adding celery seeds to your regular smoothie ingredients.

Try blending celery seeds with fruit (in-season berries are a good choice), along with avocados, and some spinach or broccoli. You’ll unlock the benefits of celery seeds, and you can enjoy a delicious drink!

5. Celery Seed is a Great Source of Fiber

Celery seed is an excellent source of fiber. As it turns out, celery seeds contains nearly 12 grams of fiber per 100 grams.18 Why is that great? Well, fiber is a great digestive aid, so when you consume celery seeds, you’re actually giving your gut more of what it needs to do its job.19

Benefits of Celery Seed | GundryMDTime to Start with Celery

No matter what your current diet is, it’s never too early to try and introduce celery seed and celery juice into your eating habits. As long as you don’t have any allergic reactions to celery or celery seed, adding this potent plant into your diet can reap benefits for your overall health and well-being.

If you’re unsure if celery seed or celery juice is right for you, be sure to consult with your physician before changing your diet. Once you get the green light, though, add this amazing plant to your diet and boost your body for days and months to come!


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