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Looking for the fountain of youth? It might be in your morning coffee. A new study shows that regularly drinking coffee means you might live a longer life.

While coffee addicts across the globe might say “of course, we always knew that coffee had health benefits,” science now confirms it. The research was performed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Imperial College London, finding that coffee drinkers lived longer lives than to non-coffee drinkers.

Marc Gunter of the IARC was the lead author of the study, and wrote, “we found that higher coffee consumption was associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, and specifically for circulatory diseases, and digestive diseases. Importantly, these results were similar across all of the 10 European countries, with variable coffee drinking habits and customs.”

The study was large, with data from over 520,000 people. This was collected across several European countries, including Denmark, France and the United Kingdom. Interestingly, coffee was often the most healthy habit of those reporting high levels of coffee consumption. The more coffee these people drank, the more likely they were to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and eat less fruits and vegetables. It is quite odd that these people also had the lower risk of death compared to non-coffee drinkers, but it wasn’t the extra caffeine that redeemed them.

According to the study, decaffeinated coffee had the same effect as full-caffeine coffee.

But before you start knocking back cups of coffee in celebration, it’s important to remember that everything is best in moderation. Gunter stated that, “due to the limitations of observational research, we are not at the stage of recommending people to drink more or less coffee. That said, our results suggest that moderate coffee drinking is not detrimental to your health, and that incorporating coffee into your diet could have health benefits.”

The scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes these health benefits, but coffee does contain several compounds that can affect your body. There are a wide number of things that could contribute to these different benefits; one may cause healthier liver function while another causes better glucose control.

The specifics are unknown as of yet, but one thing is certain: starting your day with a cup of coffee just got even better.

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