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This practice I’m about to share with you will, no doubt, make you gasp. It’s something you can do tomorrow morning that’ll not only wake you up, but also force your body to stay energized and activated throughout the day.

It’s called the “Scottish Shower.” And it’s really simple:

Start the shower with warm water like normal. Then, gradually cool the water down.

By the last couple of minutes of the shower, you should be running nothing but cold water.

Now, I know the thought of doing this may make you shiver… but there are two reasons why you should try it tomorrow morning:

  1. You get used to it fairly quickly. (You’ve been in cold swimming pools before, right?)

       2. You feel AMAZING afterward… every time.

You see, the cold water stimulates your autonomic nervous system by triggering a “fight or flight” response. This sparks a cascade of events that results in increased oxygen and nutrient delivery all over your body.

The result of doing this first thing in the morning? The Scottish Showers gives a surge of all-day energy!

And there’s another benefit I think you’re going to like…

Cold showers also help you burn more fat.

They do this by activating brown adipose tissue — or “fat-burning fat” — in your body. This tissue burns through your body fat (white adipose tissue) to heat you back up when you’re under the cold water.

So, not only do you feel better when you take cold showers… you get slimmer! Oh, there’s one more benefit to the Scottish Shower…

cold showers | Gundry

Your skin and hair look better.

You see, hot water thins out the nourishing oils on your skin and hair and strips them away. Cold water, on the other hand, leaves these important oils intact. This gives you smooth, bright skin and full, shiny hair. Just a little added benefit you can look forward to.

Ready to give it a try?

Trust me: When you get out of the shower, you’ll be glad you did.

Looking out for you,


Steven Gundry, MD

P.S. Once you’ve given the Scottish Shower a try, I’d love it if you told me how you felt afterward. Just leave your comment below or tweet me @DrGundry. 🙂

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