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D-Mannose: Top Health Benefits for a Healthy Lifestyle

What Is D-Mannose?

D‐Mannose is part of a natural monosaccharide that can be obtained from various microorganisms and some plants.

Used as a component in food or supplements, D-mannose is a white crystalline powder that happens to be relatively stable, though it dissolves quite easily in water.1

In simpler terms, D-mannose is a kind of sugar. You can find it in various veggies and fruits, such as cranberries, cabbage, peaches, and green beans.2

History of D-Mannose

The word “mannose” comes from the biblical term “manna.” In old texts, manna was referred to as a sort of sweet sap from various trees and shrubs. One such shrub is Fraxinus ornus.3

Potential Health Benefits Of D-Mannose

D‐Mannose has been utilized within the health industry for some time now.

For starters, D-Mannose supports the release of insulin within the human body. This in turn, may help to support healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range.4

Also, D‐Mannose has been shown to support immune health and the proper balance between good and harmful gut bugs.5

Additionally, D-Mannose has been shown to support a decrease in unhealthy food cravings.6,7

Another benefit of D-Mannose — it is low-calorie and nontoxic in humans. These are just a few of the reasons you find D-mannose in food products and health supplements alike.8

Which Gundry MD Supplements Include D-Mannose?

Wondering where to buy supplements that contain D-Mannose? The answer is simple: the Gundry MD website.

Check out the customer reviews of Lectin Shield on the Lectin Shield page. You can also take a look at several other ingredients and read about how to use the supplement in addition to a healthy diet and exercise program. As always, make sure to get your doctor’s approval before making any changes to your diet, including supplementation.




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