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Bladderwrack: Top Health Benefits For A Healthy Lifestyle

What Is Bladderwrack?

Bladderwrack is a species of marine macroalgae that has been put to the test by people in the Far East for centuries. Its consumption has been said to yield certain nutritional benefits. In fact, bladderwrack has been found to provide a healthy supply of important nutrients, like protein, minerals, and carbohydrates. Like many seaweeds, bladderwrack is touted as a good supplier of polyunsaturated lipids, too.1†

Bladderwrack is the common brown seaweed you see along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and Europe’s Baltic coast. Bladderwrack’s primary stem, the thallus, has strong, air-filled pockets (aka bladders) to facilitate floating. Those little bladders give the algae its name.2†

History Of Bladderwrack

Scientifically, bladderwrack has been recognized by another name, fucus vesiculosus. Again, marine macroalgae, like bladderwrack, have been put to use in East Asian cuisine for centuries. In Western countries, bladderwrack has become a more recent staple in the health and food industries.3†

Potential Health Benefits Of Bladderwrack

As far as edible seaweeds go, bladderwrack has significant nutritional value. The seaweed is known as a good source of dietary fiber and also provides important minerals, like iodine.4†

Additionally, seaweeds contain bioactive compounds, like fucoidan, that may contribute to other potential health benefits, like:

Thyroid gland support†
Help with weight management efforts†
Support healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range 5,6,7†

Furthermore, the polyphenols in bladderwrack have also proven effective in helping to support heart health.8†

It bears repeating that the fiber content in bladderwrack is quite impressive. Remember, diets high in fiber may help make digestive processes more comfortable and easier on your gut.9,10†

Which Gundry MD Supplements Include Bladderwrack?

Wondering where to buy supplements that include bladderwrack? For starters, you can examine the Gundry MD Lectin Shield page. There, you’ll discover all sorts of pertinent information about Lectin Shield, and you can also research other Gundry MD supplements. You can also peruse customer reviews and see if Lectin Shield is right for you. As always, make sure to get your doctor’s approval before making any changes to your diet, including supplementation.






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